Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Killer (Episode 1) ~ by Author Olivia Howe​ Cover Reveal

**** COVER REVEAL ****
~ Killer (Episode 1) ~
by Author Olivia Howe​

Valentino County Detective Gwendolyn Anderson tries to solve the biggest case of her Career. Serial Killer AKA The Doctor is on the loose, killing innocent women, leaving them dead with a smile painted on their face. Some trademark he has. 

Detective Anderson is determined to do everything in her power to solve The Doc case before the FBI takes it under their wing. She has only six months to solve the murders of over twenty women from this serial killer, in the process of solving other cases that come through Hillside Police Department.

Can she take down the biggest serial killer in Valentino County without ruining her career in the process?

Little does she know, Doc is right in front of her face.

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