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Spotlight and Review: Out of Control (Untamed #2) by Jinsey Reese and Victoria Green

Out of Control (Untamed #2)


Out of Control Untamed Series #2 5 Star Review

 Oh, Lord I'm in trouble now, you know how much I liked Untamed Series #1 well Out of Control #2 just blew me away and why am I in trouble you might ask… because now I'll be stalking the author’s website waiting for the release of the next book!

It’s three years later and Reagan has “run away” from home so to speak.
She finally found the courage to leave the constraints of her parents demands to go live
her dream, art.

Parlez-vous français (do you speak French) because Paris is Reagan’s destination,
the city of love and new artists.

 photo frenchmanwithberet_2.jpg

Still suffering the loss of Dare and the dark memories of him she decides to lose herself in this beautiful city, to begin again.

Not happening, Dare is in Paris as well following his dream, painting.

Seriously, are the authors are trying to give me a coronary so much angst, so much
pain, so much hope.

     photo tumblr_m8d6drx9sw1qgbzseo1_400.gif

My heart was beating erratically, my breathing was rapid and tears formed in my eyes.
So powerful, so intense I don't know if I can take another episode.

Where Untamed #1 was impassioned, this is f^cking heartbreaking, excuse my French.

Dare really pissed me off, he was so unforgiving, so cold I almost wished Reagan would tell him to f^uck off !

“Finding closure could go fuck itself. I wanted Dare. Right now. And always.
  That was not going to change.” ~ Reagan

So many emotions and just when I thought this is it, their forever after the rug was pulled 
from under me.

 Even in Paris Reagan couldn’t escape her cunning parents and the result had me cursing
like a dock worker at Dare, Yes..Dare!

 photo 004-love-in-paris-yves-lavallette-18.jpg
I need Ree and Dare to have their happily ever after and I hope it comes soon.

The sex scenes are 5 alarm fire worthy, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Dare!

 photo c9caefbe-7a27-4bb3-80f0-d897e3392b44.jpg

I hope the authors don’t have me agonizing too long, I’m hoping future books will focus on Dare’s brothers Dash and DAX and not have me sitting at the edge of my seat shaking my kindle waiting for Dare and Reagan to find true happiness.
Dare et Reagan sont mon nouveau couple de livre préféré.
(Dare and Reagan are my new favorite book couple.)

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