Friday, August 28, 2015

American Made (Against the Tides Book 2) by Katheryn Kiden Release Blitz


Emerson Hollis has always been a protector and does a job that 

most grown men wouldn’t do. She doesn’t do it because she likes 
it, she does it to protect the people and country she loves. 
When stray bullets threaten to take away the only thing she knows 
how to do, it may actually prove to be exactly what she needs. 
Gentry Rice lives and breathes his job as a rescue swimmer. That is 
until the new guy on his crew brings a friend along for a drink 
after their shift. She’s everything he could ever want but never knew 
he needed. 
The one thing they have in common could be the one thing to pull 
them apart. 
Will Emerson be able to handle when her new path forces her past 
into the present? Can Gentry get her to see that things she thinks 
make her weak, are actually what force her to be strong?


This. This right here is why I never let myself feel so much for a person. As much as I want to keep saying that it was because I didn’t to hurt them if something happened to me and I didn’t come home, I can’t. I realize now that, more than anything, it was because I was afraid that they would make me actually feel something again and they would break me. 

I closed myself off after Sam died for a reason. Feelings and heartache fuck with judgment and tear people apart. They can break you quickly and all at once, or slowly, tearing you apart piece by piece until you feel like you’re nothing. Sometimes, if you’re strong enough, you can bounce back, but other times you’re left to live as nothing but a shell of who you used to be. 

I spent years accepting that I would never be more than what you saw. I was just a shell, and if you didn’t know the things I was capable of all you would see was a pretty package. Foolishly I let Gentry breathe life back into me, showing me that I could have more than I ever allowed myself to. Now that I know better, all I need to know is how long it will take me to be back to being fine as the empty shell again. 

Seven days. 
That’s all Ariana Coleman has to make it through until her husband, Brett, gets home from the uncertain future that his job holds for him. 
Seven days until she can touch him and they can finally get back to living their lives. 
One hundred and sixty eight hours. That’s all that’s left of being apart. 
Ari has always been one to stick to routine while Brett is deployed. One change that seems harmless leaves her wondering if the outcome is her fault. 
Will she be able to move on with what she is convinced is her doing? 
Or will the wrong person showing up on her doorstep send her into a depression so deep there may be no light in sight? 


Katheryn Kiden 

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