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Cover Reveal and Giveaway: Finding the Dragon by Josette Reuel

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Finding the Dragon
by Josette Reuel
Release Date:   September 8, 2014
Genre:   Paranormal Romance


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Finding the Dragon Excerpt
Kai turned to Alvena and pulled her to him, he held her face between his large hands.
“I look at you and I see my world, Alvena.”
“You don’t even know me Kai.” Alvena breathed.
“All I want is to get to know you, to protect you, to hold you, to kiss you.” He stroked his
fingers along her jaw. His gaze was glued to her mouth as she nibbled her lip. “Can I kiss you
Alvena?” His voice was full of need.
“Yes.” She whispered.
Kai moved his hand to the nape of Alvena’s neck, stroking his thumb back and forth where
her hair ended. He felt like an uncontrollable storm was rushing through him. He did not want to
overwhelm her, but he wasn’t sure how long he could fight his need to take her. Possess her.
Kai used all of his restraint and lightly brushed his lips against hers. Her lips were just as he
remembered them from the night before. He moved his hand to hold her head in place.
“Open for me Alvena.” He growled as he swiped his tongue across her lips. On her gasp he
plunged deep inside her mouth. Her taste drove him on. When he felt Alvena’s tongue against his
own, tentatively sliding along his, Kai’s control snapped. The fire raged. Kai needed this woman
more than air, which was probably for the best, since he didn’t plan to come up for any for a very
long time. He felt Alvena’s arms come up around his shoulders. Her fingers twisted into his hair.
He finally pulled back from her, gasping for breath, he looked down into her eyes as he cradled
her head in his palm. He glanced around and saw the shed. He slowly walked her backwards
until her back hit the wall on the side facing away from the house.
As he came back in for another kiss, one hand holding her head in place, he slowly began
to stroke his free hand up and down her side. Feeling her curves. So full. So luscious. He would
eat her alive if she would only let him.
Need. Her. Right. Now. He reluctantly pulled his lips from hers. Alvena made a noise of
disappointment. But, he had to ask, he had to know.
“Alvena, can you accept me, lass? Can you accept that you’re my mate and live your life
with me?” Kai asked.


Meet the Author


    Josette Reuel spent many years in the corporate world writing stuffy computer software manuals, until one day a shape shifting dragon kidnapped her and drug her off to be his destined mate... as the words flowed on to the page, she realized that it was time to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a published author.
    An avid reader from her earliest memories, Josette enjoys many genres, however her current passion is anything Romance. Her love of Fantasy and the Paranormal tends to come out in all of her writing with strong alpha shapeshifters.
   Finding the Dragon is her debut novel in the Dásreach Council series.

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Cover Reveal Event

Come join the fun at the Cover Reveal Event being hosted on Facebook. Several authors will be attending and holding giveaways.

Date: August 16, 2014
Time: Noon to 6PM

Author line up...
Noon: Josette Reuel
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4PM: Kris Austen Radcliffe
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