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FREE: Mercy’s Angels Box Set by Kirsty Dallas

Mercy’s Angels Box Set 


Welcome to Claymont, the small town with a big spirit, nestled in the surrounding Black Ridge Mountains. At the heart of Claymont is Mercy's Shelter for Abused Women, providing warmth and safety for the lost and beaten souls that run to her doorstep.

Over 315,000 Words - 4 full length novels which together have accumulated over 150 4+ star ratings

Saving Ella Book One --- The protection every child is owed was lost on Ella Munroe. Her tiny body was beaten, bruised, cut and bloodied. And the thing about pain, it demands to be felt. As a young woman, Ella decided to run from the pain, and after years of living on the streets, her tired feet took her right to the doorstep of Mercy's Shelter. Taking a chance on warmth from the snow, the shelter offered her much more than a bed and shower. Jaxon Carter was a giant of a man with an even bigger heart, and he would be damned if he would allow Ella to run any longer.

Fighting Back – Best Seller Book Two --- Rebecca Donovan was missing intimacy, but no matter how much she longed for a man to warm her bed and heart, she would not give Charlie Cole a second chance. Not until a masked intruder took away her independence and threatened not only her life, but her very sanity.

Tortured Soul – Best Seller Book Three --- Emily Donovan didn't know love, she didn't know gentle and her future wasn't hers to own. Because HE owned her. There is only so much one soul can take before it is broken beyond repair and she had reached that milestone long ago. There was only one man who could keep Em' safe, but even Braiden Montgomery had doubts as to whether he could repair the damaged soul inside the woman.
Mother’s Love Book Four --- Annie Lonergan had lived through hell, she survived, now it was back, and this time it wanted her son. After spending far too long cowering in fear, Annie is no longer the timid little flower she once was, and with the fiercely handsome Dillon Montgomery determined to take his place in her life, Annie swore she would do whatever it took to hold on to her new home, and protect what was hers. How far would you go to protect your child?

Normal Retail Price $4.99 ----- October 16th – 20th  #FREE!!!! (Kindle only)

Author Bio:

Kirsty Dallas grew up on the beaches of North Queensland, Australia before migrating south to the iconic Gold Coast in 1995.
There, she traded the ocean and her bathers for pajama's and a computer when she embarked on writing professionally in 2012.
Since then she has developed a wicked computer tan that would put Casper the Ghost to shame, and has highly toned her skills in describing the outside world…WITHOUT EVER GOING THERE!
She writes comedy, contemporary and dystopian romance, and has a closet horror fetish, Leatherface...*shivers*, which has seen her embark on joint projects in the literary and film world with Australian Director and screenwriter, Chris Sun.
Kirsty is now a best-selling and award winning author who loves to hear from other literary enthusiasts, so feel free to stalk any of her social media pages.

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