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Spotlight and Review: Rebel Roused (Untamed 5) by Victoria Green and Jinsey Reese

The Brothers Wilde
Victoria Green & Jinsey Reese
With a ring in his pocket, and the future on his mind, Dare Wilde comes home to discover that his worst nightmare has come true. Ree’s been taken, his best friend shot, and his father is still on the loose.

He thought he'd won. He thought everyone he cared about most in the world was finally safe. But his life has never been that easy.

Now it's a race against time—and his monstrous father—to save the ones he loves most. Can he help Rex and rescue Ree? Will he even survive another encounter with his father?

Ree and Dare's story comes to a close in this final book of their epic saga. But will the end be a happily ever after or an epic tragedy?

*This is the final episode in a 5-episode new adult series and is about 160 pages long. Each book in the series is like an episode of your favorite television drama, telling a full piece of a much larger story. Due to mature subject matter (sexual situations and strong language) this book may not be suitable for all readers.

  Rebel Roused 5 Star Review

Nothing less than an epic closure for Dare Wilde and Ree McKinley as the series comes to an end and epic it is. Dare’s brutal and murderous father has kidnapped Ree and Dare vows he will not only rescue the love of his life but also make his father pay for his sins.  

Goose bumps rose on my arms as the vicious details of Ree’s capture told in her POV, the haunting memories of torture and pain, with her own vow to protect Dare at any cost, including her life. Hell, I love that woman! How far she has come from (Untamed)

   photo untamed.jpg

Tragedy strikes and not only did Dare and Ree feel the loss; I did as well.
  grief photo grief.jpg
Heartache does not come close to describe their grief.  

Let’s not forget Ree’s parents, the honorable politician and his wife, deep buried secrets are exposed and I cried when the details of the long-term results were spoken.  

What the f^^k; it’s as if the stars are aligned to destroy and annihilate their love, I was devastated. However this is Dare and Ree and they have fought long and hard to be together and we the readers need a HEA and the authors did not disappoint.  

Oh, please…as if you had to ask, of course there are steamy and colossal sex scenes.

   photo shower2-1.jpg

Dare and Ree are legend in the “I can’t get enough of you” explosive orgasms

   photo explosive.gif  

It’s hard to say goodbye to characters who have seeped under your skin or have invaded your heart but I’m happy for Dare and Ree.

They now get to live in the never ending world of HEA’s and what an ending it was,
I was freaking seeing stars, I am this happy!

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