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Spotlight Sale: Metamorpho​sis by Erin Noelle

Metamorphosis (Book Boyfriend, #1) By Erin Noelle

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Scarlett MacGregor has lived a very sheltered life; relying on her books, music, and her best friend Evie for fun. During their first semester away at college, Scarlett and Evie concoct a contest to find their real-life book boyfriends. Scarlett quickly meets Ashton, Dylan, and later, Mason, and must figure out which one she wants before she ends up without any of them. 
Metamorphosis is the story of Scarlett's transformation from a young, naive girl to a strong, mature young woman and her search for self-discovery and true love. 

Recommended for readers 17+ due to sexual content and harsh language.

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Can you believe that this amazing book is only $.99!  Hurry up and Grab a copy today!!  The sale ends on 5/18/14!!!




Blog Tour: Chartreuse by T.E. Ridener

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Kasen Reed was a lonely guy with hardly any friends. Sheltered by his domineering, cynical mother, he never gained much of a social status and he’s never known true affection. At the age of 19, he finally moves out to start his own life and he has no idea where he’s going from here. Rowan Kelly moved to the tiny town of Chartreuse, Alabama in hopes of starting anew. After a messy breakup that lingers over his head, and his heart, he believes he’s finally found the perfect place to open his clinic and do what he loves best; helping animals. Despite how picture perfect the quaint little town seems, the 26 year old feels like something is missing….. Two lonesome hearts will have a chance encounter in a town that doesn’t seem to be ready for the acceptance of love equality, but will it stop them from being together?
100 % of proceeds made during the blog tour (May 10 - May 23) will be donated to The Trevor Project and the Ronald McDonald House Charities


T.E. Ridener entered the world in the magnificent year of 1985. She's an avid reader, crazy writer, and photoshop addict. She started writing stories at a young age, and will probably do so until she takes her last breath. Forever the daydreamer, not a day passes in which Miss Ridener isn't working on something book related. Her books may be a work of fiction, but there is a lot of truth in each one.
Creating relatable characters and believable storylines mixed in with make-believe is what she is best known for. She always includes a strong female lead, a compassionate male, and tons of every day events that readers will be able to connect with. Miss Ridener is a lover of music, movies, TV shows, and her family.
During the months of November and December, she participates in the charity she helped create called Random Acts of Christmas, an online program geared towards making Christmas happen for families in need. In 2013, they gave over $69,000 in gifts to kids who otherwise would not have had presents to open on Christmas morning. Coming from a childhood of poverty, T.E. understands that life isn't always easy and she has experienced living from paycheck to paycheck. This has fueled her drive to always lend a helping hand in every form possible. She is very active in the group "Books for Troops", a program designed to send ebooks and paperbacks to soldiers currently serving overseas.
T.E. Ridener is the youngest of 3 children, a surviving twin, and an extremely proud aunt. She claims to be married to her books and the characters she creates are her kids. Thus far, she has produced three ongoing series entitled Blood Betrayal (vampires), The Kadenburg Shifters Series (bear-shifters), and The Descendants (elementals). There are loads more and new ones popping up each day. She LOVES her fans and readers, and not a single one of them appear as a number to her. She knows that without them, she wouldn't be where she is today. Every day is a new possibility, a new adventure, and a new dream. Life doesn't get any better than that.
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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Desperate Measures by Claire Firth

Book: Desperate Measures
Author: Claire Firth
Genre: Regency Romance (erotic)

Lady Isabelle Pennington has been put off men for life.  Married off by her family to an abusive man 35 years her senior, she is now widowed and virtually penniless.  His debauched lifestyle and treatment of her has left her deeply scarred and vowing that never again will she allow other people to run her life. 
Guy Montford has had one wife walk out on him and has no wish to enter the matrimonial stakes again.  But when he and Isabelle are thrown together, he begins to see through her cold exterior and finds himself becoming obsessed by her aloof beauty despite himself.  
To begin with Isabelle wants nothing to do with this imposing Duke who has dragged her into his life, but then to her shock she realises that he does not repulse her as her first husband had done.  Indeed for the first time ever, she actually starts to enjoy the exquisite sensations he arouses in her.
Two damaged people intent on maintaining their independence.  But both turn out to be highly passionate - and once passion flares it can be difficult to control!

She took a deep breath.  ‘I have been married once before as you know, and I found the act of making love – a ridiculous description if ever there was one – the most abhorrent and disgusting of activities I have ever had to endure.  There is no pleasure to be had from witnessing men become like animals as they indulge their carnal appetites; neither is there pleasure in the pain their unleashed passions inflict upon their unfortunate partners.  I have no intention of sharing your bed – or anyone else’s I can assure you - and unless you can accept that condition in this marriage, then I regret the only alternative would be to seek an annulment.’
Her face was a deep flush of red by the time she had finished - in total contrast to the whiteness of Guy’s.  For the first time in his life he truly did not know what to say.  He stared at her in absolute astonishment until, grasping her handkerchief, she rose quickly to her feet and stumbled from the room. 

I’m a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde really - respectable crime/romantic suspense author by day and closet steamy romance writer by night!  Both under different names of course - I couldn’t possibly let my children (and more importantly their spouses) see what I get up to between the covers.  I’ve always loved writing and started off with M&B type romances in my twenties and early thirties, progressing to women’s fiction with a bit more bite after that.  But I always loved the romance and in particular writing the sexy scenes, and so Claire Firth was born! 
I live in Cambridgeshire, UK and seem to spend most of my time trying to successfully juggle my life - and failing pathetically.  It’s a writer’s lot I think to be disorganised - that’s what I tell my husband anyway (who is completely the opposite to me).  This lack of organisational skills does have one advantage however - it’s meant that I’ve become something of an expert at Crisis Management - mostly from personal experience as I lurch from one crisis to the next.   I can’t ever imagine not writing - I write any time and any place - and when I’m not physically writing, I’m away with the fairies in my head, plotting.  It’s a great life and I wouldn’t swap it for anything!
More books by Claire Firth

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Book Blitz and Giveaway: Hot Bodies Box Set by Jill Elaine Hughes

Fresh off her bestselling launch of her last boxed set (Knights and Kink Romance Boxed Set), indie author Jill Elaine Hughes is releasing another 99-cent boxed set: HOT BODIES: THE COMPLETE VITAL SIGNS EROTIC ROMANCE TRILOGY.

Unlike some other boxed sets, this one will ALWAYS be priced at just 99 cents. This isn't a short-term promo sale that will disappear, this is a PERMANENT hot deal! Over 165,000 words of reading pleasure for less than a buck!


THREE FULL-LENGTH, LINKED NOVELS FOR ONLY 99 cents! Hot, Sexy Southern Romance! 

Tagline: Nurses and doctors find the high-pressure hospital environment a perfect breeding ground for hot sex and romance.

Joanna, a nurse at Covington Community Hospital falls for the new surgeon, Dr. Wilkinson. Joanna’s colleague Shirley has her eyes set on Dr. Wilkinson, too. The romantic rival lands Joanna in sticky situations. The hospital’s new stud and first male nurse Billy falls for the shy, virginal nurse Dana. Each book in the VITAL SIGNS trilogy is based on characters that work together at Covington Community Hospital in rural North Carolina and in its big-city rival hospital, University Hospital in Raleigh, NC. Hot surgeons, hotter nurses, secret pregnancies, backstabbing exes, high-drama divorce battles, and lots of jockeying for power and position at a small-town hospital. GRAY'S ANATOMY meets DALLAS! Alpha males and sultry heroines galore.

Hot Medicine (Book 1) 

Sex in Southern City (Book 2) 

Prescription for Passion (Book 3)

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Twitter: @JillEHughes

$10 Giftcard (via PayPal)
 signed Paperback (USA only)
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Cover Re-reveal: Tempo by Kelly Maestas


Title: Tempo
Author: Kelly Maestas
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Released: December 3,2013
What happens when the tempo of your life is destroyed by circumstances out of your control? Do you give up and give in, or do you fight to get your life back?
Karlie McKenna is facing a dilemma, does she continue to follow her safe but celibate lifestyle or does she race toward a new beginning? Summoned to the boss’ office she has no option but to head to Las Vegas for the opportunity of a lifetime.
Vincent Scarpetti has been running from his own demons. Attempting to right the wrongs in his past, Scarpetti searches for his freedom in Tempo, the newest and most anticipated resort in Las Vegas. Set on a collision course, can they survive the impact? Tensions rise as the lines between conference room and bedroom blur.
Will Vincent offer Karlie what she wants? Can Karlie give Vincent what he needs?

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About The Author
Kelly Collins lives in Colorado with her husband James. She’s the proud mother of three young adults that still manage to keep her on her toes and her head spinning. They are her greatest accomplishment. As a military wife, Kelly has traveled the world like a rock star on tour. This has given her the amazing ability to unpack an entire household in three days—another crowning achievement!  
Over her life, she has been a jack-of-all-trades between Dental assisting, teaching, and running her home staging business until finally, one day, she decided to do something she was meant to do. She wrote. And she hasn’t stopped since.   Armed with a glass of wine and her laptop, Kelly loves nothing more than to create a world that any woman would want to live in.
.99 For A Limited Time
5 e-books Just Desserts by Kelly Collins

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Release Day: To Murder Matt by Viveca Benoir

To Murder Matt - Viveca Benoir - eBook - low res


How can one man ruin every life he touches? When sexy former racing driver and now international playboy, Matt, ends up in hospital, four people sit outside his room and wait to hear whether he will live or die. Each one of them wants him dead. This book takes you on an exciting roller coaster through each of their lives. A breathtaking story of lives entwined in desire, passion, lies, deceit and epic betrayals. What makes one man so hated by everyone?

Important: This book contains graphic sex scenes, and taboo content. It is therefore suitable only for (broadminded) 18+ Adults

This is a sexy read, and also covers some difficult taboo subjects with delicacy and honesty. If you like to read a book with your heart racing, that gets you jumping out of the chair in shock, that makes you laugh, and cry, then this is the read for you.

It is an intelligent, fast paced, book that draws you in, and doesn’t let you go until you sit panting and can’t remember what day it is. It makes a super beach bonkbuster, with a cover that people won’t realise hides a real raunchy adventure.

It was going to be a one off, but so far all the reviewers have asked, (no, demanded) a prequel AND a sequel and so Viveca is busy writing those currently.

Current Reviews can be found on

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The eBook is being launched on Amazon (Worldwide), and Barnes & Noble on 14th May 2014 to coincide with Viveca’s birthday. Apple and other retailers will be coming soon. And it will soon be released in Print format & Audio.

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For other countries please just search for my author name. Barnes & Noble


About the Author

(This is where I try to make myself sound interesting, but in reality I am a normal (crazy) mum with a deviant mind, with 6 grown up kids, and a fast disappearing waist)

Official Bio: Born in Germany to British Army parents, Viveca grew up in Europe and speaks six European languages fluently. Married, with two biological children, plus four adopted children. Now, years later, the kids all grown up, she is on her way to becoming an international best selling author, writing a variety of genres. Her hobbies include, when she has time - fencing, dressage, playing the cello, traveling, and many more.

Stalk The Author

Viveca can be reached on

Dean LLR Ellen LLR Matt LLR Nico LLR Veronique LLR    

Author Signing Cruise - The Book Splash 2015

The Book Splash

Come sail away in Feb. 2015 with For the Love of Books and your favorite authors on The Book Splash, a 4 night Royal Caribbean Bahamas cruise!
What could be better than meeting your favorite authors? How about going on a vacation and hanging out with them for 5 days! Come join us for an author panel, author signings, and more exclusive events for The Book Splash attendee’s only! You will also get to visit the beautiful port cities of CoCoCay-Royal Caribbean’s private island, and Nassau, Bahamas!
Attending Authors AJ Warner  /  Amy Miles  /  AnnaLisa Grant  /  Ashley Piscitelli  /  Aurora Rose Reynolds  /  Chanda Hahn  /  Chelsea Cameron  /  Dawn Pendleton  /  Dawn Robertson  /  Dawne Walters  /  EK Blair  /  Emily Snow  /  Erika Ashby  /  Felicia Lynn  /  Gail McHugh  /  Hilary Storm  /  Jay Crownover  /  Jennifer Foor  /  Jordan Deen  /  Magan Vernon  /  Michelle Valentine  /  MJ Carnal  /  MS Willis/Lily White  /  Rachel Van Dyken  /  S Moose  /  Shantel Tessier  /  SK Hartley  /  Skye Turner  /  Tabatha Vargo  /  TH Snyder Also, let me introduce you to the Boys of Book Splash!
Cover Models Frankie Guerra  /  Jacob Wilson  /  Joshua Sean McCann  /  Lance Jones  /  Sam Coy

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