Thursday, July 30, 2015

Release Day: The Box Set of the Ringer's Masquerade Series by Sarah J. Pepper

The Ringer's Masquerade 

Thursday, July 30

Secrets can kill.
I know theirs.

They created us. But they can't control him.

The Ringer's Masquerade features all three full length novels in the series. 
Devil's Lullaby, Death's Melody and Angel's Requiem. 
Sebastian's world is laced with inconvenient truths; mine is saturated with sweet, beautiful lies. He promises me nothing of a happy ending. Even so, the demonic spawn with an angelic voice derails my only reason for existence, but still I can’t tear my gaze away from him. His haunting stare penetrates my very being, revealing my secrets, fears, and desires. My name rolls off his tongue, tempting me to take exactly what I hungered for. Him. My curiosity will certainly be my undoing—but then again, death is inevitable….For he reveals the Ringer's most guarded secrets—secrets they kill to keep.

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Ringer's Masquerade
Devil's Lullaby (#1)
Death's Melody (#2)
Angel's Requiem (#3)

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Devil's Lullaby

Death's Melody

Angel's Requiem

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Sarah J. Pepper Bio 

Sarah J. Pepper specializes in dark, paranormal romance - think "happy ever after" but with a twisted, dark chocolate center. Real-life romance isn't only filled with hugs, kisses, bunnies, and rainbows.

True-love can be more thoroughly described in times of darkness and tribulation. It's in those harsh moments where you see what a person is truly capable of - both the good and bad. Sometimes prince-charming isn't always on time, and the glass slipper is a little snug.

However, it doesn't mean Charming is not Mr. Right, and who says every shoe is the perfect fit? Get a glimpse inside her head

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