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What would you do to escape living in your worst nightmare? Meet Casey, a quiet 13 year old girl living in a city just outside of New York City. Each day she lives in her nightmare with her step father who abuses her mentally and physically. Casey finally has enough and decides to escape this life through the use of the only thing she has access to, heroin. The choice is not easy, but it gives her a quick jump out of her own existence. Just when she is feeling good, she is betrayed once again and finds another way to run, this time she runs away to New York City.

As a young girl who has come to New York City with no money, no friends, and no family to turn to, she is forced to make some tough life decisions on how to survive. Taken up by a woman with one of the oldest professions known to man, Casey begins to turn into someone that her younger self would not recognize, hardened by the streets and the things she continues to experience, Casey develops habits that she would have been ashamed to have only months before

Each choice that she makes only seems to deepen her in this black hole that she has slipped into. When life continues in a downward spiral and rock bottom seems inevitable, Casey gets a light at the end of the tunnel. She begins to turn her life around and fight off the demons from her past. Life is becoming something to be proud of and Casey is making something of herself. Just as everything seems perfect, her past catches up.

Will Casey be able to continue to run, or will she be forced to fight back? Is she strong enough to overcome this, or will she relapse?

Get ready for this wild ride through this nightmare that Casey calls her life and be ready for what comes at the end.

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About the Author:

My life began on a beach trip with my parents who needed to make an emergency stop in the small town of Toledo, Oregon in a hospital that has since been torn down. From there, I spent the rest of my childhood being raised on the family farm. It was constant work from sun up to sun down in the fields and tending to the Thoroughbred racing horses that we bred. During that time, we were not able to take many vacations due to lack of financial stability so I needed to find another way to get away from the everyday grind and that is when I fell in love with writing. It was during one of my English classes in elementary school where the teacher had us write a story that we made up on the spot. Mine was a story of a 9 year old (same age as me at the time) boy who loved bowling and had superpowers. During the time to write, I was writing frantically as I was caught up in the story and could not get away. As the teacher told us to put our pencils down, I had written 10 pages while the rest of the class averaged 1. This is when I felt my heart first started beating.

Since that time, I served in the United States Air Force, graduated college, started a family with 2 children and my beautiful wife, and work full time as well. I recently have gone back to college for my Bachelors degree and so my time in consumed on a daily basis. As life has gone on and I have experienced many things, it has all come full circle to where when I need my vacation, I pick up a pen and paper or open my computer and begin exploring the worlds that form in my mind. Writing is not only my passion, it is a part of who I am.

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