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Spotlight ~ J.M. Walker, Break Me (The Shattered Hearts Series)

Break Me (The Shattered Hearts Series Book 1)


**** Blurb****

Running is always easier.

Tori McLeod moved to the big city to get away from her mother—and her past. Her new routine is destroyed when she meets a mysterious stranger who won’t take no for an answer. Sebastian intrigues her, but his eyes hold secrets she would rather avoid.

Sebastian Chelios, a hard-as-nails enforcer, is a new-in-town loner. He has to have her. Control her. Possess her. But he can’t—won’t—lose control, even though Tori’s innocence fascinates him. The last thing he’s going to do is love her, even after he gets her in his bed.

Losing control is dangerous, especially when someone from Sebastian’s past covets Tori, putting more than just her heart in danger.

Can Sebastian protect Tori from Jose’s sadistic obsession? If he gets his hands on her, will she make it out in one piece?



“Where are you going?” they both asked me.
Turning back to them, I rolled my eyes. “If you must know, I’m going to the washroom.
Did you want a play-by- play when I get back?”
Brett turned to Keisha. “I think I like her. She’s feisty.”
She glared at him. Her eyes widened when they flicked back to mine.
A grin spread on her face as she looked past
me. Brett muttered something that I didn’t hear as he rose from his seat.
Frowning, I turned on my heel and ran right into a hard body. My hands instinctively
landed on the chest, bracing my fall. I gasped and looked up into black eyes.
The familiar smell of cologne and soap invaded my nostrils, and it was just as intoxicating as before. My core clenched, aching for him.
Grabbing my wrists, he rubbed his thumb over my pulse point.
My breath picked up, and my heart thundered against my chest as I watched the small movement. My gaze flashed up to his, and a small smile formed on his lips.
“Hello, Tori.” His deep, silky voice washed over me, caressing my skin as he continued to rub small circles on my wrist.
“Hi,” I said, hardly able to breathe. It had been weeks since I had seen him, and being this close to him made my insides turn to mush.
He let go of my wrists and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.
Shivers ran down my spine at the light, feathery touch. My nipples hardened against my bra, turning to sharp peaks, begging to be touched by him.
“Come here often?” His deep voice sent a current of electrifying pleasure through me. This guy was going to do damage to my self-control.
“Does that sort of pickup line work on every girl, or is this your first time testing it out?”
I laughed, asking the same question I had asked him the first time we met.
He chuckled. “That depends.”
“On?” I asked, playing along.
“Is it working?” His voice lowered and he leaned down, hot breath grazing my ear.
My heart thumped a mile a minute against my chest; I thought it would explode. A sharp pain pinched my ear, and then I realized he’d bitten me. 
Liquid heat seeped between my legs at the unexpected contact.
Oh God. My eyes went wide. Did I say that aloud?
He lifted his head and looked down at me, eyes blazing. Placing his hand on the small of my back, he pulled me against his side. He winked at me. “So is it?”
I frowned, confused. “Is what?”
“Is it working?”
My stomach flip-flopped. “Oh...” Yes, it was very much indeed working, but there was no way that I was telling him that.
A cough sounded from behind us, and I turned around. Keisha had the biggest smile, one that lit up her whole face.
Brett’s face was hard as he glared daggers at Sebastian. He took a couple of steps toward us. “Sebastian Chelios.” His voice was thick with disgust. 


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Always Me (Shattered Hearts Book 2)




Forgetting is hard to do.
Tori McLeod survived the sadistic wrath of a madman at the cost of the love of her life. Always a survivor, she’s determined to move on, for her sake and the sake of her son, even if she has to leave everything and everyone behind.
Two years have passed since she lost Sebastian Chelios. He is gone, but Tori can still feel the raw magnetism pulling her toward a ghost.
Relationships change and new bonds form. Budding feelings tempt Tori, but she continues to ache for Sebastian.
Whispers of danger lurk around the corner and questions regarding Jose remain unanswered.
Can Tori move on with her life when a dark shadow from her past revisits her? With Jose still being out there, will Tori and her son ever be truly safe?




“It’s been two years, Keisha.” I flopped down on my bed and sighed. “Today is the anniversary of...Sebastian’s...death.”

“Two years...” She gasped. “Oh my...oh, Tori.” She choked on a sob. “I didn’t even realize.”

“I try to forget.” I put the phone on speakerphone and placed it on my dresser. This day always left me feeling numb. Empty.

“I’m so sorry, Tori. Listen, when can I stop by? I’d really like to see you and my man.”

I smiled. “How about tomorrow?”

“Sure. Sounds perfect. Mind if I bring the goons with me?”

My heart jumped. “No, not at all.”

“So, I’ll bring beer, food, and the boys. It’ll be fun, okay?” Keisha said, cheerfully, interrupting my thoughts.

I smiled lightly. “I’m looking forward to it.” I was. It’d been way too long since I had seen any of them. Talking on the computer or phone just wasn’t the same. I disconnected the call and scrubbed a hand down my face.

Brett, Keisha’s brother, and I had become close over the last couple of years. Even though he had been a dick in the beginning, he’d made up for that. We’d gone out on dates and kissed a couple of times, but nothing serious. I wouldn’t sleep with him.

He wasn’t Sebastian. There was no spark. Not the intense burning desire that I had felt for Sebastian the moment I saw him.

Brett was hesitant. He played it safe whereas Sebastian took what he wanted, when he wanted it. I could never say no to Sebastian. Not that I ever would have. He knew that, too.

From the first kiss to the first time we had sex, he was controlling, and I loved every minute of it. My body stirred from those heated memories.

So many questions had been left unanswered. Garrith was an FBI agent, and he wouldn’t tell me

anything, no matter how I demanded it. Maybe it was to protect me. The not knowing was what killed me. Made me feel lost.

I walked to my window, and grabbing the curtains, I paused. It was late. Something was off. Wind rustled through the trees, and the swings on the swing set moved back and forth. Chills ran up my spine, and uneasiness settled in the pit of my belly.

The security lights came on, making me jump. My heart raced and then slowed when I saw a raccoon scurry across my backyard. I laughed to myself and shook my head.

“Get a grip, Tori.” God, I had issues. When would I stop being so scared? 


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When J.M. isn't working her Monday-Friday 9-5 job, she's spending her time reading, writing and with the love of her life.

She's an all around Canadian girl. Born and raised in a small city.

If you don't see J.M. writing, you'll find her with her nose in a book. Whether it's her words or someone else's, she's drawn to it.

J.M. loves stories with Alpha broken males and that need to be ripped apart and put back together again. Men that fall to their knees over a wink or a giggle from their females.

Two things you will never find J.M. without; her cell phone and lip gloss. If she has both of those items, you have a happy girl.

Since starting her writing adventure in 2013, J.M. has met many people, real life, online, in her head and she loves every single one of them. Without the support from others, none of this would be possible and she's grateful for all that has been given to her.

J.m.’s hangout's






A Lover's Control by AlTonya Washington Spotlight

A Lover's Control
 by Altonua Washington

Caiphus Tesano and SyBilla Ramsey lead extraordinary lives. They operate in a world few would have the desire or courage to make their livings in. Not many could so impressively navigate a world such as theirs. As top operatives in Vestige; among the most covert investigative organizations in the world, Caiphus and SyBilla are known for their almost supernatural instincts and perception.
The two are at the top of their game. They must remain there, for they are on the verge of vanquishing a monster they’ve spent their careers chasing. Such a reality should have Caiphus and SyBilla basking in the anticipation of triumph. Instead, the tough-as-nails duo is wrought with emotion induced by years of hard work and little time to explore the electric attraction that exists between them. 

Caiphus knows that much of Bill’s reluctance to give into what they both want has to do with the fact that he’s not only her colleague, but also her boss. In his capacity as head of Vestige, Caiphus has often found himself in a position to wield his considerable influence for the purposes of making sure that Bill’s risky job never becomes too risky. His interference on that regard has placed him on the losing end of her affections more than once. Through it all, her love for him as remained.
Things are occurring now however that will again stir Caiphus’ need to interfere and SyBilla’s need to avoid that whatever the cost. The Ramsey Tesano saga barrels toward a spectacular finish that will extinguish a scandal generations in the making while revisiting ghosts that SyBilla may have to risk her life to defeat.

Book Trailer link


                                                                     Author Biography
AlTonya Washington has been a published romance novelist for over 10 years. In 2013, her Harlequin Kimani novel "His Texas Touch" won the Romantic Times Magazine Reviewer's Choice Award for Best Series Romance of 2012. In addition to being an author, AlTonya also works as a college Reference Librarian. Writing as T. Onyx, AlTonya released her latest erotica “Layers this past summer. Her latest book, A Lover’s Control will be released in November.


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Remember Me by Roisin Black Blog Tour & Giveaway

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book info remember me cover gifTitle: Remember Me Author: Roisin Black Audience: Adult Genre: Contemporary Romance Formats: E-book and Paperback Publisher: Rosemary Molloy Cover by: Pro_ebookcovers on Fiverr Editor: Rosemary Molloy Pages: 110 pages ASIN: BOON9BGVPU Date Published: September 2014   blurb Flynn Murphy is head-turning handsome, mouth-wateringly sexy and incredibly rich. He’s also the new owner of Carra House, one of Ireland’s finest historical houses and the primary instrument of his revenge on those who have wronged him in the past. His wolf-like eyes hide a secret and the time has come to settle old scores and to ensure that those who barely remember him, will never be able to forget him again. But will his ruthless pursuit of vengeance for the past, cost him the chance of a future he never imagined possible.
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His wild raven coloured hair had been tamed into a “short back and sides” and no longer hid his eyes. “Wolf eyes,” one of his former girlfriends had called them and he supposed she hadn’t been too far off the mark. They were his greatest asset and just as the wolf watched and waited to make his move, so he had watched with his “wolf eyes” all those years and made move after move that had paid off. Now, only a few more moves remained in his endgame with the Smiths. Annabel Smith looked incredible. The years had been kind and she looked as good now as she had done in all the years when she had reigned as Queen Bee at every teenage disco. He remembered watching from his place in the shadows and how she had dispensed her precious attention like queens of old would award favours. Of course only the wealthy and handsome had needed to apply. Flynn hadn’t even been at the ball. So, it would seem presenting himself as the bait had worked. She wanted him or at least she wanted Flynn Murphy and all that his apparent wealth could bring her. “Kiss me,” he whispered into her ear. He didn’t have to ask twice. She kissed him like a hawk might strike its prey…. She lowered her head and kissed him with an intensity that made his head spin. After a few minutes she came up for air. “Mmmmm,” she murmured, “I adore the taste of whiskey on a man.” Grace O’Malley had seen a few things in her time as weekend receptionist in the Grand Hotel but nothing quite like Flynn Murphy, barefoot in a pair of trousers, as he paced the foyer, his shirt hanging open to reveal the type of torso she’d only ever seen on male models in glossy magazines.   soundtrack

  about the author clip_image005Róisín Black comes from the West of Ireland, a place where storytelling is a way of life. She's a dreamer, a wanderer and a writer. In amongst extensive wandering and dreaming she has managed to carve out a successful career as a journalist, hold-down a marriage, produce two amazing children and spend her time with some pretty cool dogs. She currently lives in Queensland, Australia but probably not for long. media links Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads / Amazon clip_image006clip_image003[1]clip_image008clip_image009clip_image010 follow the tour
Tour Schedule – Two Week Book Tour For Remember Me by Roisin Black from Dec 1 To Dec 18 2014
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It's Just Love, Not A Time Bomb by Dawn Martens Blog Tour

Title: It’s Just Love, Not A Time Bomb
Author: Dawn Martens
Release Date: December 1, 2014





When Jordan moves in with his friend’s cousin, he thinks things will be easy. Yeah, screw that. The woman is a pain in his ass from the start, giving him whiplash with her hot and cold act. Still, Jordan can’t help wanting Alix—even if he does spend half the time trying to decide if he wants to kiss her senseless or choke her.


For Alix, men are worthless jerks. She’s made a vow to steer clear of relationships, but the moment Jordan pushes his way into her life, her vow is shot all to hell. Every attempt at avoiding the cocky bastard ends in tangled sheets and Alix wanting to kill the man. But she wants him, more than she cares to admit.


Will this jaded couple give into their feelings? After all, it's Just Love, Not a Time bomb.


This book is a Romantic Comedy, but still should not be read by those under 18.


Goodreads Link:


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Author Bio:

Dawn Martens is a young, spunky Canadian Author, who is known for her best-selling “Renegade Sons MC” series that she co-authored with Author Emily Minton. But she started her journey co-authoring the series "Resisting Love".

Being a wife to Colin, and a mother to three beautiful little girls (Sarah (2007), Grace (2010), and Ava (2014)) hasn’t stopped this Canadian Firecracker from pursuing her dreams of becoming a writer!

She has also co-authored The Love Song Series; on top of serving as a mentor and support system for many Authors in the Indie community over the past few years.

Dawn’s number one passion in life is the written word, and she’s extremely thankful that she has to ability to share the ramblings from the characters inside of her head with the rest of the world!

She also may or may not have the biggest girl crush on Author Kristen Ashley, who is her personal idol and helped inspire Dawn in the beginning of her Indie career.


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The SexTape by Peprah Boasiako Blog Tour & Giveaway

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book info sextape cover gif

Title: The Sextape: A Dedication to the Ladies
  Author: Peprah Boasiako
  Audience: Adult/Erotica
  Genre: Erotic Romance/Erotica
  Formats: E-book and Paperback
  Publisher:    Peprah Boasiako
  Cover by: Melisa Alverez
  Editor: Jerry Shaw
  Pages: 250 pages ISBN: 978-1-63315-722-4 ASIN: B00IVNZWWE

  Date Published: March 1st, 2014    
CAUTION: VERY SEXUALLY EXPLICIT CONTENT “Bye, I wanna do this again sometime.” I can still see Jordan, standing barefooted in the doorway of her apartment, in nothing but an over-sized white t-shirt, her words laced with giggles as she saw me off. In the background, Emma in her birthday suit, winked and waved goodbye without a care in the world. It was as if she was roaming about some nude beach. THE SEXTAPE is a collection of four very detailed and highly explicit erotica short stories. Based partially on actual events, every scene in this book is set in a different environment, with different scenarios and different characters. From the ex-lover (MJ) to the cougar (Maria) to the threesome (Jordan & Emma), The Sextape is filled with enough detail that's sure to get your juices flowing. DARE TO PRESS PLAY
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The More the Merrier “Bye, I wanna do this again sometime.” I can still see Jordan, standing barefooted in the doorway of her apartment, in nothing but an oversized white t-shirt, her words laced with giggles as she saw me off. In the background, Emma in her birthday suit, winked and waved goodbye without a care in the world. It was as if she was roaming about some nude beach. Hmmm, had I made the right decision, leaving these two sexy ladies alone in that apartment? I wondered as I stood in the lobby, waiting for the elevator.

Many a man dreams and fantasizes about bedding two women at the same time but not enough men can say they’ve lived that fantasy or seen their dream come true. Last night was indeed one hell of a night, a night I’ll surely be crossing out on my growing fantasy list. It was only right that I saved the best scene for last. My experience with these two young, exotic beauties was just too special to spoil prematurely. And I used the word exotic in a descriptive sense, not only because of their physical beauty but also because of their uncommon breed differences.

Jordan and Emma were special in the sense that they were the oddball type women that a man isn’t liable to meet everyday. Let’s start with Emma. In her early twenties, twenty five to be exact, Emma was a tasty blend of Latino and Italian; two of the sexiest cultures on the face of this planet we call earth. In my opinion anyway.

A shade darker than a tanned Caucasian skin, she could easily be mistaken with being of African-American descent. Emma had this wide jawline that gave her a natural smiley face. Blessed with a face of an angel, Emma also had a pair of the sexiest, most inviting and kissable full lips I’ve ever seen in my thirty years of living. At about 5’3” tall and 120 pounds, she was a bit on the skinny side with long curly mud-brown hair that extended to the small of her back.

Emma wasn’t too skinny to boast a 26-inch waist, a 38-inch ass and a pair of 36C round perky breasts. Emma also possessed a pair of the most charming hazel eyes with long natural lashes that many, a woman would kill for. She was quite easy on the eyes with a spoiled and sarcastic personality that could easily be confused with that of a spoiled-rotten offspring of some privileged rich family. If one didn’t know Emma personally, they were liable to dislike her on the merit of her personality alone. That was the case with me until I had the opportunity to spend some time around her. I must say that she’s as friendly and as easygoing as they come.

Her sweet feminine ways were just an added bonus to the package. Let me not forget to add that sexy mixed accent of hers that only comes out during those special times. She spoke Italian, Spanish and of course English; and sometimes a mixture of all three, although I wouldn’t recommend becoming the subject of this wild mixture.

Emma had modelling potential but every time I suggested a career in modelling, she would deny it as if it’d be the last thing she’d do on earth. I’d later discovered that she finally embraced her modelling side, venturing out into the industry and doing some shoots with a few magazines. Then there was her partner in crime, Jordan. A gorgeous blend of Jamaican and Caucasian, I had met Jordan at a friend’s party one night. Two years Emma’s senior, Jordan stood at about 5’5” tall and 135 pounds, with long bleach-blonde hair that extended just past her shoulders. One could look at Jordan and tell where most of her bodyweight was—her backside.

With her round youthful breasts, 28-inch slim waistline, 40-inch ass and a gorgeous face to go with it all, Jordan was the type of female some men would refer to as a dime. What distinguished Jordan from most other mixed females were her high cheekbones and her green eyes, a trait inherited from her Caucasian side. With her sexy curvaceous hourglass figure, Jordan could’ve easily passed for a model out of a magazine like King or Kay Slay’s Straight Stunning. Simply put, Jordan had the type of body that could make a married man divorce his wife at the drop of a dime, with the sex appeal to match.

Despite all her physical qualities, Jordan possessed a straightforward but sweet personality, which made her all the more lovable. “Bye, I wanna do this again sometime.” Thinking back to the night we met, I never envisioned myself with Jordan and another beauty in this position. Hell, I was lucky enough to had met Jordan at her cousin Freddy’s party in the first place. If you asked me, I’d say my time with Jordan and Emma was very well deserved, considering that I had courted Jordan for four long months. Yes, I’d put my time in with her and if courting a female like Jordan made me a sucker, then I guess I was a sucker for exotic beauties.
about the author
clip_image006A veteran of the United States Army, Peprah Boasiako was born and raised in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, in Western Africa. He migrated to the United States in the year 2000, as a teenager. Peprah is currently a student of Computer Engineering Technology at DeVry University in New York City. He spends his 'free' time writing fiction and learning the craft of acting. Peprah likes to think he is capable of venturing out to restricted territories in his writing. Peprah is also a sports freak and a big dreamer. media links Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads / Amazon / Instagram clip_image007clip_image003[1]clip_image008clip_image004[1]clip_image009 follow the tour
Tour Schedule - One Week Blog Tour for The Sextape: A Dedication to the Ladies by Peprah Boasiako. From Dec 8 to 16 Dec 2014
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