Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sunk by Renea Porter Happy Release Day


When you lose all hope, what's left to live for?

The darkness claws at Raine Sims, bringing her farther in.

There was no escaping it and no one to bring her out of it. The burden of loss weighs heavily on her, reminding her every day that there are no guarantees in life. Every day is a struggle, every day she puts on a facade just to get through. She's already lost her husband to divorce and now her child in death…It's all too much to grasp.

But a chance encounter with Sly Wilkes is all it takes to come completely undone.

Sly Wilkes is always in control, in every situation, including the bedroom. He's mysterious, and Raine has definitely piqued his interest. However, getting to know her isn’t all that easy. Raine’s guarded and believes she deserves to feel the pain and the darkness that surrounds her.

Will Sly be able to help Raine see she deserves more?

Or will the pain forever remain?

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Author of New Adult & Contemporary Romance and soon YA books will be included..
Currently have one book under contract with .

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