Saturday, August 24, 2013

Recovery (Mending Hearts #1.5) by L.B. Simmons Review

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The relationship between Alex and Blake has flourished and we start with a wedding

and a surprise for Blake.

“Alex, you’ve given me more than you could imagine. There’s nothing more perfect than this moment, right now.”

The happy couple soon starts to realize that no matter how much you love one another, love is hard…

it’s work…and without communication love begins to break down.

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I was beginning to break down, I wanted Blake and Alex to have a happily ever after!

Since becoming a widow, Alex is used to being in charge, making all the decisions that involve her children and household. Now a couple it’s hard to let go and that leaves Blake feeling like he’s on the outside looking in and not a member of the family.

“You don’t need me! You never need me! I don’t even know what the hell I’m doing here!”

My heart was breaking for Blake

shattered heart photo shattered-heart_zps715e5782.gif

he’s such a sweet and caring man who has loved Alex since they were teenagers
and he tries his best to blend into this family unit but Alex isn’t making it easy.

Tension builds and threatens their life together.

Yes, I admit I was cheering for Alex to come to her senses cheerleader photo cheerleader_jumping_hg_wht_zps8cbf5a91.gif

 and when she did…wall sex, the best kind!

against the wall photo against-the-wall-fight-gif-hot-kiss-Favim_com-233681_large_zps3aff63f4.gif

Just when you take a deep breath and begin to relax ZAP…an accident will have you reaching for the

  cry in tissues photo images_zpse9600f0d.jpg

The author did a great job with just enough angst to keep the blood flowing.

I was happy to see all the characters together again, Harlow Alex’s best friend, she is still funny as hell and the three girls, Nycole, Kyndall and Rylie will steal your heart and sprinkle it with glitter.

A new character is introduced, Tatum, she is Harlow’s boyfriend little sister and sure to be a handful in the next book in the series, one I look forward to reading Running in Place. 5 STARS

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