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Blog Tour: Broken Embrace by Dana Mason



The Past…
As childhood sweethearts, Brian and Melissa's plans were simple: finish school, get married, and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, life didn’t go as planned. Melissa went away to college, and Brian married her best friend.

The Present…
Seventeen years have passed and Brian's stable family life has come crashing down around him. His wife’s a cheater, his teenage daughter is hiding things from him and Melissa is back in town to remind him of what he lost all those years ago.
Melissa's returned home, ready to forgive and focus on her future, but that all changes the day she gets a desperate phone call from Brian’s daughter, Erin. Thrown back into Brian’s tumultuous life, Melissa struggles to move beyond the pain of his broken promise.

The Future…
While working together to save Erin from the evil web she’s caught in, Melissa and Brian fight to fix the past or face losing each other all over again.

Broken Embrace excerpt

Brian stood with one hand on his daughter’s shoulder and one on his son’s, looking out over
Erin’s bowed head. He felt like he’d been thrown back in time, back to a day he would never
Their blond heads perfectly matched as they tilted toward each other in an iron embrace.
He remembered the day like it was yesterday, the picture clear as the bright blue sky above. He knew right then—with every breath—he loved Melissa. Who gets this stuff at eight years old?
He would’ve laughed at the idea if he had the energy. Who the hell understands what love is at eight? It didn’t make sense, but he couldn’t deny it.

Watching Melissa and Ali cry over their father’s coffin twenty-six years ago was so like
today. There they stood, holding each other again, Ali’s hand reached out to Johnny’s, but her arm around Melissa, their heads together, crying all over again. He remembered how hard it had been for them both. He wanted to cry, too, and he did, for Ali and for Melissa. It hurt him in his soul to see the pain and tears in her eyes.

He looked again at Julie’s shining coffin glinting in the bright sun and wanted to kick himself for thinking about Melissa on this day, the very day he had to put his wife in the ground. If Julie could hear his thoughts, she would hate him. Ironically enough, so would Melissa. Melissa would never respect him, not after what he’d done to her, especially if she knew what he was thinking about now.

How did we get here? How did so many things change since that day? Nothing had turned
out the way he’d planned. Back then, and for years after, his future was sure. He never doubted where life would lead him. But how could he regret? How could he—as he stood there with his kids—regret his family? Regret his life to this point? Regret Julie? No, he didn’t, of course not, but regret Melissa? Yes, he regretted losing Melissa. He loved Erin and Cody with his whole heart. He’d loved Julie, too, but Melissa was different. He couldn’t explain it, just different than Julie. Melissa held a part of his soul. To this day, she still gripped it in her hands.

That part of him had been missing the day he’d proposed to Julie, and every day since then.
Melissa will always have it, even after she marries that jerk-off from Berkeley. Even then,
she’ll still own a part of him. His stomach lurched at the thought of her with him, that puny, little clone with no heart or passion. Melissa was full of piss and vinegar, how long would it take this jerk to squash that out of her.

Is this what it felt like to Melissa? Had she felt this sinking, overwhelming sickness when
she’d found out about him and Julie? Had she been living with it for all these years? Had her
love for him been equal to his for her? He couldn’t remember if he’d ever told her how much he loved her. Did she know? Did that make everything harder for her? Did Julie understand how much he loved her? It’s too late to fix that—she’s gone—Jules is gone. Julie is dead! Did she understand how important she was to him? Even after the hateful things he’d said, he still loved her, and now she was gone.


Dana Mason is happily settled in a small valley amongst the California grapevines with her husband and three children. Author of the romantic suspense, Embrace Series, she's written about a group of friends from Northern California who learn just how short life can be when you don't hold on to what's important. Second chances don't come easy...but sometimes love is worth the risk.

When not writing, Dana specializes in professional development and training. She's also a board member on the local Art's Council and does what she can to support the art community.

Dana Mason Media Links:


Dangerous Embrace (Book #1)

Precious Embrace (Book #2)

Broken Embrace (Book #3)
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Book Blitz: High Heels & Naked Lies by Ila Rose

High Heels and Naked Lies
Ila Rose

Kay Barrett is a thirty something mom to two beautiful girls who possess more money than God and everything materialistic most could hope for. She’s beautiful, generous, kind and absolutely hates her life. She’s tired of the constant pressure in maintaining the illusion of the perfect society wife while slowly dying inside from her turbulent past and tumultuous marriage to a man that has made it his mission to make her life hell. She’s given up on happiness and love, bending to her husband’s whims in every way; permanently at his beck and call to serve as his arm candy at a moment’s notice. On one such occasion she’s to join him for a business dinner to meet the new client her husband is so eager to impress.

Ryder Sinclair is mysterious, secretive and the air surrounding him shimmers with danger, testosterone and panty dropping sexuality. Tall, dark and handsome; his blue eyes pierce Kay clear to her soul. She finds herself curiously drawn to him in ways she’s never dreamed. Kay begins to change her outlook on life and questions the lifestyle that has caused her so much grief over the years, terrified her children will become unhappy clones of their troubled mother; living a life of ill hidden lies and lacking love that Kay has never experienced.

She decides to restructure her reality, beginning by changing herself. She decides to live her life; seeking out friendships with women she would never had thought to turn to, finding strength in their kindness and courage to face the challenges in the paradox that is her existence. She longs to live a life filled with love and strives for the courage to overcome her past; and she wants Ryder by her side as she does. However, it all becomes too much. Between the deception by her husband, the lies of her father and a mother she thought dead resurfacing Kay flounders. The lies mount, the stress bends her will and she starts to feel as if she’s fighting a losing battle against the constant emotional and physical attacks. All she ever wanted was to love and be loved yet the constant pursuit of her happily ever after continues to evade her desperate grasp.

Giving up would be so easy and the fight for the life and love she desires is grueling and unforgiving. Returning to the complacent and obedient wife she was before the discovering friendship, kindness and the true meaning of love would be so much easier. Battle worn and weary, will Kay turn her back on all she’s learned in such a short time? Will she be able to dig deep; standing up for what she deserves out of life and doing so with all the grace and dignity her upbringing has ingrained into her?

“Kay, please meet Ryder Sinclaire, Mr. Sinclaire, my wife Kay.” She studied what had to be the sexiest man she had possibly ever seen. He exuded sexuality and could easily grace the cover of a magazine and just as easily appear in women’s fantasies. His cocky smirk promised an unforgettable night of hot monkey sex, multiple orgasms and serious muscle tenderness the morning after. His black hair added to the bad boy image and Kay’s fingers tingled with the desire to run through it. His ice blue eyes threatened to happily drown you within their glacial flow. A dimple winked through the absolute perfect amount of five O’clock shadow. His black Armani suit, sensuality, confidence and charm was a statement to women that he’d promise them an amazing fuck and to all men that he’s not to be fucked with.


A male voice close to her ear scared the crap out of her and caused her to jump; which lead to her spilling her coffee all over her favorite cashmere sweater and her brand new Uggs. She gasped, she knew that laugh. Dear God in Heaven and sweet baby Jesus, please no, she prayed. Please not Mr. Hot and Sexy himself, anyone but Mr. Hot and sexy! Shit! No makeup, no hair products, no exterior armor and wearing my damned coffee and I run into the only man that’s turned me on since Magic God-damned Mike and now I look practically fucking homeless! So she did what any other normal sophisticated mother would do. She sat on her ass in the middle of the parking lot and cried like an infant in front of God and everybody.

“Love hurts. Men leave, Linda. And if you love them and they leave, it breaks you. I’m already broken; I couldn’t handle any more pain or dysfunction.” Linda wanted to weep for this poor young woman, for the life she’s had and the experiences she’s had to deal with. She had a feeling she knew what caused Kay’s fear of men and love. She also had the sudden urge to hurt the man that caused her friend so much hardship.


He traced the lines of her face, sliding it down her neck and gently pulled her closer. “Tell me no Kay, tell me to stop.” He breathed as his lips hovered over hers. Kay was lost, caught in his spell and couldn’t deny her body one second longer. “I can’t.” She whispered. Slowly and oh so gently he slid his mouth over hers. She had never experienced such gentleness, such care from a man. I don’t know how to go back to ten minutes ago and not know this feeling existed. Her lips were so soft and so ready for him that he was dying to taste the rest of her. He wrapped an arm around her small waist as he used his tongue to trace her lips lightly and as he finally got to taste her he knew he was done.

Only $0.99/99p for a limited time on Amazon

Ila Rose is wife to one very lucky man, mother to four of the most amazing humans, and crazy to one and all. Ila has a large and boisterous family that shares in her insanity even as they add to it with inappropriate laughter, tasteless jokes and dance parties to old and forgotten one hit bands. She continues to defy aging although she has been known to take a sharpie to her grayish roots in moments of desperation. Ila lives in central Indiana and continues to insist that there really, truly isn’t a whole lot more than corn in Indiana. When she’s not busy alienating family while living like a hermit attached to the keyboard, she’s reading, watching Grey’s anatomy and Glee marathons and being silly with her kids. She loves to laugh often and usually at her own expense, music of almost any type and adores all things sarcastic or witty. Her debut contemporary romance novel, High Heels and Naked Lies is the first of the High Society Wives series and is probably going to be a New York Times best seller within a year. You should buy it before then. I hear it’s pretty good.

5.0 out of 5 stars WOW!!! A Must Read 
This book grabs a hold of you in the very first chapter and keeps a tight reign on you... Wow.. The main character right off the bat is put through a very life shattering event that most young adults are not able to come back out of. Her struggles, self worth, triumphs will have you crying at one moment and laughing the next. You will be suprised at where her journey takes you all the way to the last page.. I would highly highly recomment this book to all my friends. Hoping there will be more to come from this Author as she does an awesome job helping paint a picture in your mind of everthing that is going on from one chapter to the next.

5.0 out of 5 stars Inspirational ~ EndlessReading 
Congratulations, this story is griping, amazing, inspirational on ALL levels for women/children and those in these types of situations.
Its a sore subject to write a book about, rape and abuse, but the way you tell the story it was inspirational.
You have developed the characters tremendously, Kay is such a beautiful, strong, independent woman on the outside who unfortunately like some people in the world are struggling with demons from their past, therefore tainting their future.
I loved the idea of Seventh Haven, fricking fantastic :) a rehabilitation facility to help those in need, I'll say this again inspirational.
This story will touch all hearts, towards the end I was balling my eyes out.
Ryder.... where do I start with him. He is such an amazing father figure in this book, not only for his little girl Rowan, but for Kay's x2 kids Makinin and Sophia also.

1) Where can I get my Ryder
2) How cute is he...... I mean yes.....totally F***ABLE!

Glad they finally managed to expose her sack of shit EX husband too. The lying, cheating, wife beating scumbag...Urghhhhh
I am sooo glad it all came to a head and Kay, Makinin, Sopia, Ryde & Rowan got their HEA, this family deserved this, and don't forget she's a " sexy ass mum to six " and I quote :D

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Promo Blitz: Drifting into Darkness by J.M. La Rocca


I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, that there was a path we were all supposed to be on and the choices we made led us to those paths.

My path led me to work on the Johnson farm in Texas, where I met Landon, the owner’s son. He worked there during the day and raced cars for fun at night. He was a bad boy with a reputation that exceeded my own. The guy all the girls wanted to change, the one that hooked up with random girls because he didn’t do relationships.

He was exactly the kind of guy I wanted to stay away from, but there was something about him. It wasn’t just his looks, although they didn’t go unnoticed. There were layers I wanted to peel back and reveal. I wanted to know the real Landon Johnson.

All the choices I made led me to him and he would change my life forever.

*17 and older due to language and sexual content*

Buy Now

Other Novels by J.m.

Lifeless: AMAZON

My Beautiful: AMAZON

About the Author
I've had a passion for reading and writing for as long as I can remember. It has always been an escape for one reason or another. Now, I'm taking that passion and turning it into a book. My debut book Lifeless will be released late summer 2013. I can't wait for you to read this story that has been brewing in my head for over a year. :)

Twitter: jmlarocca1

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Release Day Blitz: Reputable Surrender by Riley Murphy

Book #5 of the Trust In Me Series

Laren Jenson’s life motto? Some women weren’t meant to be tamed…

With the option of small-town living, a white picket fence, and a Dom husband long since off the table, Laren has one goal in mind: To marry her career so she can pay off her sister’s debt. She’s one deal away from landing a corner office in The Big Apple that will help her reach that goal when Michael Kavanaugh storms into her life. Although she’s tempted, she’s been sidetracked by a man before, and vowed never again.

Michael Kavanaugh’s life motto? Some men were made to tame only one woman…

After years of earning the hard-won nickname “The Reputable Dom”, Michael is ready to throw it all away. He’ll become the opposite of everything that name suggests for a shot at owning the strong-willed business woman who clings to her secrets with an iron-fist. He’s determined to do whatever it takes to unearth her mysteries and make her change her mind about him, even if it means he has to ditch his stellar reputation in order to claim her…by very disreputable means.

Book Trailer

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The Trust In Me Series

                                                    AMAZON                      AMAZON                  
                                                     AMAZON                     AMAZON

  About the Author
 Riley Murphy writes sexy, humorous and emotional romance, happy ending guaranteed. An optimist, she believes life is awesome, people are complicated, but in a good way, and we should never stop learning. Riley currently resides in Florida with her gorgeous husband. She has two wonderful kids and one very bossy English Bull terrier.

When Riley's not working she enjoys reading, oil painting and getting to the Sunday crossword puzzle before anyone else does, so she can fill-in all the easy answers first. If Riley wasn't a writer she'd be an international spy with top-level security so she could have a peek at Area 51 and decide for herself if those green guys are for real. Riley loves her characters and she hopes you do too. You can visit her website at:
  Or on twitter here:
Or on Facebook here:
Goodreads here:

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Cover Reveal and Giveaway: The Space Between Us by Anie Michaels

Book Description:
They always belonged to each other but even a fated love can be fractured.
Shy, artistic, and withdrawn 11-year-old Charlie McBride tries to get her footing as she copes with the loss of her mother, the move to a new town, and starting a new school. Asher Carmichael steps into her life, provides a steadfast friendship that offers her protection to grow into a beautiful, young woman. 
As years pass, their friendship evolves into a passionate first love neither one of them can deny. Together they explore a new relationship filled with all the butterflies and heartache expected as two young adults navigate sex, love, and trust.
One fateful night, a painful mistake leads to cataclysmic results, setting the lovers on separate paths. Charlie is too hurt to forgive and Asher has never been so lost without his Charlie. 
 Years pass. Hearts remain broken. Neither one can forget their first love or overcome the space between them.
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Blitz Tour: The Beautiful Series by Emily McKee

A Beautiful Idea
The Beautiful Series, Book 1
Isabelle Clark always had ideas, but that’s all they ever were . . . until now.

She grew up in a world filled with poverty and hatred from the person who gave birth to her and had decided she would finally make her ideas a reality.

After moving away to college as a junior she ran into the University of Maryland’s walking one-night stand. Literally.

Ryder Mitchell was every girl’s wet dream all in one muscled, tattooed, pierced, baseball playing package. He thought he had the life: going to school, tattooing people by day, and giving girls the best orgasms of their life by night.

When he found out that Financial Aid didn’t fully cover Isabelle’s room and board Ryder had an idea: Isabelle should move in with him.

On the outside everybody sees Isabelle as a quiet bookworm and Ryder as a player, both on and off the baseball diamond. They soon learn who the other truly is.

Either way, they’re about to realize this idea was a beautiful one.

Goodreads Link:


"Ryder?" I questioned. “What kind of name is that?” I blurted. Oh my God, did I just say that out loud?
Hearing a deep groan coming from the gorgeous guy, my eyes locked with his. Smirking down at me, he leaned in and said, “It’s Ryder. Think of it as ‘I’ll ride her all night long,’” as he placed his hand out to shake mine.

A Beautiful Mess 
The Beautiful Series #2
Ashlynn Miller has always done the right thing. She's always known what to do when it comes to situations in life.

That is, until she met Jason Williams their freshman year of college. Now it just seems like her life is one big mess after another.

To everyone else Jason Williams is just another hot, single guy walking around on the University of Maryland's campus.

However, deep down his life is a complete mess. Growing up wasn't as easy for Jason as it was for Ashlynn. He's had to deal with things he may not ever be able to share with anyone, especially not Ashlynn.

Keeping secrets and harboring feelings doesn't sound like the best way to start off a relationship. Could it be too much of a mess for them to handle?

Or are the best things in life worth fighting for and could they somehow make a horrible mess, beautiful?

Goodreads Link:


Releasing his grip on his cock, in a husky voice Jason said, “I want you to bend over the bed and move your legs apart.”
I couldn’t do something as simple as nod my head so I took my hand out of my panties and walked over to the bed, but heard Jason say from behind me, “Keep touching yourself Ash.”

A Beautiful Mistake
The Beautiful Series #3
Jade Williams has been a walking mistake since the day she was born.

Picking the wrong friends. Picking the wrong boyfriend. She also thought it was a mistake when she allowed her brother's sexy old roommate, Neil, to move in with her.

Neil James is a walking contradiction.

He has piercings and looks like a bad-boy rebel, but he also stutters through his words and blushes whenever he talks to Jade.

His whole life Neil has seen the effects of what can happen if you make a mistake. He's seen the damage it has caused and the outcomes because of those mistakes. Learning from others' actions he decided to make a promise to himself and has kept that promise. Up until, he met Jade and moved in with her.

When a secret unravels, Jade questions what exactly is going on in their relationship...

Will this be yet another terrible mistake made on Jade's part or can Neil repair the pieces to Jade's past and give her a beautiful future?

Goodreads Link:


“As much I want to make you come right now, I’m not going to.” My mouth dropped open and I was left speechless. I couldn’t form words. Chuckling, Neil put up a finger. “At least, not tonight. But very soon, I will make you come. With my fingers.”
“With my tongue.”
Yes, please.
“With my cock.”

A Beautiful Struggle
The Beautiful Series #4
Patrick Christiansen has faced his fair share of struggles throughout his life.

Losing his parents at a young age. Coming to the conclusion on his sexuality. But he’s embraced every single struggle with open arms because he knows everything happens for a reason. Even when he’s introduced to the sexy, football playing Derrick Miles.

Derrick Miles has lived a pretty normal life for the most part.

But he’s never fully lived because he’s always been hidden by a secret… just exactly who he is. He knows what he wants but he’s afraid what others will think of him when he becomes who he was always meant to be.

But what happens when Derrick can no longer hide who he really is? Will the truth destroy everything around him? Or will it set him free and make the struggles he’s dealt with his entire life beautiful?

Goodreads Link:


Holding his hands in mine, I sucked in a breath and said, “I’ll be there with you.” I paused a moment. “Well, if you want me there.”
At that moment, Derrick opened his eyes. “I want you there.”

A Beautiful Choice
The Beautiful Series #5
Sarah Thompson ...

You already know Gabe and I get our Happily Ever After. You might be asking yourself what’s the point in this story when you already know the outcome? We get married. We have a child. The thing is, while we get to the happy part, it was a difficult and turbulent ride to get to that very point.

I made choices. He made choices. We both made choices and sometimes they were filled with regrets. But you can’t change it. And I wouldn’t want to because we grew from it. We learned. We fell in love.

With Gabe? They were the most tear-filled, screaming and yelling moments of my life. They were disastrous and ugly. And I wouldn’t change them for anything. Why you ask? They became the most beautiful choices of my life. So for that sole reason - I wouldn’t change a damn thing.

Gabe Prescott ...

I made very few choices in life. For the most part people made my choices for me. I never got to choose anything . . . besides Sarah Thompson. The beautiful, blonde haired selfish-bitch who was best friends with my boy Ryder.

I honestly don’t know how the hell he survived that cold-heart. Yet somehow I melted that icy heart and fell in love. I made that choice. And while the road was sometimes the ugliest, it still to this day is the most beautiful choice I ever made.

Goodreads Link:


Releasing the finger from his mouth, Gabe said, “Fuck, I’m hard as hell. I just want to bend you over and fuck your pussy until you squirt all over me.”
“Yes, please,” I moaned.
Growling, he said, “While I would love to do that, I can’t right now, baby.” Breaking eye contact with me, he looked over at the clock hanging on the wall. “It’s time for us to graduate.”

Emily McKee

For the past 21 years, I have been a planner and an organizer. I always needed things a specific way and then everything changed for me. I've always had a vivid imagination and thoughts racing through my mind. I realized that life is way too short to let things pass me by, because in the blink of an eye everything could change. So I decided to just live in the moment, taking every chance and opportunity led my way. No second thoughts and just going with the flow. 

I decided to put the fictional characters and the conversations going on in my head to paper. I know, it makes me sound crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I've embraced crazy and hectic and last minute because it's led me to making my dreams a reality.

When I'm not writing Happily Ever After's I'm reading about them and living one. I think this world is filled with too much sadness already we don't need to read about it as well. I write because I love it and I've allowed my imagination to run wild and be crazy and free. Just like me. ❤

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Cover Reveal: Soulless by Amber Garr

Title: Soulless
Author: Amber Garr
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Expected Release Date: August 23, 2014 Publisher: Hallowed Ink Press
When it comes to death and love…only one is guaranteed.
Four decades ago Nora died. A tragic event for someone so young; however, four decades ago Nora was also given a second chance to walk among the living. A Death Warden with a mysterious past, her job is to escort the newly expired towards the light, battling with the Soul Hunters who want the freshly dead to help with their own evil purposes buried in the dark.
When Nora’s charges suddenly become targets, she realizes that the hunters are after far more than just souls. A shift in power between good and evil threatens to change everything, risking the lives of the only family Nora has ever known.
Devastated and angry, she’s forced to face the man she once loved - a man who chose darkness over her - in order to find the answers she needs to stop the horror from escalating. Yet, while a lost relationship still haunts her broken heart, a new Warden with secrets of his own will enter the mix and quickly alter everything Nora believed to be true.
Death is unavoidable…but sometimes, so is love.

Amber Garr spends her days as a scientist and nights writing about other worlds. Her childhood imaginary friend was a witch, Halloween is sacred, and she is certain she has a supernatural sense of smell. Amber is a multiple Royal Palm Literary Award winner, author of the bestselling The Syrenka Series, The Leila Marx Novels, The Water Crisis Chronicles, and the upcoming Death Warden Series. When not obsessing over the unknown, she can be found dancing, reading, or enjoying a good movie. Find out more at

Author Links: Website * Facebook * Goodreads * Email * Twitter

Cover Reveal: The Tycoon's Convenient Bride...and Baby by Shoshanna Evers


Title: The Tycoon's Convenient Bride...and Baby
Author: Shoshanna Evers
Genre: Contemporary Romance 18+
Sexual Content: Steamy
Publication Date: July 28, 2014
Publisher: Entangled Indulgence
Event Organized by: Literati Author Services, Inc.

About the Book

The Tycoon's Convenient Bride...and Baby is a sexy contemporary romance by New York Times bestselling author Shoshanna Evers.

About the Author

  New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Shoshanna Evers has written dozens of sexy stories, including The Man Who Holds the Whip (part of the bestselling MAKE ME anthology), Overheated, The Enslaved Trilogy, and The Pulse Trilogy (from Simon & Schuster Pocket Star). Her work has been featured in many anthologies such as Cowboy Heat and Smokin' Hot Firemen, the Penguin/Berkley Heat anthology Agony/Ecstasy, and numerous erotic romance novellas including Bedhead and Ginger Snap from Ellora’s Cave Publishing.

Her two bestselling non-fiction writing anthologies include How To Write Hot Sex: Tips from Multi-Published Erotic Romance Authors, and Successful Self-Publishing: How We Do It (And How You Can Too). Shoshanna is also the cofounder of, the largest selection of instantly customizable, one-of-a-kind, premade book covers in the world. Shoshanna Evers has been listed on Amazon as one of the "Most Popular Authors in Romance," as well as on the Contemporary Romance, and Erotica "Most Popular Authors" lists. Reviewers have called Shoshanna’s writing “sensuous, delightful, and sizzling” with stories where “the plot is fresh and the pacing excellent, the emotions...real and poignant.”

Shoshanna used to work as a syndicated advice columnist and a registered nurse, but now she’s a full-time romance writer and a home-schooling mom. She lives with her family and three big dogs in Northern Idaho, and loves to connect with readers on Twitter @ShoshannaEvers, and Facebook at Shoshanna.Evers. Sign up to be notified when the book comes out!  
Connect with the Author: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Goodreads