Sunday, September 13, 2015

Phoenix Rising by Elise Faber Promo

Category:  Paranormal Romance (does contain some sexual situations)
Length:  345 pages

Average Review Rating:  4.8 average (43 5-star reviews, 9 4-star reviews)

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“A dangerous man with piercing green eyes. A powerful ability that is rearing out of control. 

Daughtry stumbles into a world where magic is real and the possibilities for her future are greater than she’s ever believed possible. 

But the road to that future isn’t easy to navigate. 

As she engages in a wrenching game of give and take with Cody, the man who’s gripped her heart in his sexy-as-hell fist from the moment she’s met him, Daughtry must decide whether she’s willing to risk it all — heart, mind, and magic — to take a chance on the man she loves.”

Dark Phoenix (Book 2) Amazon Link:

Black magic. Immoral monsters. Death. And bone-deep, soul-to-soul love with a green-eyed man hell-bent on owning every part of her heart. 

Daughtry’s life changed forever when she bonded with Cody and began to control her visions. Yet as she masters her magic, those very same abilities threaten to harm the people she holds most dear. 

When an opportunity arises for her to fix a past wrong, does she dare risk using her magic in order to set things right again? 

A soul sweeping darkness is lurking at the Colony, making the choice for her and threatening the world she’s built for herself. But Daughtry soon discovers that if she’s to have the future and love she’s always wanted, she must fight for it.

From Ashes (Book 3) Amazon Link:

(From Ashes is technically a standalone novel, but your reading experience will be enriched if you read it as the third Phoenix book.) 

Gabby has a secret. 

A secret that might get her kicked out of the only true home she’s ever known. 

When her powers malfunction and bring her into direct conflict with Mason — a widowed LexTal warrior who makes her heart pound and her legs weak — she scrambles to hold onto her carefully constructed world. 

Mason’s wounded past keeps him from getting close to anyone but he can’t resist Gab-by. There’s an essence about her his soul can’t ignore no matter how much his mind protests. 

Her secret threatens to tear Gabby and Mason apart before they’ve even begun to ex-plore the draw between them. But with the unprecedented hold she has on Mason’s heart and magic, how can he bear to let her go?

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