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Winter Wolf (A New Dawn Novel, #1) by Rachel M. Raithby Pre-Release Blitz

winter wolf Pre Order Blitz 8th Nov
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Katalina Winter has been living for eighteen years, with a secret hidden inside of her, a secret not even she knew.
With this secret comes consequences, expectations, one's she's not willing to fulfill; she'll give her heart to whom she wishes, even if he is, a Dark Shadow wolf...
Join Katalina as she navigates her way through this world at war, where the alpha is law, and only the strong survive. You will see the power of true love, and the length's people will go to destroy it.
**Please note this is a YA Stand alone novel, no cliffhangers**
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I've being reading books for as long as I can remember but I never thought about writing until I read Nalini Singh - Slave to sensation which is the first book in her psy-changling series.
At first I just wrote fan fiction until one morning I woke up with a story of my own. Lincoln and Lexia were born! I spent 6 solid months writing and re-writing and now their story is out in the world and I am currently working on the final book Holocaust due 2015.
After the birth of my 3rd child I wrote Winter Wolf a YA Paranormal Novel which is due for Release in November.
I have lived in England, New Zealand and currently live in QLD Australia but to me England will always be home.
I've been a dish washer, Admin assistant, horse groom and now spend my days looking after my 3 children and writing as often as I can.

Masquerade by Dahlia Donovan, Blog Tour & Giveaway

Masquerade by Dahlia Donovan
An Ivy short from the Blackbird Series

As the months have gone by since Ivy and her wolves bonded, hints have continually been

dropped about moving in together and marriage. It's unfortunate then that the romantic proposal which Ivy had hoped for never quite arrived. Her two alpha wolves instead merely demand her hand in marriage.

Suitably unimpressed, Ivy tells her gits to bugger off and hops on a private jet for a swanky
masked ball in Monte Carlo with Alicia, Alim and Dane.

Can Steve and Gareth find the right words to win the yes from her lips?

You just never know who or what you'll find at a masquerade.

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“You look stunned.” Ivy shot him an amused smile. She glanced between the two alphas. “I’ll be in Monte-Carlo for a few days. Alim has his entire security team with him, so I’ll be perfectly safe. I’ve got my mobile with me. There is literally no reason on Earth I can imagine the two of you needing to pop up at this ball, so why don’t you do something more useful, like talk to each other? Figure out a way to fix the problem you gits created.”


With a slow shake of her head, Ivy silenced Steve’s argument. She pressed soft kisses on both of their cheeks before walking gracefully away, placing her hand lightly on Alim’s arm to let him escort her from the apartment. They heard her quiet laughter when two low growls rumbled from both of the wolves at the same time. 

Gareth glanced over at his partner with a groan. “We’re bloody fools.”


Other books in the Blackbird Series

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Dahlia Donovan started out working in the insurance world. After ten years, she morphed 
her love of investigating accidents and studying people into writing about them. She's a bit of 
a hermit and despises being in front of a camera. Her life wouldn't be complete without her 
husband and her massive collection of books and video games.

Her first novel Ivy started out as a crazy dream which she turned into an adventurous and 
suspenseful paranormal romance. Her second novel Natasha was released at the end of August.

A third novel in the Blackbird series, Alicia, will come out in 2015.

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What would you do to escape living in your worst nightmare? Meet Casey, a quiet 13 year old girl living in a city just outside of New York City. Each day she lives in her nightmare with her step father who abuses her mentally and physically. Casey finally has enough and decides to escape this life through the use of the only thing she has access to, heroin. The choice is not easy, but it gives her a quick jump out of her own existence. Just when she is feeling good, she is betrayed once again and finds another way to run, this time she runs away to New York City.

As a young girl who has come to New York City with no money, no friends, and no family to turn to, she is forced to make some tough life decisions on how to survive. Taken up by a woman with one of the oldest professions known to man, Casey begins to turn into someone that her younger self would not recognize, hardened by the streets and the things she continues to experience, Casey develops habits that she would have been ashamed to have only months before

Each choice that she makes only seems to deepen her in this black hole that she has slipped into. When life continues in a downward spiral and rock bottom seems inevitable, Casey gets a light at the end of the tunnel. She begins to turn her life around and fight off the demons from her past. Life is becoming something to be proud of and Casey is making something of herself. Just as everything seems perfect, her past catches up.

Will Casey be able to continue to run, or will she be forced to fight back? Is she strong enough to overcome this, or will she relapse?

Get ready for this wild ride through this nightmare that Casey calls her life and be ready for what comes at the end.

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Come Join The Fun!! Recovery Recommended: Books that will Have You Needing a Day to Recuperate Release Party

November 7, 2014 @1pm EST



About the Author:

My life began on a beach trip with my parents who needed to make an emergency stop in the small town of Toledo, Oregon in a hospital that has since been torn down. From there, I spent the rest of my childhood being raised on the family farm. It was constant work from sun up to sun down in the fields and tending to the Thoroughbred racing horses that we bred. During that time, we were not able to take many vacations due to lack of financial stability so I needed to find another way to get away from the everyday grind and that is when I fell in love with writing. It was during one of my English classes in elementary school where the teacher had us write a story that we made up on the spot. Mine was a story of a 9 year old (same age as me at the time) boy who loved bowling and had superpowers. During the time to write, I was writing frantically as I was caught up in the story and could not get away. As the teacher told us to put our pencils down, I had written 10 pages while the rest of the class averaged 1. This is when I felt my heart first started beating.

Since that time, I served in the United States Air Force, graduated college, started a family with 2 children and my beautiful wife, and work full time as well. I recently have gone back to college for my Bachelors degree and so my time in consumed on a daily basis. As life has gone on and I have experienced many things, it has all come full circle to where when I need my vacation, I pick up a pen and paper or open my computer and begin exploring the worlds that form in my mind. Writing is not only my passion, it is a part of who I am.

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Off your rocker? by K E Osborn, Release Day

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Title:Off Your Rocker?
Author: KE Osborn
Hosted By: Francessca’s Romance Reviews

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When Delia (Lia) Norman meets Rock Royalty Colter (Colt) Slade unexpectedly after her boyfriend of 4 years breaks up with her, sparks fly immediately. Lia's ex always told her she was dull and boring, she was no fun at all, and he was right. Colt tells Lia to do something exciting - be spontaneous. So she moves out of her comfort zone and goes on tour with the most famous rock group in the world 'Slayed'.

How will Lia deal with being pushed out of her comfortable life and into a world of chaos, paparazzi, screaming 'evil minion' fans and most of all the idea that maybe there is love just around the corner?

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I’m smiling so brightly that my cheeks hurt and I can’t help but feel emotional as he leans in to kiss me. His kiss is full of passion and a steady stream of tears flow from my eyes down my cheeks, because of how proud, honored and loved I feel. And that’s all coming from the man I love, the man kissing me, the man I want to be with for an eternity, and in this moment I know that nothing can tear us apart.


 photo 10603141_10152582509935926_1891883800_n_zpsc05a9af2.jpg

Australian author K E Osborn was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia. Having worked in the optical industry for some time, K E Osborn decided it was time to leave the optical world behind and start on something new. With a background in graphic design and a flair for all things creative, she tried her hand at writing.
K E Osborn hid the fact that she was writing from her family, as she believed her first story was simply something she had to get on paper first and then judge if it was good enough for others to read. It wasn’t until her mother found a printed version of the manuscript that her secret came out. She was a writer, and she loved it. Writing gives her life purpose. It makes her feel, laugh, cry, and get completely enveloped with the characters and their story lines. She feels at home when writing.




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The Trust Me? Trilogy Box Set
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Just Friends
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Second Chance Holiday by Aurura Rose Reynolds, Release Day Blitz

Congrats & Happy Release to Aurora Rose Reynolds! 

Second Chance Holiday is LIVE!

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Mike Rouger isn't looking for love. He decided long ago that he would rather stay single than get mixed up with a woman again. Then Kathleen Mullings comes back into his life with her teenage son and changes everything. What happens when a man set in his ways meets a sassy woman who knows what she wants? Mix in the Mayson clan and the Christmas season and you’re sure to enjoy the ride of Second Chance Holiday.



“M IKE?” I turn around when I hear my name called and come

face to face with a beautiful blonde. Her hair is down in waves that reach her shoulders, the top of her head hidden under a bright-pink winter hat. Her creamy, pale skin only causes her bright-blue eyes to look even bigger.

“Mike?” she repeats, searching my face as her cheeks turn pink.

I remember the women I’ve been with, and she doesn’t look familiar. My eyes travel from her face down her body. She’s short, her head reaching my chin. The black, thermal shirt and vest she has on show off her full breasts, which lead to a small waist and wide hips. Even with her short height, her legs appear long and are encased in a pair of blue jeans that flare out, showing off a pair of high-heel boots. If by some chance I didn’t remember that face, I would definitely remember that body.

“Maybe I’m mistaken. Sorry,” she mumbles, ducking her head and walking away.

“I’m Mike,” I tell her back as my eyes automatically drop to her ass. Yes, I would definitely remember her.

She turns to face me, and I watch her chest heave as she takes a breath.

“Oh,” she says, looking around.

“Do I know you?” I ask, watching as her cheeks darken even more as she looks around the hardware store. Cute, I think as I watch her look for an escape.

“Kat. Well, Kathleen Mullings.” She shrugs.

Well, shit. I look her over again, but this time, I focus on her eyes—the same eyes I would look into when I was supposed to be studying. Instead, I was wondering what Kat would do if I ever kissed her. We never hung out with the same crowd, but back when we were in high school, I would look for excuses to hang out with her. After graduation, she went away to school and I stayed in Tennessee.


Author Information

Aurora Rose Reynolds
Aurora Rose Reynolds is a navy brat who's husband served in the United States Navy. She has lived all over the country but now resides in New York City with her Husband and pet fish. She's married to an alpha male that loves her as much as the men in her books love their women. He gives her over the top inspiration everyday. In her free time she reads, writes and enjoys going to the movies with her husband and cookie. She also enjoys taking mini weekend vacations to nowhere, or spends time at home with friends and family. Last but not least she appreciates everyday and admires it's beauty.



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I Met a Boy by Mira Noire Release Blitz & Giveaway

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I Met a Boy by Mira Noire
Publication Date: October 21, 2014

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I Met a Boy Cover


Mrs. Danielle Russo lives a picture-perfect life with her charismatic husband. She has a beautiful home, and everything she could ask for. Except everything isn’t what it appears to be: spending every waking minute as Marcus’ model wife is starting to take a toll on Danny.

To cope, Danny lives a rich, secret inner life through her job as an assistant curator and

the support of a few friends. She’s accepted that her future will be quiet, restrained, and dignified.

And then she meets a young man at dinner who changes everything.

Nicolas Thierry is a brooding and sensual college kid. He’s unpredictable, and unapologetically public about his desire for Danny. No one quite knows what to make of this boy,

and Nicolas’ attention threatens everything she and her husband have built together.

knows that for her own sanity and the sake of her marriage, she’s got to send him packing.

But under Nicolas’ smoldering gaze and hungry touch, Danny realizes she’s starting

to feel new and dangerous things stirring inside her she’s never, ever felt before.

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He knows how to move me. His hands push against my hips and he guides me forward, to the banyan trees and their cover. The lower limbs are low enough to sit on, and he pushes me back until my bottom rests on a sturdy branch, knocking my purse from my hands to the fake forest floor. “Nicolas, no,” I whisper, looking around, realizing where we are. “Stop it.”

His expression is stark, almost angry, and he methodically begins unbuttoning my blouse, then tugs it out of my skirt. He’s possessed, and I can tell there’s no turning him off this course. But I try anyway. “We’re in public, people will—“ “No one else is here,” is his terse answer. I finally look up into his eyes.

They are dark, hungry, and he locks them with mine for a split second that makes me shudder. He eases over me, licks my lips in a hard, swift vertical sweep with his tongue that makes my mouth part in response, and says it again. “Close your eyes.” I close them. I feel him rustling against the leaves and dirt at our feet. He takes hold of my wrists, turns me around, and thrusts me forward. I cry out, my eyes flying open.

Suddenly, I am on all fours. “Keep your eyes closed.” I do as I’m told, and feel him pushing me with his groin forward, and I move to wherever he guides me, deeper into the banyan trees. Suddenly we stop. I feel the wood chips digging into my knees. Nicolas doesn’t care. I reach blindly out to find he’s got me crammed up against the lower limb of the tree.

I grip it desperately for balance. All I can hear is our harsh breathing, the insects, sprinklers somewhere off the distance, nothing but him and me. I feel his fingers slide down...

About the Author

Mira Noire
Passion. Decadence. Drama. Mira Noire doesn't pussyfoot around. If you're looking for the typical happily-ever-after with the same old characters - they aren't here. Mira writes visceral scenes that are so real you can taste (and smell!) them, and loves to feature flawed characters you may not always like. Like or not, you'll definitely love watching them, and hopefully enjoy following them on their intensely personal erotic journeys. Mira lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, loves to travel abroad, and has a B.A. in English from Stanford University. Visit Mira at to get to know her world a little better.