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Blog Tour: Anonymously Yours by C. Shell


Title: Anonymously Yours (Yours #1)

Author: C. Shell

Genre: New Adult

Release:  August 23, 2013





She finally did it! 
They both found what they were looking for.
But is it enough?

Not willing to accept her life as 'just nice' anymore, Kelly Dawson has had enough and walks out on her boyfriend of seven years. She is determined to find the fireworks and the big O her friends are always gushing about. Her old boyfriend Gary, was the high school quarterback, the man every guy was jealous of and every girl wanted to be with. He is handsome and sweet, but he has never caused Kelly's toes to curl or her heart rate to fly off the charts. They have never even had sex with the lights on! Being alone has to be better then living your entire life unsatisfied and craving more...Right?

Her plan for letting loose and living large hasn't gone as planned. That is until she meets him. He makes her body sing in ways she never thought was possible. He also has a knack for turning her life upside down, challenging her, and driving her to say and do things she swore she never would. Between the sheets he is everything she ever wanted and more, but in the light of day he makes her want to run and never look back. 

Daemon Scott built himself a large empire by never showing weakness. A deadly combination of good looks, money and power brings an abundance of willing women happy to accept the rich playboy as he is. He has also never wanted or needed a relationship. That is until he meets her. Kelly Dawson is a saucy, beautiful, red haired vixen that he has been hired to decorate his new corporate office building. Her defiant manner drives him crazy, causing him to lose control and break all his own rules. The more she fights him off the more determined he is to claim her as his own. And make no mistake; Daemon always gets what he wants. 

Mind blowing sex, multiple orgasms, and sizzling chemistry aside. When their happy ever after is finally within reach, old lies and hidden secrets begin to bubble to the surface, threatening to tear them apart.

Book 1 of a two book series.





Author Bio:


I have loved books and romance novels since I was in high school. The happy endings and endless possibilities are alluring and addictive. I currently reside in Texas and when I am not thinking up my next bad-boy character I am working in the community rescuing dogs while being a wife and mother to my wonderful family.


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Lettuce, detergent, apple juice, sugar...oh, and some more of those yummy oatmeal cookies the deli makes fresh every morning. I also need to remember to stop off and drop off my dry cleaning.

"Oh baby, you feel so good." Gary moans.

Pulled out of my thoughts and mental to-do-list, I am back in the miserable present. I add in a quick, " too," and another fake moan for good measure.  At least one of us seems to be enjoying themselves.

I wish Gary would hurry up and finish so he can roll off of me and pass out. I am surprised that he has managed to make it past his usual five minutes of rutting on me without blowing his load yet.  How did my life get so pathetic? My friends talk about their sex lives all the time and how erotic and hot they are. I have never experienced that.

Gary was my first. My first real passionate kiss, my first serious boyfriend, my first orgasm from a guy (might not have been earth shattering, but it was still my first), and my first love. He was the handsome quarter back of our high school football team and I was ecstatic that out of all the girls following him around, he chose me. Even back then I knew we would be together forever. He was sweet, good looking, and considered a major catch. Lord, what girl in her right mind would not want a tall, built, athletic man with wavy brown hair and dark brown eyes to match?

We finished high school, joined the same college not far from home, and moved into our first apartment together right after graduation, a little over a year ago. I always thought sex was nice and my friends were just sluts who got off on things most normal girls did not enjoy. Normal girls like me. I want to be a slut who enjoys those things. Anything has to be better than making mental to-do-lists while a man sweats all over you and grunts like a pig.

Half the time I forget he is even doing anything, until I hear that stupid squeal he does at the end when he shoots his wad. That is when I remember to ooh and ahh before turning over and falling asleep. I want more. I want what my friends have. Hell, I want an orgasm from a man that makes me see stars, forget my name, and leaves me limp like a worn out doll.

"Oh yeah, that is it...Ahhhhhhh." Gary squeals and his body tenses right before collapsing on top of me.  I kiss his shoulder and tell him the all too familiar lie that he was amazing, before rolling to my side and pulling my cotton nightgown back over my body. I hide the single tear that escapes my watery eyes before he has a chance to notice that I am upset.

I am not even sure if anyone is to blame for the lack of zest between us. I tried a few times to spice things up between us before with lingerie, candles, and a few new sex moves I heard my best friends talking about, but it didn't help. Maybe I am the problem. Sometimes I feel like I might be broken. 

At only twenty-four I cannot imagine going the rest of my life like this. If it was not for my special pink vibrator I would have probably already shriveled up and died from lack of orgasms. I wonder if anyone could really die from never getting off?

Hearing Gary come back in the room and climb into bed after throwing away the condom, I slowly count to twenty. By the time I reach sixteen I already hear the soft sounds of his snoring that lets me know he is out for the night. He doesn't deserve my lies. He deserves a woman that actually enjoys his caresses and tender love making.

I really can't do this anymore. Closing my eyes I breathe a sigh of contentment. Come tomorrow I am going to leave. No more faking orgasms. The next time I moan for a man it will be because he actually did something to earn it. Gary will be pissed at first, but he will thank me later in life. I am doing this as much for him as for me. He deserves to be truly happy as much as I do.

A sliver of excitement mixed with fear stirs in my belly. Gary is all I have ever known and I have never lived on my own before. Even in college I lived with my girlfriends. My mental to-do-list has a whole new set of things added onto it as I map out my day. I smile as I succumb to sleep realizing that for once in my life I have a chance to live and be that girl I never dared to be.

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