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Unquenchable by Destiny Blaine Spotlight

From the same author who brought you the
 #1 Amazon Kindle Worlds Teen/YA bestseller

Mystical Christmas

A new trilogy for The Vampire Diaries and #Klaroline

Just in time for Valentine’s Day


Love Bites Back #1

Written by Destiny Blaine




“We both know I’m not after the girl, Caroline. I want the woman.”


With Bonnie and Damon stuck on the other side, Caroline Forbes turns to the one person she can count on—Klaus Mikaelson. Not at all intimidated by an ‘original’ vampire, Caroline realizes the risks when she reaches out to Klaus but her heart is on the line right from the start.

Prepared to call in favors from old Mikaelson friends, Klaus and Caroline are soon on their way to Pennsylvania in search of an infamous witch. Their trip swerves toward danger when Gage, Klaus’s half-brother, discovers Klaus has begun an initiative to contact the other side.

Surprised to learn his estranged sibling is now an inconvenient obstacle, Klaus realizes Gage has the potential to become a real problem. Accompanied by a group of crossbreeds, Gage issues a dangerous ultimatum—Caroline or a favor.

With Caroline’s life in danger, Klaus has no other choice but to call Elijah for help but when his brother shows up with Elena and Enzo, too, the road trip is bound to end in disaster. To make matters worse, it’s hard to outrun a stealthy creature with nothing to lose and everything to gain. More importantly, Gage knows just how far to push Klaus to ensure his brother meets every last one of his demands.

Unquenchable is PG 13.
$1.99 before 9 AM on February 16th


Beta Reader Favorites from UNQUENCHABLE

1. Elijah to Klaus: “You love her.”

Klaus:  “Yes, well that seems to be the universal opinion.”


2. Klaus: “If I’m in your head, it’s because you want me there, Caroline.”


3.  Caroline: “I’m making the call. Then, I’ll brace for impact.”


4. Klaus to Caroline:  “How nice of you to call. Let me guess, you broke a fingernail and it’s somehow my fault?”


5.  Klaus about Tyler: That traitorous Tyler Lockwood had once been the very bane of his existence. “So tell me, love, what did the young Benedict Arnold do this time?”


6. Caroline:   Hello? Enzo probably doesn’t have several hundred years’ worth of enemies trailing him.”


7. Elijah:  “Blood ties thicker bonds than love, Niklaus.”


8. Rebekah: “But you will anyway. What is it, Nik? Something to do with Elijah no doubt or you would’ve asked him for the favor.”


9. Klaus to Rebekah: “Sister, when you fancy someone, how do you want them to pursue you?”


10. Rebekah to Klaus:  “Caroline is strong and independent. That’s why you’re in love with her. You don’t intimidate her. She stands up to you in defiance or sides with you when the world is against you.”


11. Rebekah to Klaus: “You can’t love or be loved if you’re only interested in holding it over someone’s head.”


12. Rebekah to Klaus: “Where Caroline is concerned, Nik, you don’t need me. You had that figured out a long time ago. Being there when she needs you is the greatest gift you can give her.”


13. Rebekah to Klaus: “I can see how much you love her and suspect she loves you in return. You’ve never been one to follow a cold trail.”


14. Elijah: “With vendetta driving them and hatred steering them, they will come and use Caroline to rip your heart out. You of all people know this is true. Our enemies will do whatever necessary to destroy you.”


15. Klaus (internal): Klaus should’ve told them then. He had no intentions of giving up Caroline. He would protect her and watch over her all the days of his life.


16. Klaus to Caroline: “If memory serves me correctly, you weren’t exactly in an apologetic mood the last time I saw you.”


17. Klaus: “There’s the sadistic woman I know and love.”


18. Klaus to Caroline: “We both know I’m not after the girl, Caroline. I want the woman.”

19. Klaus (internal) A hybrid’s greatest weapons, after all, weren’t in his pockets.

20. Klaus (internal) No, this war wasn’t fair nor was it just. These men had met an enemy they couldn’t see, fighting for a cause no one understood.

21. Klaus: “Just rest, Caroline.  We’ll find a place to stay tonight and when tomorrow comes, we’ll greet the day and those who were stupid enough to start a fight they’ll never be able to finish, let alone win.”

22. Caroline to Klaus:”Besides, what could possibly happen? I’m with the big bad wolf and his growl is as dangerous as his bite.”

23. “For pity sake, surely the suggestion wasn’t terrible enough to warrant a theatrical slap to the mouth.”

24. New enemy to Caroline: “When Ansel’s son comes for you, Klaus won’t be able to keep you safe. It’s nothing personal, pretty vamp. It’s a family matter. And according to Klaus, you’re now his family.”

25.  Klaus to Caroline: “You’re hardly in a position to rally around anger.”

26.  Klaus to Caroline: “You couldn’t remember without assistance.”

Caroline to Klaus: “I was doing a fine job thank you very much.”

27.  Klaus to Caroline: “Call him. And while you’re at it, please tell Enzo I have a dagger to dip in his blood.”

28. Caroline: “Stop it. I didn’t come all this way to fight with you.”

Klaus: “Then please refrain from tossing out Enzo’s name like you’re trumping cards as much as actions. It’s beginning to bore me.”


#Klaroline  #Klaus  #Caroline
$1.99 before 9 AM on February 16th

Fly Me to the Moon by Bev Elle Release Day Blitz & Giveaway

Title: Fly Me to the Moon
Author: Bev Elle
 Release Date: February 14, 2015


Ticketing agent Jessamy Taylor has been in a dating slump exacerbated by moving her sickly mother into her home.
The truth is she's never gotten over the quirky Dr. Griffin Sanderson whose Obsessive Compulsive Disorder drives her crazy, despite his excellent bedside manner.

Fly Me To The Moon is a love song covered by many, the most memorable being Frank Sinatra. Griffin whistles this tune incessantly, but that’s just one of the many odd quirks Jessamy Taylor either loves or hates about him. Since their ill-fated love affair two years prior, she’s found no one to replace the good doctor.

A date with a self-absorbed jerk that goes awry for Jessamy somehow ends with her in Griffin’s arms. Will the changes he’s made be enough this time, or will secrets tear them apart?


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Chapter 2

Kyla rasped, “I-Is that Griffin petting a dog over there?”
Jessamy shielded her eyes with her hand and peered across the cul-de-sac. If she’d seen it first, she might have choked on her lemonade, too. Griffin Sanderson was petting the Fowlers’ dog. “Oh my God, he is!”
“Don’t they have like a gazillion germs or something? And what happened to his glasses?”
“Actually, some would argue that dogs are cleaner than humans. And Griffin got contacts.”
“Finally. You know, Jess, he’s looking kind of good, today. You might want to tap that again since he’s had a makeover and all.”
Jessamy waved her off. “I couldn’t possibly.”
“Why not? The guy I see over there looks infinitely tappable.” Kyla set her drink on the table and folded her arms.
Jessamy sipped her lemonade. “He may look tappable today, but you didn’t have to experience what I did with him as his girlfriend for two years. I should’ve called it quits after our Christmas trip to the Poconos, but I had fallen for him, and like so many misinformed women in history before me, I thought I could change him.”
“You’d think you two would’ve been great together, twin OCD and all. And I thought you said the trip to the Poconos was perfect.” Kyla said, air-quoting the word perfect.
“Everything was perfect up until that trip. We had so much in common. We both loved science fiction. We were both G.R.R. Martin geeks who watched the Game of Thrones show together and nitpicked how the show differed from the books. And even though I had the books on my kindle, he gifted me the hardbacks as a three-month anniversary present.” Jessamy smiled at the memory.
“I remember. You two were enough to make regular folks gag.”
“And you and Carter don’t—with your copious PDA?”
Kyla laughed. “But at least we don’t get all aroused over an episode of The Big Bang Theory.”
“Carter likes that show.”
“Not more than he likes me, though.” Kyla actually twirled her hair.
“Is he coming today?”
“Yeah, after he does his Saturday morning nine holes with his boss. Ugh!”
“Good, we’re going to need all the people we can get to eat up all this food.” Jessamy eyed the tables balefully.
“Look!” Kyla said. “Griffin’s holding the Fowlers’ baby. Now doesn’t that make your ovaries want to explode?”
Jessamy turned her head slowly, knowing the sight would slay her. Griffin never held babies. She took it all in as if in slow motion. Mark was holding their toddler in place as Jenny was cleaning up the sticky Popsicle he was covered in, while Griffin was holding the four-month old. He cradled her a bit nervously at first, then he seemed to get his baby-holding legs under him and finally began to smile and talk to her.
Jessamy and Kyla could hear her baby giggle from where they stood. “Aww!” They said in tandem.

Author Bio

Bev Elle the author of sweet and spicy, contemporary romance. A lover of books–many already written, and those she harbors in her very active imagination. Writing is a passion she’s had for many years, but was unable to act upon. Until now. Bev Elle is the mother of three human children and two canines. She is also the lover of one husband :) When Bev isn’t writing in her spare time after work, she is thinking of doing so.

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Death of the Spirit (Crossing Death #2) by Rick Chiantaretto COVER REVEAL


Happy Friday the 13th!
The cover for Death of the Spirit (Crossing Death #2) is finally here, but it isn't enough to do JUST a cover reveal and giveaway.
We want to give something to EVERYONE! So for this very special release, scroll down to get Death of the Body (Crossing Death #1) FREE.

Death of the Spirit (Crossing Death #2)

Author: Rick Chiantaretto
Genre: Dark Fantasy, Occult, Suspense
Release Date: March 13, 2015
I have no idea who I am anymore.
In Los Angeles, I would have given anything to go home to Orenda, my world where magic was alive and nature spoke to me. Now that I'm back I feel out of place, burdened with responsibility. The human part of me misses the simplicity of Earth, the mage part begs for connection with magic, and the demon part? I don't want to admit that exists.
As the darkness inside me grows, I'll learn to sacrifice for the greater good, as my people have always done. In order to save my family (both mage and human alike), I must face my nightmare, embrace the demon, and descend into the shadowy world of my enemy—the Hell of the Damned.
Once there, I will have nothing left to fear but myself: Edmund Gavel, human, mage, demon... maybe monster.


Death of the Spirit Cover


About the Author

I've often been accused of having done more in my life than the average person my age, but if I were completely honest I'd have to tell you my secret: I'm really 392.
So after all this time, I'm a pretty crappy writer.
I have some books published and a bunch half written (when you have eternity, why rush?). I've been favorably reviewed by horror greats like Nancy Kilpatrick, and my how-to-write-horror articles have been quoted in scholarly (aka community college freshmen's) papers.
I enjoy the occasional Bloody Mary, although a Bloody Kathy or Susan will suffice.
Mostly, I just try to keep a low profile so people don't figure out who I REALLY am.
Rick Chiantaretto

Stalk Rick on: Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon | Google+ | Website


Haven't started the Crossing Death series?

Good thing today is lucky Friday the 13th!

I grew up in a world of magic. By the time I was ten I understood nature, talked to the trees, and listened to the wind. When the kingdom of men conquered my town, I was murdered by one of my own-the betrayer of my kind.
But I didn't stay dead.
I woke to find myself in a strange new world called Los Angeles. The only keys to the life I remembered were my father's ring, my unique abilities, and the onslaught of demons that seemed hell-bent on finding me. Now I must learn who I really am, protect my friends, get the girl, and find my way back to my beloved hometown of Orenda.

Click to GET IT FREE:

Death of the Body Cover

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Stupid Hearts by Kristen Hope Mazzola Release Blitz

I should have freaking known.

How dense can one girl be?

If it’s too good to be true, then it is. 

If he’s too nice, smiles too perfectly, says all the right things, then he probably isn’t prince charming. Nope. Of course he’d be freaking married. And I didn’t see it. 
So here I am, in a city that I hate doing a shoot I don’t want to do. 
Suck it up, Jolene. 
That’s what I have to keep telling myself. 
It’s time to swear of smooth talking men and just focus on the only true loves in my life: photography and Dozer, my dog.

We walked through the marble infested lobby, got in the elevator and attacked.
Seth pressed me up against the mirrored wall, pulling my leg onto his hip. He lightly bit from my collar bone to my chin while I slowly rubbed his growing erection. He growled into my neck making my clit pulse with need.
“God, it’s been too long.” I huffed into his ear as he reached up my tank top and under my bra, tugging on my nipples just the way I loved it.
The elevator slowed, forcing us to pull away from each other, but just until we were behind the closed door of his suite.
I went right to the bed, slipped off my boots and stripped down to my bra and panties.
Seth groaned as he watched me slowly undress from the other side of the bed where he was standing already in his birthday suit stroking his erect member slowly. “Put your boots back on. Never leave them off, Jolene. Never.”


You want to know more about me? Well, let's see...
I am just an average twenty-something following my dreams. I have a full time "day job" and by night I am author. I guess you could say that writing is like my super power (I always wanted one of those). I am the lover of wine, sushi, football and the ocean; that is when I am not wrapped up in the literary world. 
Please feel free to contact me to chat about my writing, books you think I'd like or just to shoot the, well you know.
A portion of all my royalties are donated to The Marcie Mazzola Foundation.

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Title: An Ordinary Me

Author: Brooklyn Taylor

Release Date: March, 2015

Published by Entertwine Publishing

ET Synopsis

From the outside looking in Garrison Davis seems like every other senior in high school. On the inside though, he’s an emotional wreck promising to not love anyone. He chooses to protect himself by vowing solitude. His dad is in prison for dealing drugs; his mother is a recovering addict and an emotional mess. The only thing that brings him joy is playing the drums and that feeling of being needed by his band. It is his escape, his passion.

No one gets hurt or disappointed. That is until he lays his eyes on Reese at school. She is the exact example of what he cannot let himself get involved in. He would do nothing but drag her down with him. “I want to tell her and show her how much I love her. I had loved her from the first time I saw her smile but I can’t, I won’t.

She deserves so much more than I can offer. I’m the spawn of a drug dealer and an addict. I have never let myself love another person and now… I love her so much it hurts.” Reese Owens is the exact opposite of Garrison. Inside she’s beaming; growing up in a happy home and on the outside she was a duck out of water.

Her parents are the over protective set but are finally loosening the jail bars. Sophomore year in high school, she has never dated a boy and is envious of the social life her best friend Autumn Welch has. She meets Garrison and is instantly attracted to him.

He pulls away when she pushes in. A whole new world opens up to Reese and she finds herself falling into situations she can’t get herself out of. Making bad decision after bad decision, she finds out the hard way on how life is full of choices. The one thing she wants more than anything is Garrison’s attention which she doesn’t get in return. “How is it possible to love someone and keep it quiet?

Never to utter those very words knowing he doesn’t feel the same way. I finally fall in love and he only wants to be friends. He is everything I have always wanted and he keeps me at a distance making sure we don’t get too close. How can I ignore my feelings and act like I don’t have them when we are around each other? How do I resist the urge to move my lips towards his when he is talking to me?” Garrison realizes he has to be honest with Reese and tell her how he really feels before he loses her for good.

Just maybe, he will get love in return for the first time in his life. When he finally convinces himself to come forth, a life changing event occurs that could take away the only person in his life that truly loves him. Is it too late? Does he get the chance to tell her? And when he confesses does it matter?

ET Author Bio


Brooklyn Taylor

I am a Texas girl, mother of 2 amazing kiddos and married to my gorgeous soulmate for almost 20 years. I have a full time job in the medical field but hope one day to strictly write. I love to spend my free time reading, being outside and playing with my family and 4 fur babies.
 I am blessed to have very supportive friends and family that make my life worth living! I started to write at the instinct of "hey maybe I can do that!" and here I am. I have enjoyed every step of the journey.
Every single person I hear from about my stories touches me and confirms
the reason why I ventured into this insane dream of mine.

Twitter: authorbrooklynt
Instagram: authorbrooklyntaylor

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banner-Their Lasting Claim



WLK synopsis


Pregnancy should be a joyous event, especially for former pastor's daughter Annie Bloom.
She's found the love of her life with not one man, but two. Michigan and Easy, the two Death Lords Enforcers, have claimed Annie as their own. But not everything is simple in a relationship and happy ever after must be fought for.

When Annie’s father is released on bail and Annie’s estranged mother appears out of the blue, the threesome’s fragile bonds are tested. Annie, Easy, and Michigan will have to fight old dangers and new to keep their family from falling apart.


WLK excerpt

“Want more, sweetheart?” Michigan asks. His voice is dark and low. I nod eagerly.
“Then let me hear you ask for it.”

“I want you, Michigan.”

“How?” he demands.

Easy pulls on my hair until my neck is fully exposed. “Use your dirtiest words, Little Red, or he won’t feel welcome.”

Easy’s directive gives me the permission I need and the words tumble out as if the dam has been broken. “I want to choke on your cock as Easy’s fucking me from behind.”

Michigan grabs my head and lays a kiss on me that steals my breath and my soul. He pulls away and then pushes me down until I’m on my elbows. His hand grips my chin and I open. He shoves into me until the tip of his cock hits the back of my throat. I start to gag.

“Relax and breathe through your nose,” Easy croons. He rubs circles around my back and I do as he instructs. I loosen up and Michigan slips farther down.

“Oh, fuck me sideways,” Michigan says. I swallow again and he goes deeper. I can tell by the roughness of his actions, the jerkiness of his hips, that he is close to losing control.
Easy curses. “Fuck, baby, you are sopping wet.”

It’s a compliment. He groans and then thrusts into me in one hard motion. The action pushes Michigan deeper into my throat. I suckle and swallow as the two men shaft me with frantic determination. Inside me, the pressure builds until I’m dizzy with it. Their hands are all over me. They both croon words I can barely make out, but the gist of it I understand. They love me; they adore me; they’d do anything for me.

Love and joy and desire burst through me like a hurricane, sweeping me up in wave after wave of ecstasy.

WLK Author Bio 

 Ella Goode writes the erotic contemporary romances featuring hot men and sexy women with her friends Kati Wilde and Ruby Dixon. Don't miss a hot minute.
Check out all the works at


  WLK Giveaway

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Melody Grace's UNWRITTEN Cover Reveal & Giveaway

We are so excited to share the cover with you for
Melody Grace's new book UNWRITTEN,
releasing March 10th! Unwritten - is a Beachwood Bay
love story full of romance, passion and forbidden love
and can be read as a standalone.
Make sure to enter the giveaway below for a chance to win
a $10 Amazon Gift Card or an ARC copy of this book - good luck!


He’s my best friend’s brother – and the only boy I’ve ever loved.
Movie star, manwhore, and totally off-limits.
Until now.
I told myself it was time to move on, until one epic night changed everything.
Now there’s no denying the way I feel when he touches me, or the reckless desire in his eyes.
Once we cross that line, there’s no going back.
But can I risk it all for him when he’s still hiding secrets of his own?
Some love stories are destiny. Ours is still unwritten.
Unwritten Teaser pic
melody grace
Melody Grace is the New York Times bestselling author of the Beachwood Bay series.
A small-town girl turned SoCal beach lover, after spending her life with her nose in a book, she decided it was time she wrote one herself.
She loves steamy romance novels, happily-ever-afters, and lusting after fictional menfolk. She lives in LA with her two kittens, Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers.