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Blog Tour and Giveaway: The Monster by Mandy Baker

When Alex’s obsession takes him to a strange town in South America, it is up to Liz and Bob to find him and bring him home. What they find when they get there is more than any of them could have imagined. Bob, still trying to wrap his head around all he learned about his friend and the world around him last year, looks forward to a new adventure to take him deeper into this newly discovered reality. 

Alex quickly realizes that nothing is as it seems, nor is it anything like he thought it would be. 

He also soon learns that even he was not what he thought he was and that there was more to Liz’s secret than she had let on. 

Will Liz be able to protect the ones she loves the most?

Will they be able to find the answers and defeat the monster before it’s too late?

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Before he got very far, he saw an open top Jeep coming down the road. He jogged up to it as it rolled to a stop near the marketplace. Alex was anxious to see who Bob has sent to help him. He stopped in his tracks as the door to the Jeep opened. The sun’s glare on the windshield had obstructed his view of the people inside. However, as the passenger swung their legs out of the door and slid out he instantly knew who it was. He would recognize those legs anywhere.

Alex broke out into a run and grabbed the passenger into a tight hug, lifting her feet off the ground. He kissed her hard before he set her back down, reveling in her laughter as it washed over him.

“Liz!? What are you doing here?” Alex finally tore his eyes from her face and looked at the man walking around the Jeep from the driver side. His grin widened eve more and he started laughing as he pulled his friend into a hug. “Bob, you S.O.B. I thought you were sending help.”

“Who better to help get you out of your own mess than the best? And I tagged along because I figured, why the bloody hell not.”

“Alex…” Liz started and then stopped when she caught Bob shaking his head out of the corner of her eye. She agreed, now was probably not the best time. They all looked up as they heard someone approaching.


She is a U.S. Coast Guard wife

She is addicted to coffee and drinks 4 to 5 cups a day (more when she is
immersed in writing)

She has a cat named Missy who is her constant companion and writing buddy.

She is almost finished with her Bachelor’s in English

She has been writing since she was in Jr. High.

She has been married to her husband for eleven years

Her favorite authors include Stephen King, Ernest Hemingway and Edgar Allen Poe

She loves to travel and wants to see the world.

She is a part time photographer.

She has lived in California, New Jersey, Alaska, Oregon, and Connecticut in the
past eleven years.

She loves horror movies and action films and does not really like chick flicks.

She has a soft spot for animals.

Her dream would be to be on Jimmy Fallon and/or Ellen.

She is obsessed with the Food Network and watches it all the time.

She love British television and is a total Whovian.

She loves Sushi and always eats it with her hands because she can’t use

She is a regular contributor to a military website, Homefront United Network
and is currently working on her second novel.

Her favorite actors include Jason Statham, David Tennant, Alex O’Laughlin, and
Gerard Butler.

Her favorite music is country music, not limited too but including, Blake
Shelton, George Strait, Miranda Lambert, and Reba McEntire.

She loves football (mostly college) and is a fan of NASCAR as well.


I am a Coast Guard wife. I have been living the Coast Guard life for a little more than a decade now. We have travelled from one side of the country to the other more than once thanks to the Coast Guard. I currently live in Connecticut with my husband and our kitty, a spoiled calico named Missy. I am working towards my Bachelor's in English. When I am not writing I can usually be found behind my camera take pictures of my life and the world around me.

The Curse


Alex was a controversial treasure hunter. 

Until the day Liz came storming into his life and changed his world forever. 

Now, an archeologist on a dig in the California desert, everything goes terribly wrong and everyone, including Liz, disappears. 

It is up to Alex to follow the clues and find the answers. 

Will he be able to trust his heart and rescue Liz? 

Or will hard headedness and self-doubt lose her to the curse for all eternity?

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