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Never Forgotten by S.M. STRYKER Book Release

Title: Never Forgotten Love ~ A Story of Second Chances
Release Date: 27th December 2014

Cover Design: Stephanie Tkach Page Weaving Covers



Beckett was smaller than most boys his age, having little to no self-esteem or confidence because of the verbally and physical abuse he faced at the hands of his mother, the one person who should love him unconditionally,  because of this he was an easy target for other kids to pick on him.

 His best friend is Harlow. Not only was she beautiful, she was tough too. She was always there for him from the first day in first grade. They spent every minute of their time together as young children that was allowed, he even helped her with her interest in cupcakes.

 As they grew older, they started spending a lot of time at the local park talking about their dreams for the future. That is until Beckett had to move and leave Harlow behind he was thirteen and devastated. They promised to stay in touch; Harlow gave him a bracelet with a half of a heart medallion. Beckett's mother took away his computer and phone which had all of Harlow's information in it.

 In high school, he was still the little guy, and subject of bullying, so he started to take Krav Mega classes to learn to protect himself and regain his self-esteem and confidence.

 After graduating high school, he finally grew. Even after ten years, Beckett never went a day without thinking of Harlow, every decision he ever made, was made with her in mind.

 He began working for Richard in high school in his computer software upstart. After college, Richard talked Beckett into hiring a private investigator to look for Harlow, but she was off the grid. Will Beckett find Harlow? Moreover, if he does will she forgive him for breaking their promise? Or maybe she is married already, and what demons does she carry?

 This story is about lost loves, best friends and second chances.

This book is a series. You won't have to read the first one to understand the following. However, it will cross over.






Haunted by her years of abuse, Parker Dane tries to leave her past behind her to start a new life in a new city. She meets Ian Blake; actually, she runs into him multiple times, but always runs away before learning his name. Ian can't get Parker out of his mind and he doesn't even know her name.
Ian finally gets his opportunity to meet Parker, and he will do anything in his power to keep her from running away from him again. Parker has years of demons and fears bottled up inside her; she knows that if Ian finds out her secrets, she will lose him forever; no one wants damaged goods. Will Ian make her run away again or will her past catch up to her trying to pull her back?
Will Ian be the man to stand by Parker or will he turn his back on her
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UNTAMED by Brenda K. Davies Release & Giveaway


Publication Date: December 27, 2014
Genres: Paranormal, Romance



His entire life Ethan has been keeping his more violent urges a secret from his family. They all think he is just antisocial, what they don’t know is that every day he struggles not to give into his growing desire to kill. Looking to escape for just a little bit and hoping that a change of scenery will help him, he agrees to join Isabelle and Stefan in Bermuda.
What he doesn’t expect is for Emma to walk into his life and change it in ways that he had never anticipated. Just when he finally begins to find some peace in his life, a dangerous threat from Emma’s past arrives. Ethan is willing to do anything to keep Emma safe, even if it means giving into the brutality that he’s spent his entire life fighting against. Giving in a little though, may mean giving in for forever, if he is unable to bring himself back from the darkness that has always enticed him. ***Due to mature content and language this book is recommended for readers 18+***

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 They were almost to the door when the sky opened up and a deluge of rain began to fall. He went to hold her back but she was already stepping outside. He followed her out the door and stood beside her beneath the overhang as the rain pelted the ground around them in a loud crescendo that drowned out the noise of the restaurant.

"It should be over soon," he said. "We can wait inside."

The mischievous look she shot him over her shoulder should have warned him, but he still wasn't expecting it when she asked, "Why?" and stepped into the storm.

Disbelief and amusement filled him as she tilted her head back and lifted her arms to the sky. Laughter trailed from her as the rain falling over her plastered the deep blue dress to her body. He could only stand and stare as she tilted her head back to the sky. There was something about the picture of her, laughing in the rain that made his heart clench, and caused a strange warmth to spread throughout him.

He thought he could stand there and watch her forever but the urge to touch her drove him toward her and into the rain. She was still laughing as she dropped her head down to look at him. Rain had turned her hair darker and caused it to curl as it clung to her face and neck. He barely noticed the drops of water as they pelted against him; the only thing he could focus on was her.

"It feels wonderful!" she cried above the noise.

He didn't know what possessed him, but words completely failed him. It felt as if he had been taken over by something entirely primitive, he felt a burning itch that would only be appeased by touching her. Wrapping his arm around her waist, he lifted her up and pressed her flush against his body. Her mouth parted but before she could speak, his lips descended upon hers in a kiss that would have been bruising if the contact of their mouths hadn't immediately eased some of the savage strain within him.

A low groan escaped him; his erection was extremely uncomfortable as it pressed against the front of his jeans. Her fingers curled into his shoulders, her mouth opened to his. She tasted of wine as his tongue entwined with hers. He could lose himself in her forever; if it wasn't for the fact that he wasn't going to allow anyone else to see her naked, he would have taken her here and now without any thought to where they were. If it were any other girl he wouldn't have cared if someone else saw her body, but no other woman had ever driven him this crazy before or pushed him to these kinds of heights. No way was he about to play show and tell with any part of her body.


 Also In the Series...

The first book in this series, Awakened, is free. Each book in this series is a stand alone novel.
Vampire Awakenings, #1
by Brenda K. Davies
Release Date: August 1, 2012
Genres: Paranormal Romance
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Vampire Awakenings, #2

by Brenda K. Davies

Release Date: February 26, 2013

Genres: Paranormal Romance

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About the Author

Brenda K. Davies
Brenda loves to write adult paranormal and historical romantic fiction. When not with family, or out with friends, she's happy at home in Mass. with her husband, and energetic puppy Loki. She is currently working on the third Vampire Awakenings book and has a historical romance coming out later this summer.

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Spotlight: Breaking Free By Alexis Noelle

Breaking Free By Alexis Noelle



Holly James is trying to move on with her life, but it hasn't been easy. She can’t stand to be touched by anyone, not even her own family. She is a
lost broken shell of the person she used to be. Holly is convinced shutting everyone out is easier then opening up and letting someone hurt her again. 

Drew Walker is no Prince Charming. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself and has no intention of changing. Drew loves the life of excitement and
entitlement that comes with being the lead singer of a band, and has no plans to get tied down anytime soon. When these two meet there is an immediate chemistry. 

The thing that surprises Holly is that she can tolerate his touch. He makes her feel like herself once again and gives her the freedom and comfort she's been desperate to find. 

On the other hand he is self-centered, egotistical, and everything she should stay away from. What happens when the one person who can save you might also
be the person who can break you?" 

There was something about Drew, but I had no idea what it was. He was self-centered, cocky, and definitely not Prince Charming. Maybe that’s why I liked him, though. 

Maybe I didn’t want to be saved by the handsome prince. Maybe I wanted to be corrupted by the evil king.”




I jump, a little startled by the fact that someone has gotten so close to me without me realizing it. Losing my balance, I almost fall backward as a hand snakes around my waist and steadies me. I brace myself for the pain of his touch, but instead of it hurting, it seems to set my body on high alert.

I look over at the person holding me and gasp. He may be the hottest man I have ever seen in person with dark brown hair that I want to run my fingers through and maybe pull a little bit. His black T-shirt hugs his biceps so tightly that I wouldn’t be surprised if it ripped. His eyes are the color of the ocean you always see in those ads for tropical getaways. My attention is drawn to his full lips, drawn in a smirk, as he darts his tongue out to wet them. Watching him slowly slide his tongue across his lips, I have fantasies about it being all over me. I have no doubt that he must be able to see my desire written all over my face, because he leans in as if he is about to kiss me.

That’s when I snap out of the spell he has put me under. I hop off of the railing and disentangle myself from the hold that he has on me. Wishing the ground would just open up and swallow me whole, I begin my walk back toward the stage area.

“Not even a thank you?” I stop walking and look back at him over my shoulder. “The least you could do is tell me your name.”

He walks toward me and my heart starts to beat so fast it feels like it’s about to come right out of my chest. I walk backward, trying to put space between us, but quickly find myself backed against the wall. Before I know it, Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome is within a couple inches of me and looking down at me with a look that could melt the panties off of any straight woman.

He threads his hands through my hair. “What’s your name?”

His face is so close to mine that if I moved even an inch our lips would be touching. I shake my head no; he doesn’t need my name. I really need to get out of here, but my legs are no longer listening to my brain.

His mouth crashes against mine with such force that I am now flush with the cold stone wall behind me. He releases my hair and moves his hands down my arms until they find mine. Threading his fingers with mine, he slowly raises them above my head, and at the same time his tongue invades my mouth. I have never in my life been kissed like this and I am now putty in his hands, for him to do with me whatever he wants. I think the most startling thing to me is the fact that his touch seems to set my senses on fire.

His free hand moves back down my side, tracing the curves of my breasts, my hips, and then finally stopping at the top of my jeans. His hand slowly moves toward the part of my body that is now screaming for him. Even with my jeans on, as soon as his fingertips brush over the top of me, I let out a moan. 


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*** Bio ***

Alexis Noelle lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her husband, three kids, and two dogs. On top a writing career, she is a full-time student and a full-time mom. She loves spending time with her kids, although she has to hide the computer from them when she is writing! She loves being active and being outdoors, especially if it involves any kind of shopping. She has always been passionate about writing.
She loves to read romance books and feels like being able to lose yourself in a book is one of the more exciting aspects. The books she loves to read and write will be ones that make you feel for the characters. Alexis believes that you should have an opinion on every character in a book whether you love them, hate them, or think they are up to something. She also believes that the most important critic is your reader, so she loves to hear from the readers. She want her fans to be open & talk to her about what they want for the characters in the story, and what they would like to see happen.


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Crewel Work - The Tapestry Series 1 by Natalie Alder

Crewel Work - The Tapestry Series 1
Natalie Alder 


The key to a successful horse farm is the trainer. At Bridgeton Pass, J. P. Ryan is that key. William Becker is determined to protect his farm and keep Ryan on the job.

That goal is threatened by two things – a sinister act by another employee and the fact that his only daughter has fallen head-over-heels in love with J. P.
Becker can’t allow either of those things to threaten his legacy.
Audra grew up around the handsome trainer and fell in love with him at a distance, enchanted by his kindness and honesty. When they began stealing private but innocent moments, she found that she didn’t want to live without him. Audra is heartbroken when she has to choose between honoring her father and pursuing love.
J.P. wants Audra by his side, but he finds himself with a hard decision.
He is forced to choose between his career and the love of his life. Between the problem caused by the troublemaking barn hand and the frustration caused by his desire for Audra, J.P.’s job has become a ‘crewel’ work.
The story of the Becker family is woven as an intricate Tapestry. It is beautiful as a whole, but like any tapestry, you have to turn it over and look at the back side to see how the threads of love and family relationships are woven together into one intricate whole.
Welcome to the Tapestry series.


Suddenly, the frog jumped from the rock into the water, causing J.P. to look around. Audra held her breath, wondering if he would see her. When he turned back around and began to step out of his jeans, Audra realized he had no idea she was there.

Audra’s heart started to pound. Should she leave? A curiosity beyond anything she’d ever known compelled her to stay. She ducked down. If she stayed low, J.P. wouldn’t be able to see her from where he was. And as long as he didn’t move westward along the bank, he would never know she was there. With her blood pounding through her veins in excitement, she shifted slightly to get a better view of him. Dang! Audra licked her lips. The man was gorgeous. J.P.'s stomach and shoulders were hard and muscular from the demanding work he did on the farm. The muscles of his chest were chiseled, defined. Days working outside in the sun had tanned his skin. He left his pile of clothes and started toward the pond. Audra felt like a creepy voyeur. She started to turn her gaze away, but was unable to do so. Turning back, she let her gaze settle on him again, enjoying the unexpected opportunity before her.

J.P. walked into the water and turned such that she could see his front. Audra covered her mouth, so afraid she would make an audible noise. She had never seen a naked man before. Warmth spread through Audra’s body and seemed to pool between her legs. The muscles of his tight back side rippled as he moved and the strong muscles of his thighs became more defined as he lowered himself into the pond. His body was wonderful, all of him. Now that she’d seen him, there was nothing more that she wanted than to touch him. Audra had seen his bare chest and shoulders before. J.P. sometimes removed his close fitting T-shirts for relief from the heat in the barn. But the rest, under his jeans, she’d always had to imagine. Well, no more.


Connect with Natalie:


Blog: Natalie Alder Books


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twitter: @NatalieRomance


I write stories about romance. They center on learning about the characters backgrounds, personalities and life circumstances that mold them into who they are and how they love.

I am a sassy 40-something year old. I live in a quiet farming town in New England with my husband of fifteen years and our three rescued cats.

After college I facilitated improvement in the physical abilities of children and the elderly then took the opportunity to enjoy my creative side. I love to sew, knit, write...sing and

drink martinis (not necessarily at the same time).


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Candle Magic by Elodie Parkes Release Blitz

Note from author:
Thank you for hosting ‘Candle Magic’ on your blog today. Thank you so much to all my readers. I write from my heart so you have a piece of it. Happy Holidays.

About the book:
I got the idea for this story very late at night as I shivered in a sudden downpour of rain on my way home from work. It was still summer at the time and although late, the sky was still quite light. That happens in Britain where I live and often dawn comes in at around 3.30 a.m. How do I know this? I’m often still up writing or playing around with graphics for book covers. I’m lucky because my day job is in shifts so often I can grab a few hours’ sleep and still get to work on time.

Here’s the blurb:
When Simi finds a pretty old candlestick among the discarded props in the company storeroom, she never imagines it will grant her dearest wish. There’s something mysterious about the carved candlestick, but Simi is drawn to it. She’s saved a red candle from a box she bought years ago in an antique shop, and intends to use the candlestick to hold the last candle and make her solitary Christmas lunch more festive. It’s Christmas Eve, there’s sleet in the wind, Simi slips, but Jason catches her. Who is Jason? Where has he suddenly appeared from in the night?
Simi looks into the eyes of this gorgeous man and sparks fly …

Erotic fantasy romance from Siren Publishing and Elodie Parkes

Please choose the one appropriate for your blog

18+ teaser

The mist parted. The sight of a man walking toward her captured her in a spell. Simi stared at him, unable to move.
He flowed slowly toward her, and then he was there in front of her, extending his arms to hold her. His cornflower blue eyes, fringed with dark lashes, filled with emotion. He smiled at Simi and she registered how handsome he was, how completely gorgeous he was, before magically she was in his arms. He held her close.
Gratitude surged through her. Her heart opened to soak up the love he gave her. His face close, Simi yearned for his lips on hers, and then—he kissed her. It charged her whole body with such a surge of raw sexual energy her pussy drenched her inner thighs. She drifted in a heavy fog of his kiss-induced lust.
The softness of his lips changed from a gentle, loving merging to a hungry searching as her tongue met his.
Naked in his arms, Simi pressed against his hard body, her clothes strangely gone. Yet she accepted that as ordinary when his hands swept over her skin and grabbed her ass to lift her against his body. Her stomach contacted the hard column of his erect cock, and she sighed into his mouth.


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Exposed: The Education of Sarah Brown by Michele Gwynn

Exposed: The Education of Sarah Brown by Michele Gwynn



The Dangers of Sex Sarah Brown sets out on a journey to sexual self-discovery and falls face first into danger. In Barcelona, Anthony de Luca, an author and photographer unleashes the full force of his charm that threatens to steal her heart, a prize he openly admits he doesn’t want. Still, she can’t resist him, and finds herself experiencing the heights of ecstasy and the lows of heartbreak as her lover leaves without a word. In Berlin, Paul Christiansen, a handsome Dutch lothario with a sordid past works his wiles to seduce her body; while in the shadows, a predator stalks a young boy close to Sarah determined to get what he wants or kill anyone who gets in his way. One of her two lovers has led a dangerous criminal straight to her door, but which one? And who can she trust? Will Sarah survive or will she lose both her heart and her life to desire?




Each day, Sarah got up, got dressed, fixed breakfast for her mother who was slowly dying of cancer, and then proceeded to bathe, dress and prepare her mom for the hospice nurse who arrived promptly at eight-thirty in the morning daily. Once Vangie took over her mother’s care for the day, Sarah went to work where she spent eight hours every day, checking out, coding, and filing books. It was a soothing occupation for a tired mind, and Sarah was far too young to be seeking solace in a boring, nowhere job.

Her only escape was the adult section of the library. The adult section contained books for those over the age of eighteen only. There were books written from the early seventeen and eighteen hundreds filled with wicked tales of naughty escapades by Dukes, Earls and their reluctant but equally naughty ladies. Some of the books were

much more modern, but she preferred the older ones because they were well written, and the plots amused her in between the sexual encounters.

Each night when the library closed and everyone was gone for the day, she would lock the doors, slip off to the adult section and pick out a book. Often, she would sit in one of the easy chairs placed around the library for people to comfortably enjoy their reading, kick off her shoes and curl up for another titillating tale. With only a table lamp or two turned on, she would slip into the story while her hands slipped inside her clothing. With her mind in another place where rules did not apply and responsibility did not bind, she would find her pleasure in exotic locales, and with fantasy lovers who knew the secret yearnings of her young body. These books were her only escape from the smothering reality of her existence. 



Michele E. Gwynn is a freelance journalist in San Antonio. She writes for newspapers, magazines, and online websites like (under the categories of Film, Animal Rights, Healthy Food, and Sex and Relationships), Alwayz Therro Magazine, and more. In addition, she also edits websites and books - recently editing the debut supernatural romance novel The Witch's Vampire - Mystery Springs Unleashed.
Prior to her career in writing, Ms. Gwynn worked first in medical administration as a referral coordinator, billing manager, and finally officer manager. But writing remained her first love. She went back to college and earned her A.A.S. in Broadcast Technology from San Antonio College. Hard work and a little luck helped her writing career along in the field of freelance journalism and website contribution leading to celebrity interviews and amazing opportunities. I mean, who else gets to interview and then set up a fashion photography shoot for one of Showtime's Gigolos?
Who else gets to interview a former UN Ambassador and author who survived the Killing Fields of Cambodia? And who else gets to discuss the quality of education with The Admiral, himself, former Spurs Center David Robinson? Life has not been boring at all! Ms. Gwynn previously self-published two books; one in the genre of horror, Harvest (Book I in the Harvest Trilogy - Book II due out December 2014), and one children's fiction, The Cat Who Wanted to be a Reindeer.
Now, she is publishing out her first full-length novel, Exposed: The Education of Sarah Brown, (Beau Coup LLC Publishing), and international tale of erotic suspense and intrigue set in the heart of Berlin. She's already working on book two in the Kriminal Erotic Series, The Evolution of Elsa Kreiss.It just keeps getting better and better! In her downtime, she resides in the small town of Schertz, Texas on the northeast side of San Antonio with her four felines who so graciously allow her to reside in their home.

Michele Gywnn’s hangout’s:


Facebook Fan Page: Central Author Page: 




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Wolf Call By Sable Hunter and Ryan O’Leary

Wolf Call
By Sable Hunter and Ryan O’Leary




Rafe Kenyon is all man…and all wolf. He’s a shifter and a Texas good ole boy. And who would have thought the two would mix? But, it works for him. As far as he knows, he’s one of a kind. By day he makes knives, works as a hunting guide and makes nice with the town folk. By night, he runs the piney woods of East Texas as a huge timber wolf - the best of both worlds. The only problem is: Rafe is alone, he has no mate. He loves women, he loves sex, but he can never get too involved. No one can know his secret. Until…it is a secret no more.
Karoline Durand comes to town to study and authenticate the wolf sightings in a place where no wolves are supposed to exist. She meets a sexy wolf of another sort when Rafe spots her in a club and lets out a wolf call of appreciation. Instant, insane attraction. Sparks fly as their sexual energy combusts like a volcanic explosion.
But soon Karoline is not the only one hunting the wolf. Rumors fly and the woods are full of hunters – all intent on bagging Rafe. His world is closing in on him and soon he learns who he can trust and the true meaning of love and home.



Rafe’s nostrils flared. He wanted, he desired—craved. He didn’t believe in the idea of a mate, but something about this vision before him was causing conflict with that ideology. Never before could he remember aching for a woman so fast. From deep within him, it rose. Throwing back his head, he gave voice to the primal urge that overwhelmed him—the wolf call.

For a moment everything stopped, the world tilted on its axis. The music, the dancing, the drinking—the whole kit and caboodle came to a halt as all eyes were on him and the woman who would be leaving with him tonight, if he had his way. When they saw it was just a case of animal attraction, they went back to their business. This was fairly normal behavior for country boys after they’d had a few drinks.

Rafe took one step toward her. She held her ground. Brave woman. The corner of his lip lifted in a crooked, wicked smile. Another step. The music playing in the background had a seductive beat, a soundtrack of lust. Her eyes were glued to his, Rafe could hear her breathing from where she stood. His hearing was acute and selective. He sniffed the air again, she was aroused. Good. The urge to shift almost overwhelmed him, never had he been tempted in a public place. His mind battled with his instinct and he tamped it down. One more step and he held out his hand. “Dance?”

Karoline’s whole body tingled. Who was this guy? Sex on a stick, definitely. She’d seen good-looking men before, but her body had never lit up like it was doing now.  




Sable Hunter writes erotic romance. She writes what she likes to read and enjoys putting her fantasies on paper. Her stories are emotional reads where the heroine is faced with challenges, like one of her favorite songs – she’s holding out for a hero – and boy, can she deliver a hero. Her aim is to write a story that will make you laugh, cry and sweat. If she can wring those emotions out of a reader, then she has done her job. She grew up in south Louisiana along the mysterious bayous where the Spanish moss hangs thickly over the dark waters.
The culture of Louisiana has shaped her outlook on life and made its way into her novels where the supernatural is entirely normal. Presently, Sable lives in Texas and spends most of her time in wild and wonderful Austin. She is passionate about animals and has been known to charm creatures from a one ton bull to a family of racoons. For fun, Sable has been known to haunt cemeteries and battlefields armed with night-vision cameras and digital recorders hunting proof that love survives beyond the grave.She writes for Secret Cravings Publishing as well as publishes much of her own work. Join her in her world of magic, alpha heroes, sexy cowboys and hot, steamy, to-die-for sex. Step into the shoes of her heroines and escape to places where dreams can come true and orgasms only come in multiples.