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Spotlight & Giveaway: House of Pleasure by Caddy Rowland

House of Pleasure (There was a House)
Caddy Rowland

Episode 1: 
There Was a House saga, a continuing story of revenge and redemption.

Fueled by rage and disgust, Phoenix runs away from home. The situation there had become unbearable. In fact, things couldn't get any worse.

But they do. Betrayed in New York by a boy who she thought was a new friend, she finds herself taken prisoner by a low-class pimp. Then, when she thinks she's on her way to her first seedy trick, Phoenix winds up locked in a limo with no way out. She wakes up in an illegal brothel in New Orleans. Phoenix vows she will find a way to destroy Antoine, the owner of the brothel. Instead of being Antoine's prostitute, she'll become his lover, his confidante, and pretty soon, his manager. And then, when he least suspects it, she'll bring the entire house down.

She better be damn good. T
here will only be one chance.

**Content Warning: This book is a drama meant for those over 18 and contains explicit scenes. Therefore, it contains adult themes and scenes which deal with a difficult topic.
House of Pain (There was a House 2)


Episode 2: 
There Was a House saga, a continuing story of revenge and redemption.

The need for revenge boils in Phoenix's veins. It's been almost two years since Antoine Chevalier abducted her, with the intent of prostituting her at Rêve, his illegal brothel in New Orleans. At least she has convinced him of her love and loyalty, becoming his lover and house manager instead of one of the whores. Still, she won't rest until Antoine, his house, and his sickest customers are destroyed.

Jamie has his own issues to worry about. Dumped off and abandoned at Rêve by his homophobic father, he must allow himself to be prostituted or be sold off to be used on the streets of a city like New York, where he'd end up whoring anyway. If he and Phoenix can convince Antoine there's money to be made by having him available, Jamie will do everything in his power to stay where it's much safer. He'll make damn sure to play the role of flaming queen to the hilt. With his delicate Peter Pan looks, who would expect much else? There's no need to show the real person behind the façade—not until he knows for sure how deeply he can trust Phoenix.

Jamie is the wildcard. He'll be integral in taking Antoine down, Phoenix is sure of it; and

who would suspect such a sweet looking pretty boy?
If only opportunity would present itself.

**Content Warning: This book is a drama meant for those over 18 and contains explicit scenes. Therefore, it contains adult themes and scenes which deal with a difficult topic.

Available on kobo next week and soon on I-tunes.

Sex trafficking has a 39 BILLION dollar profit annually, and the average age of teens forced into this is 12-14. This saga deals with this difficult subject, although the teenagers have it a whole lot easier than 99.9% of those trafficked. Until we find a way to stop this horror from happening I'm afraid the only revenge will continue to be in fiction.
Author Bio:

Caddy Rowland grew up with a stack of books that almost reached the ceiling before she was five. Books, along with her vivid imagination, have always been some of her closest friends. 

She lives with her husband, who was her high school sweetheart. They are owned by two parrots. Besides being a writer, she is an artist. One can often find her "makin' love to the color" (painting) with loud music blaring.

Her goal as an author is to make readers laugh, cry, think, and become intimately connected with her main characters. She writes dramatic novels showcasing the sublime joy and bitter tragedy of being human. Most all of her work is LGBT inclusive. In other words, she strives to make her work reflect humanity as it really is: varied and interesting.


How long have you been writing and who influenced you?
I’ve written my whole life, but never completed a novel and published it until 2011. I don’t know that one person influenced me. Instead, I write the kinds of things I like to read, in the style I most prefer: gritty, raw, emotional, dramatic, and sometimes brutal. Always “real”. I don’t write “pretty” stories, although there are some beautiful moments. I strive to make people think and feel. To show them there is really very little black and white in life, but mostly shades of grey.

 Where is your favorite place to write?
When weather permits outside on our deck.

 What makes you laugh/cry?
Laugh: The crazy things kids say, a good joke, and unexpected happy moments in time.

Cry: A good book or movie, deep feelings toward another…I cry easily.

 Worst Habit
I eat too much popcorn with butter.

 Embarrassing Moment
When I was eighteen or nineteen, I was making fun of a guy that had a watch that played “Happy Birthday”. I was telling a group of people about it at a party, and called the guy a dork and mentioned that he was a loser. (Hey, I was a teenager!) As soon as I said it, I realized he was standing there in the group, and wearing the watch. Um, yeah. Taught me a good lesson about being mean about people. And I don’t know why I thought that watch was so awful.

 What’s the last movie you watched and loved? 
Wasn’t a movie, it was the HBO series True Detective. Absolutely the best writing I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching, for either movie or TV. I aspire to write that style that well.

 One of your favorite quotes.
“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” –Pablo Picasso

 The gadget you can’t live without
My laptop!

Top three things on your bucket list
Hot air balloon ride

Visit Paris
Swim naked again

 I have never? _
Traveled to another country on another continent

Why a saga on sex trafficking?
Because it’s a serious problem, a horrific tragedy that is happening right under our noses. Here in the USA it happens every single day. Thousands per year. Average age? 12 to 14. Oh, and 2% of male. The males are almost never talked about.

Although my saga puts the victims in a much nicer place then 99.9% work in, and revenge is only a dream for these poor teenagers, I hope by writing a fictional story about it more people’s eyes are opened and we start demanding justice for the victims and punishment for the pimps and johns. Right now, the victims are treated as criminals. That’s just plain wrong. They are forgotten, or treated like garbage, when their only crime was being forced into slavery.

 Thanks for having me!

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