Sunday, July 12, 2015

Spotlight: His Safe Keeping by T.Bass

Start the Safe Series with book 1 - His Safe Keeping

Krista Avery moved to the sleepy town of Mt. Eve, Virginia, away from big city life, enticed there by a research doctor that is fascinated with her blood. Trying to build a life for herself after a horrific event in her past sent her into a spiral, she is a woman battling a rare blood disorder and the memories she has never dealt with. Returning home from the hospital after the Doctors experimental treatment, a dizzy spell forces her to pull over to the side of the road.

Lawson “Kade” McKaden is a State Trooper, ready to retire, returning home after a transport to a Federal Prison that wasn’t supposed to be his. After a stint in the Air Force and a satisfying career, he is ready to leave the uniforms behind for the life of a rancher. But a broken down car on the side of the road calls to his sense of responsibility and the sick woman inside calls to his heart. They have more in common than they know.

An escaped rapist turned serial killer is hunting her. She was his first and he has plans to be her last. Together can they beat back the demons from her childhood? Will Krista have to face the demon from her past alone, or is she Kade’s for… His Safe Keeping?

**Content Warning: May contain explicit content and scenes. Intended for 18+ Audience.

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“Baby, why in the hell is your door un—” Kade’s mind went blank and he forgot what he was going to say as he walked toward the sound of Krista’s voice and her music, which, for once, was turned down at a more tolerable level. Kade stopped walking or talking when he caught sight of Krista coming out of her bathroom in nothing but that same short-short robe of hers. But, this time, her hair was down and curled in waves, and her face—damn, every time he saw her she was beautiful, but now, she was fuckin’ gorgeous. He stood frozen for a minute. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her face. Even knowing how sexy she was in that damn short robe, he still couldn’t move his eyes beyond that gorgeous face.
“Irish, are you okay? Is something wrong?” He heard Krista ask a question. He even heard the concern in her voice, but still he could only stand there and stare. When she took another step toward him, he was finally able to speak again.
“You’re gorgeous…” He managed to croak out and she smiled, and that ‘gorgeous’ took a jump up. “You’re incredibly gorgeous.” He was repeating himself. She smiled bigger and walked up to him. “Damn, and you smell incredible too,” he groaned when she got close enough for him to catch her scent. Then he moved, pulling her close, and kissed her. Hard. He ran his hands down her back to cup her ass, but when they dropped lower, all he felt was skin and he froze again. Kade raised his head and took her hands in his. “Baby, you have nothing on under that damn sexy robe and you need to put something on.” Dropping her hands, he took a step back, away from her. When she just stood there and looked up at him, he could see disappointment in her face, but he also saw hurt. Did she think he was rejecting her? Before he could put a whole thought together, she wheeled around to go to her room. “Baby, you look so absolutely incredible, and it’s taking everything I got in me to hold myself back, but you gotta’ help me with that.”
Krista stopped in mid step, coming back to him. She wrapped her arms around his waist, kissing him in the middle of his chest. When he met her eyes, she whispered huskily to him, “What if I don’t want to help you with that? What if I don’t want you to hold yourself back?” Krista knew she was playing with fire, but the look on his face made her feel powerful.
“Baby, do you know what you’re saying?” Was that voice his? That voice that seemed to tremble and break? Kade locked his hands behind his back, knowing if he touched her again, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself.

Book Two: Safe With Him

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