Wednesday, August 14, 2013

REVIEW: Escaping Reality (The Secret Life of Amy Benson) by Lisa Renee Jones

Lisa Renee Jones has done it to me again, left me hanging, how you ask… By dragging me Into another one of her books which I couldn’t put down and now I’m left with a hell of a cliffhanger hangover! no I'm fine photo tumblr_m3blqih2JJ1qgdra0_zps1590020e.gif Amy is running, she’s not sure what or who she’s running from but in order to remain alive she must run. running photo tumblr_lyfns8TGJx1qmulxwo1_500_zps0b380971.gif Her parents and brother have been killed only she doesn’t know why. Saved by a stranger with a pyramid tattoo on his wrist he becomes her handler. tat photo imagesCA9LILFH_zps8d253381.jpg Her identities change as she moves from location to location by the handler she only met once keeping her on constant alert. On her latest run, she meets Liam Stone, billionaire and successful architect. The attraction between the two is fast and furious and rub breast photo tumblr_lt8vlhw0pQ1qbbea6o1_500_zpsbc78f008.gif the intimate sex scenes will scorch your panties like a hot iron.  photo 31084-Dexter-Hannah-hot-sex-naked-fu-AjNb_zps6a479321.gif Her new neighbor Jared reminds her of someone, someplace and because she doesn’t like the feeling she tries to avoid him. Then there’s Megan the assistant to Luke the attorney who handles the least on Amy’s apartment only she’s never met him nor has met her new boss, and handler has arranged it all. Somethings not right, Amy can feel it but whom does she trust, she wants to trust Liam Only he too has a weird pyramid tattoo, and that could be the worst mistake of her life or could it? what??? photo tumblr_m89g5iL2BB1qb9fuc_zps07e0ce19.gif Yep… the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers, Thanks Lisa Renee Jones once again I’m waiting for cliff hanger 2 photo cliffhanger-girl-300x300_zpsd26f7cd6.jpg the conclusion of one of your suspense filled, erotically steamy and fascinating books and left biting my nails. Next up… “Infinite Possibilities” (The Secret Life of Amy Benson)

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