Sunday, November 16, 2014

Wasted Love ~ Danielle Jamie Spotlight

Bloggers & readers are RAVING about Wasted Love!!

They're calling it Laugh out Loud funny! Witty, melt your kindle hott with all the
crazy hot sex going on in this book! 
Everyone LOVES Brooklyn & saying she's
their new girl crush! They can't get enough of her!!!

THIS EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT & Then #oneclick to find out what all the fuss is


“I hope
that isn’t your boyfriend trying to find you?” Xander says, taking a step
towards me and grabbing my waist to pin me back against the wall.

Shaking my
head no, I try to shake away the naughty thoughts flashing through my mind.
I’ve never wanted to be fucked outside in public so badly in my life. Being
arrested for indecent exposure would be so worth it. On second thought, that’s
not the best way to kick off living in a new place. So I refrain from ripping
his clothes off.

“Nah. I
don’t do the boyfriend thing. Too much drama. Plus, men are like food to me; if
I ate the same thing every day for the rest of my life, I’d get sick of it. I
like to keep things fresh and new.”

“Well, I
like the way this pretty mind of yours thinks because there’s no way I’m
turning back now.”

Rolling my
eyes, I hold my phone up to him. “It’s my best friend, Savannah. She’s inside
with her boyfriend and just wanted to see if I needed a ride home with them. I’m
going to text her, letting her know I’m leaving with you; then we can go.”

down, he pressed his lips against my neck and bites on it gently. “Good.
Because even if you did, I was not letting you go anywhere but home with me,”
he murmurs against my cool skin, instantly making me flush red hot.

What if he was, like, seven feet tall and four hundred pounds? With the ability
to kill you with one punch? Would I be worth it then?”

eyes grow dark as they scan my body before stopping back on mine again. “The
chance to fuck this,” he says, running his hands down my body before stopping
on my ass and pulling me against his now fully hard erection, “would be worth
the risk.”

This man is
one smooth talker. He could talk any girl out of her clothes in a matter of

today & see why so many people LOVE Wasted Love!


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