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Blood Music by Jessie Prichard Hunter Promo

Blood Music

Blood Music Cover

Title:  Blood Music: A Thriller
Genre: Thriller
Publish Date: February 24, 2015
Publisher:  Witness Impulse an imprint of HarperCollins Publishing
ISBN: 0062389289
Pages: 320 pages
List Price: 2.99 USD          

   ~ Synopsis ~ 

 Chilling...A riveting thriller." NEW YORK MAGAZINE New York City is caught in the cold grip of a brutal serial killer who savagely rapes and murders his young, blonde victims. While ravaging them, his mind whirls with symphonic images and raging desires--rarely giving thought to his loving wife and child.

Young, blonde Zelly Wyche has a new baby and a happy life with her dependable electrician husband. She, too, is petrified by the madness and the unthinkable tragedy of the murders. While the serial killers' sole survivor and a victim's brother mount a desperate vigilante hunt for the "Symphony Slasher," a chill runs up Zelly's spine. She is beginning to wonder if the killer could be closer than she thinks. But no. Impossible. She has to be dead wrong....

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Why I Wrote Blood Music



After Blood Music was published, several people I knew, mostly from my daughter’s preschool, came up to me and said, without rancor, “I thought you were a nice person!” If by that they meant a person who is not devoured with curiosity about the darkest parts of the human psyche, then no, I am not a nice person.

            Several years before I wrote Blood Music, I dreamt I’d written a book of that name. Now that, I thought, is something I’m going to do one day. I had no idea what it was about, but it certainly was a good title.

            Some time later, on a lovely spring afternoon, I was sitting with my baby girl on a park lawn at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey, where I was living at the time. It was quiet and calm, with perfect sun. Suddenly I thought, What if there was someone in the bushes with a knife, watching us, and he decided to kill me if I turned my face his way? Yes, this is the sort of thing I think regularly, even to this day. I absolutely loved it. That’s Blood Music, I thought, and hurried home to write it.

            I knew it had to have music in it, of course, so I put some, right at the beginning. The first chapter of Blood Music is among the finest things I have ever written, and I am proud to say it was a first draft that took about twenty minutes to finish. It was then that I knew this was a book I absolutely had to write, although I had only the foggiest idea of what it was going to be about.

            At that point I had studied abnormal psychology, and specifically serial killings, for some twenty years, since I was fifteen. I had just finished another novel, Like Love, which I still adore and want to see published, in some form, one day. But although I had taken great care and love in the writing of it, it lacked one thing: a plot. I had studied dialogue, I knew how to write a sentence and create a scene. But a plot is something that sadly escapes a great many first novelists.

            To make up for it I decided to write a completely plot-driven book, a thriller. Now, thrillers have a rather bad name, although I have met very few people who don’t (at least secretly) love them. They’re considered second-rate as far as writing goes, and I consider myself a literary writer. So I decided to write a plot-driven literary thriller.

            It took me eight months to write the first draft, all the while raising my baby, Leah. At eight months she would crawl across the floor, pull herself up to the computer, and try to tear my hands away from the keyboard. (Later, my boy would crawl across the floor, pull himself up to the computer, and try to type with me.) I would tape Sesame Street and play it for Leah so that I could have an hour to write, which I ended up doing, in small notebooks, at a counter in the kitchen. As long as she couldn’t see what I was doing, I was all right. Heaven help me if she figured it out, though, and she was one smart baby. She wanted me all to herself, all the time; but that’s just being a mother, and now I laugh at how guilty I felt about those Sesame Street tapes.

            I wrote Blood Music because I had to; it really was that simple. A name, a scene, a creation being born. That’s one of the things I love most about writing: It has its own agenda.



            I did change one word for my sister’s sake (I forget which), but when it went into Editorial at Turtle Bay, Random House’s newest imprint, I stipulated that not one word of it could be changed. Not one was—although of course that had nothing to do with me!
About the Author

  Jessie Prichard Hunter is the author of the psychological thriller Blood Music, forthcoming from Witness Impulse. She currently resides in New York's Hudson Valley with her husband and two children.  

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The One Addicted (Book #2) by Alexandra North Release Blitz

 photo A.NORTHCOVER_zpstx1opw3v.jpg

Book: The One Addicted
Series: The One Series
Author: Alexandra North
Genre: Erotica
Hosted:Francessca’s Romance Reviews

The sex is addictive, the love soul-wrenching…

Sebastian Silver had been Lucia Myers best friend for over a decade but one proposition changed everything between them…
Her time with him had been everything she’d dreamed of; sexy forbidden, liberating – friends becoming strangers to become lovers but with one huge glitch – she fell head over Louboutin heels in love with him. That had never been part of the plan, for either of them, nor had the arrival of Seb’s girlfriend.
Now Lu is faced with forging a new start without him in it; now she needs to fix her broken heart. She throws herself into work but their joint business collaborations soon find her back within his arms, as together they sizzle but apart they are broken.

Sebastian is an addiction she finds hard to shake and despite a desire to protect herself from the unknown, the sexual force between them is too great to ignore. After much persuasion she agrees to finish their month of passion together. He makes her feel like no other man has, her body craving his touch and her mind his unending friendship. Seb continues to take her to towering heights of pleasure but such desirable highs can come at a price.

Forces out of their control are out to wreak havoc and gain revenge with tragic consequences and all the while, Lucia has this feeling that she is being watched, by another…

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About the Author


... is an Indie author of romance and erotic romance. She lives in the rambling lush hills of Yorkshire, UK with her swoon-worthy husband, two children and two guinea pigs Barry & Boris. She admits quite openly to being 'a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind' and when not writing, works as a Graphic Designer & Illustrator, something she's done for the past 20 years.
Other 'broom up the bottom' jobs include; mum's taxi, cooking and cleaning, cake baking, family therapist and complaints letter writer, for all and sundry - she's the one who won't take no for an answer! In between everyday life's tasks, she tries to lose herself with her secret lover 'monsieur kindle'- sssh... don't tell Mr. North.
Writing was always a hobby and took a back seat to University, work, parenthood and unfortunately later, chronic long-term illness. One day she woke and thought 'life's too short - I'm going to finish that blummin book!'
She now devotes her time to writing love stories full of humour and naughtiness. When she isn't manically typing away or trying to be the model wife and mum, Alexandra can be found shoe shopping (shoes are her weakness), cosying up with back-to-back TV series and enjoying her very own Sebastian Silver.

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The One Addicted
Book #1

Also Available on Kindle Unlimited

 photo One awakened_zpskb4sxndk.jpg
Amazon UK
Amazon USA

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Cover Reveal Punk Rock Resurrection by Jenna Galicki



Book 3: Punk Rock Resurrection (stand-alone) My world was dark and filled with pain. Loneliness gnawed at my soul. I found solace in a bottle. Music was my only refuge . . . until I met her.

She was a dark Gothic goddess in thigh-high leather boots. She brought light into my life and showed me what it was like to be loved. But could she handle the demons that haunted me . . . and the vices that kept them at bay?

Coming March 2.
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Others in the Radical Rock Stars Series:

Book 1:The Prince of Punk Rock I love her, but I also love him. She's everything to me. He sets my world on fire. It's our dirty little secret, and it's about to blow our record deal sky high. I'm Tommy Blade, the Prince of Punk Rock, and this is our story.

Book 2: Between A Rock and A Hard Place (read after book 1)
She's a rock goddess. He's a sex pistol. I need them both, in my life and in my bed, and I'm not living without either one of them. I'll do whatever it takes, even if it costs me everything I've ever wanted. I'm Tommy Blade, The Prince of Punk Rock, and this is the continuation of our story.


Alyssa held up her shot, and Damien held up his half-full tumbler. She clinked his glass.

"That's a pretty big shot you got there." "Big is an understatement. I like to use the term huge. And impressive." She laughed. "Oh really? Don't set yourself up for failure" His eyes never left hers as he took a big swig of his glass. "Don't take my word for it. You can judge for yourself." She folded her arms across her chest and stared back at him with a smile pressed into her plump, crimson lips.

He finally silenced her. "What's wrong? No comeback? No witty retort?" "I have plenty of witty comebacks. I'm just not sure how far I want to take this tonight." His cock was doing back flips, and she was enjoying watching him squirm. He took another gulp of his drink, while hers remained untouched on the bar. "I thought you wanted that shot. Can’t handle the hard stuff after all, huh?" He placed his empty glass on the bar and taunted her with a smile. "I bet that hard-ass exterior is really just a front. Underneath it all, I bet you're just a girly-girl."

Her eyes opened wide, and her face went blank. For a minute Damien thought he went too far and pissed her off. He was about to apologize, but she picked up the shot glass and drained it, then slammed it down on the bar. She grabbed his shirt and pulled him so close he felt her breath on his lips. "I'm an expert at dishing out the hard stuff. I wield a needle for a living and pierce it through raw flesh without an anesthetic.

The question is, can you handle it?" Her self-righteous smirk mocked him with playful satisfaction, but Damien was about to keel over from the overwhelming heat that covered his body. Tiny dots of perspiration broke out on his forehead, and he was starting to think that maybe she was right—he couldn't handle her in the bedroom. Had he finally met his match? Could this gorgeous, ferocious woman break him? Could she be the one to make him surrender and beg for mercy? "What's the matter?

You look a little stunned. Did I scare you?" "Hell no." He stepped closer. "You got me excited."

teaser da


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Forbidden: A Stepbrother Novella by Danielle Jamie Cover Reveal



Spring Break 2015 was supposed to be spent lying on the white sand beaches of Mexico sipping fruity cocktails with my friends and my boyfriend, Heath. Instead I found myself single and flying back home to San Francisco to spend it with my mother, her new boyfriend and his son, Linc.

Linc, or as my friends like to call him ‘Forbidden’, is my future stepbrother and the one person who gets under my skin unlike anyone else.

We call him Forbidden because like the fruit in The Garden of Eden, Linc is tempting and completely untouchable.

I’ve hated the arrogant jerk for as long as I can remember. But a week alone together, followed by a drunken bet, leads me onto a path that once taken…there is no turning back.




Chapter One

Zipping my suitcase, I pull my luggage off of my bed and look around my room one more time before wheeling it out if the room. My stiletto heels clink loudly down the hall as the sound ricochets off of the walls of the long hallway. I stomp my way down the long winding metal staircase of the apartment myself and two of my friends share just off campus.

Everyone else has already left, flying or driving back home for spring break while I sat here procrastinating for as long as possible before finally having no choice but to go back home. Spring Break officially starts today, March 30th. But because today’s a Monday, my roommates along with almost everyone else here at the California State University in Long Beach all left on Saturday. Half of the school more than likely are sipping drinks poolside in Cabo right now. Exactly where I should be, alongside my roommates Dallas and Hailey. But instead I’m like the other half of the college population who opted to go home and take advantage of having mommy and daddy to cook, clean and do their laundry for them.

Normally I’m more than thrilled to return home after being away at school. But this time—not so much.

Usually returning home means hanging around my house with all of my friends as we catch up after being apart at college. But, instead, I’ll now be playing house with my mother and her newest flavor of the damn month.

Three years ago, right after my graduation, my father and mother sat me down to tell me they were getting a divorce. I knew it was coming. They were never together. I hadn’t witnessed my parents be affectionate towards one another in years. It was just a matter of time before they went their separate ways.

Of course, they did the cliché thing a lot if parents do because they think it’s the best choice. But the reality of it is we’d all be a lot happier if they turned off the life support on their sham of a marriage when they knew it didn’t have a chance of recovering. Instead, they chose to wait until the child graduates high school and then once they prepare to leave for college, Bam! Hit them with the major shocker, which in reality was completely obvious: they were getting a divorce.

Two years later my father has eloped with some girl half my mother’s age doing yet again another cliché move. But oddly enough I actually like Alison. She’s sweet, funny and a great shopping partner. It’s a little weird feeling as if my stepmother is one of my best friends, but I guess it’s better than him marrying someone I can’t stand.

Sadly though, my mother has not had the same luck in the love department as my father. She’s had her fair share of boyfriends but nothing that resulted in anything long term.

She texted me this morning with a reminder to be at the airport by three p.m. so I don’t miss my flight back to San Francisco. Along with her reminder was also a message telling me that I was to head straight home after my flight lands and that a car would be waiting for me. I guess she has something important to tell me, and it can’t wait.

Of course, it’s no shocker. My mother is one of the top divorce attorneys in all of the Golden Gate district, so she’s used to getting her way or fighting you to the death until she does.

My father is a family practice doctor who has always put others first. Which with his career, was a good thing. But on a personal level, not so much. I think that’s a reason my parents’ marriage fell apart. My mom and dad were polar opposites. My dad is someone who loves to go on spur of the moment trips and live life freely while my mother was a workaholic who lived by her work and social calendar.

My mom knows me well enough to know as soon as my plane touched down I would’ve been high tailing it to my dad’s house so I could kill time there before I had to go home. When I return from college, my mother always insists I come to her house first then my fathers a few days later because she always says we need mother-daughter time to catch up.

I used to love our time together, now not so much. All thanks to her newest boy toy Matthew Sarris. I guess he’s some up and coming golfer on the 2014-2015 PGA tour which I could give a flying fuck about. Golf is the most boring sport on the damn planet. My mother used to agree with me on this and would bitch at my father whenever he would turn it on. But now it’s her favorite sport and every day she’s off, she’s spending it with him at the county club where he’s teaching her how to golf.

Matt is nice, don’t get me wrong. But he is the most arrogant person on the planet. I swear he stares at his reflection grooming his perfectly slicked back hair every time he passes a damn mirror or a window that casts his reflection. To make matters worse, he has a son two years older than me who is just as big of a self-obsessed douchebag as his father.

Luckily, until now, I’ve not had to spend more than a few days with Matt or his son Linc because he was with his mother in Sacramento during Christmas break. But because it’s Spring Break, Linc and I have been demanded to spend a week in San Francisco with my mother and Matt for what they keep claiming to be family bonding time.

Now come on? They’ve been together five months. I am counting down the days until my mother grows bored and kicks him to the curb. He’s been jet-setting all over the world since they started seeing each other. My mother gets jealous easily, so their relationship is a ticking time bomb. He’s extremely attractive for his age and, it’s rare that men like him want a woman pushing fifty, especially when they’re only forty-three.

Most men are shallow pigs and need pretty, young, eye-candy trophy wives on their arms. Especially if you’re famous. Which from the looks of things he’s really grown in popularity over the last year in the PGA.

I wouldn’t put it past him at all to be banging the crap out of golf groupies, which sadly they do have—it’s pretty pathetic.

Go be a football or Major League Baseball groupie. At least then you have a chance to see some actual eye-candy. Not a bunch of old geezers popping Bayer tablets, so they don’t have a heart attack while walking eighteen holes!

I hail a cab and try to push thoughts of going home to the back of my mind. For now I’ll pop my earbuds in, crank up some T-Swift and get lost in my steamy romance novel to pass the time until my flights boards.

I can only pray for thick fog and a long flight delay. But with the forecast for once predicting nothing but blue skies and sunshine back home I doubt that’ll happen.

San Francisco here I come. Please let me find my house stocked with enough booze to put me in a coma for the next week, or so help me God, I may not survive this spring break.

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Author Spotlight for SS Hampton Sr


About The Author

Stan Hampton, Sr. is a full-blood Choctaw of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, a divorced grandfather to 13 wonderful grandchildren, and a published photographer and photojournalist. He retired on 1 July 2013 from the Army National Guard with the rank of Sergeant First Class; he previously served in the active duty Army (1974-1985), the Army Individual Ready Reserve (1985-1995) (mobilized for the Persian Gulf War), and enlisted in the Nevada Army National Guard in October 2004, after which he was mobilized for Federal active duty for almost three years. Hampton is a veteran of Operations Noble Eagle (2004-2006) and Iraqi Freedom (2006-2007) with deployment to northern Kuwait and several convoy security missions into Iraq. 
His writings have appeared as stand-alone stories and in anthologies from Dark Opus Press, Edge Science Fiction & Fantasy, Melange Books, Musa Publishing, MuseItUp Publishing, Ravenous Romance, and as stand-alone stories in Horror Bound Magazine, The Harrow, and River Walk Journal, among others. 
In May 2014 he graduated from the College of Southern Nevada with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Photography – Commercial Photography Emphasis. A future goal is to study for a degree in archaeology—hopefully to someday work in and photograph underwater archaeology (and also learning to paint). 
After 13 years of brown desert in the Southwest and overseas, he misses the Rocky Mountains, yellow aspens in the fall, running rivers, and a warm fireplace during snowy winters. 
As of April 2014, after being in a 2-year Veterans Administration program for Homeless Veterans, Hampton is officially no longer a homeless Iraq War veteran, though he is still struggling to get back on his feet.

Books By SS Hampton, Sr.

Halloween Night, 2006 – a resupply convoy commanded by the Air Force and escorted by Army gun trucks, is leaving Kuwait for Baghdad. The lonely desert highway north is MSR Tampa, a bloody highway along which for years the convoys suffered insurgent attacks. And on MSR Tampa there is a particular wooded bend that no one speaks of, though many know of its haunted reputation, a reputation given new life by a gun truck crew testing a new generation of enhanced night vision goggles

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During the Iraq War supply convoys rumbled out of Kuwait every day, bound for Baghdad. These convoys traveled on MSR Tampa, one of the most dangerous roads in the world, battling insurgent ambushes and IEDs. It is on one such convoy that an IED took out a gun truck and wounded Specialist Ken Adams. His gun truck commander took the fight to nearby insurgents, but in the aftermath he committed a disrespectful act. In the following weeks the entire gun truck crew was stalked by something unknown, and they disappeared one by one, until only Ken Adams was left, cornered in Las Vegas

Buy The Book

December 1941 – the German offensive has ground to a frozen halt before an ominous forest encircling Moscow, and a German patrol seeks to discover what secrets the forest hides… 
December 1941, and fresh Siberian troops from the Soviet Far East have launched savage counter-attacks against the German invaders. The Eastern Front is torn open with German units driven back, overwhelmed, or isolated. An exhausted Waffen SS infantry platoon outside of Moscow needs to know what the Siberians, hidden in a dark forest before them, are up to. A small patrol is sent into the snowy, otherworldly forest.

Buy The Book

While on much-needed R&R leave from Iraq, Corporal Ronnie Edson enjoyed a night with a beautiful woman. He thought that would be the end of it, but on the flight back to Iraq, he sees an impossible sight: the woman dancing on the wing of the plane. She's come for him, and she won't leave without him.

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Pamela Sparkman & Deanna Gohn - Shattered - Book Blitz

Title: Shattered (Stolen Breaths #2)
Author: Pamela Sparkman & Deanna Gohn
Release Date: Oct 13, 2014



Close your eyes for a moment and picture this.
A gorgeous redhead walks into a bar.
No, wait, a wedding reception.
A gorgeous redhead walks into a wedding reception. Poised, polished and flawless - on the outside.
He's tall, dark, and handsome, exactly like a fairytale prince and he won't take no for an answer as he leads her to the dance floor.

But this will be no ordinary dance and theirs is no ordinary story. What begins as rhythmic steps on a dance floor fluidly and beautifully becomes the rhythm of two hearts meant to beat as one.

Until the music stops. 

In a moment everything she's put behind her comes crashing down, threatening to destroy what his love has helped repair and rebuild.
Life throws punches and it hits hard when you least expect it.
What they learn is that sometimes, in order to be truly whole, you have to first be shattered to your very core. 




Before I even realized what I was doing, I’d reached out and grabbed her hand and pulled her into me; and then I was kissing her.  I’m pretty sure I caught her off guard, since she let out a soft moan.  My hands held her face, and I… forgot how to do this.  My lips froze.  Her lips and mine were touching and nothing more.  The kiss was simple.  It was chaste.  It was precious.  And for a whole minute that’s what we did, touched lips, because I forgot how to do this.  My lips completely paralyzed against hers made this the most innocent and the most sensual kiss I’d ever experienced. 

I slowly, very slowly, backed away. She still had her eyes closed.  She was mesmerizing.  She opened her eyes and looked up at me, her eyes holding mine.

“Don’t say anything,” I quickly told her.  “Just…just let me look at you.”

She complied, and remained silent.  She held my gaze, as I held hers, and I slowly counted in my head all the things I loved about her.  She was beautiful, kind, funny, sophisticated...  The list grew longer as I stared down at her, and I finished my mental list with this realization: she was Maggie, which meant she was everything. 

“Tomorrow,” I said, “I’m taking you somewhere fun, so get some rest.  And wear comfortable shoes.”  I stepped around her and guided her to the bed, stopping her when she touched the mattress with the back of her knees.  “Lie down, and I’ll tuck you in.”

She still had not said a word, only obliging my requests.  She lay down and I pulled the covers up over her, then reached around and turned off the lamp.  I leaned in, lingering quietly above her, wishing I could tell her what was in my heart.  I placed a kiss on her forehead, a soft whisper of one that lasted for a beat longer than I intended, but not as long as I would have liked, then gently pulled back.

“Night, Maggie,” I said, walking toward the door.

“I didn’t think you would really do it,” she whispered.

“What?  Kiss you?”


“I wasn’t going to, but you challenged me.  I guess you could say you made me do it.”

“Is that what I am?  A challenge?”

“You’re definitely a challenge, sweetheart.  It’s a challenge just to keep my hands to myself whenever we’re in the same room.  


Author Info:

Pamela Sparkman –

I grew up in Alabama and have always been an avid reader. I had a stack of those Little Golden Books and I can remember reading Three Little Kittens over and over and over again. It was my favorite.

Fast forward and the older I got the more in love with books I became. So, I'm admitting that I am a huge nerd. The only reading I don't like are those math word problems. And I'm okay with that because no one has ever asked me in real life... "If I give you two bananas and take away six apples, how long will it take the southbound train to collide with the northbound train if Johnny left his house at midnight?" It just doesn't happen.

So, yeah, books are my thing.

Oh and music. All kinds. Love.It.

Deanna Gohn –



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IF BY N.G. JONES ♥ Cover Reveal

If Cover
Title: If
Author: N.G. Jones
Genre: New Adult
Release Date: March 16, 2015
Someone hadn't scarred my face.
I hadn’t followed my dreams to LA.
That tweaker hadn't attacked that homeless guy.
I hadn't invited a stranger over for Thanksgiving.
I hadn’t fallen in love. If I hadn’t lost him. ------
If… I hadn’t gone for that drive.
I saw the world like everyone else.
My “genius” wasn’t slowly destroying me.
I had just walked away before I could ever know her.
She hadn’t ignited the spark.
If the spark didn’t ignite the madness.

“Let’s start with something simple. How about a tree, in the fall, so you can play with color?”
She smiled. “That sounds perfect.”
“Okay, we’re going to use acrylic because if you make a mistake, you can paint over it as soon as it dries.”
“Oh ye of little faith,” she said, coming over to stand in front of me at the easel. She was so close, I could feel her warmth even though we weren’t touching. The pale glow that surrounded her now grazed me.
I squeezed out green and white and showed her how to mix for the right shade. Then I told her to lay down short, staccato thrusts, but her swipes were, frankly, juvenile and clunky.
“No, see, you are trying to draw the tree. You just need to focus on the leaf, and then pull that back to how the light hits the leaf because a leaf, even a leaf that you just see as green, is many shades of green.”
“And this is why I’m a dancer,” Bird said.
“Here,” I said, grabbing some of the brush handle from behind, “let me guide you.” It was a mistake. Her lavender scent grew strong, and I could smell her fruity shampoo on top of it, and the curves of her behind pressed against my pelvis. The heat rolled down my neck, and to my fingertips. Even though I was touching wood, I felt the warmth of the coziest blanket rubbing against them.
“Okay,” she said in barely a whisper. Her voice moved in transparent cerulean and seafoam wavelengths in my line of sight.
I slid my hands up the edge of the brush, so my hand was over her delicate hand. And shit, I am only a man and I just wanted her so bad. But, I focused on the empty sheet on the easel.
“So you start soft, tentative, until you find a rhythm.” My words were barely a breeze against her ear. “Just relax.” I gently guided her hand and she let me take over. I used the hand of my muse to fill the canvas with strokes of green. “This will be the foundation, but soon we’ll fill it with browns and oranges, even pinks.”
“We? You’re doing all the work, but I like it that way,” she said, almost woozily, as if she were in the same trance as me. She leaned back, resting her head against the front of my shoulder. My heart thudded so hard, I was afraid she would be able to feel it. I guided her hand to a cup of water and she dropped the brush. But I didn’t let go. I didn’t want to let go, and I don’t think she wanted me to either.
“Let’s come back to this, we can work on it a little each day,” she said, turning her palm up so she could thread her fingers into mine. The heat was everywhere, like a warm rush of water, lulling me to do whatever the hell she wanted.
“Now, I show you how to dance.” She turned, using my hand, and then she was facing me. Her skin radiated through tiny freckles on her cheeks and nose.
The next song on the album played. “I love this song,” Bird said, pulling me to the open floor in front of the record player as “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart” began to play.
“There’s only one way to dance to a song like this,” she said, stepping in close, guiding my hands to her waist, as she wrapped hers around my neck.
There was too much. A kaleidoscope of lilting colors, the strong scent of lavender, a sweet taste like nectar, the blooming warmth rushing through my body.
I am only a man.
About The Author
Nina G. Jones is the author of the bestselling novel DEBT, the Strapped Series and the erotic romance, Gorgeous Rotten Scoundrel. She wants to say something clever here, but all her good material goes into her characters. Nina currently resides in Milwaukee, WI with her husband and two crazy Boxers. Her first new adult romance, If, releases on March 16th, 2015 under the moniker N.G. Jones. Nina LOVES connecting with readers. You can connect with her via Facebook, Twitter, or email her through her website,
IF 1
love p

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STAY FOR ME by Megan Smith Cover Reveal & Giveaway

Photographer: Larry Hamilton, Blue Photography

Model: Tyler Gattuso

Cover Designer: Sommer Stein, Perfect Pear Creative Covers


Eli Sabatino, determined to make a name for himself amid Seaside, New Jersey’s nightlife, has laid out the perfect plan for success. But that plan didn’t include Layla, the hopeful bartender who walked in for an interview. He knows, as an employee, this blonde bombshell is off-limits but he can’t fight the undeniable force of attraction that pulls him toward her.

Layla Del Duca has the weight of the world on her shoulders. With a full course load, a boyfriend, a sister to take care of, and an alcoholic mother, she needs to regain control of her life. Her job at Fierce is priority number one. But a complication she didn’t expect looms behind the eyes of Eli, her handsome new boss.

Emotions collide full force and they can no longer turn a blind eye to what their hearts are telling them.

But, can their passion survive when Eli can no longer promise the one thing Layla asks of him? Will everything change? Will he stay?


USA TODAY bestselling author Megan Smith is a New Jersey native managing purchasing for an award-winning business IT and software development firm - and by night creating the memorable characters her fans have grown to adore. Smith's The Love Series introduces readers to MacKenzie Cahill - a hopeful young woman who experiences adversity, challenges and the bittersweet triumph of true, authentic love.

Smith is a wife and mother, who makes time for her family, professional life and the creation of the Cahill's world. Fans of The Love Series - Trying Not To Love You, Easy To Love You, Hard To Love You - are captivated by relationships, special bonds and family ties pervasive in Smith's emotional, energized and engaging work. Smith is also the author of the 2014 releases, Let Me Love You - continuations of The Love Series, Finding Us (Finding Series) and a few top secret projects.

Books available now: 
The Love Series
"Trying Not To Love You"
"Easy To Love You"
"Hard To Love You"
“Let Me Love You”

Finding Series
"Finding Us"
 “Finding Ours”
Forever Light

Coming Soon...
Finding Happiness

Stay for Me


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Mending Heartstrings (Book 2) by Felicia Lynn Promo

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Can you find love again? Read about Alexis and her run in with Garrett.

Tied Up In Heartstrings
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Tied Up In Heartstrings Synopsis

Tragedy ripped the security from her life. Left a single mother, Alexis's fear of loss insulates her from the rest of the world. Her best friends from college and close family are the only people she keeps close.

A man from her past has always been in love with Alexis. He’s never met anyone that measures up to her. Garrett is a musician, who never really imagined he’d have the fame and fortune that he's found. But, even with that, what he's always wanted is out of reach... or is it?

When Garrett and Alexis meet up by chance a relationship begins. Neither expected what happens. She can’t be sure she’s ready for the complications a relationship brings. He will have to work overtime to win her heart without any assurances it will be successful.

Alexis is learning about life without Jed, and is feeling more secure with parenting on her own. Garrett appreciates his fans and is enjoying his life on the road but misses having a private life. The lives they have built separately leave little room for a budding relationship, but their hearts won’t take that into consideration.

Will the cards they’ve been dealt get in the way of a love that is meant to be? Is love enough to overcome loss and heartbreak? Can they accept all that the other is, without feeling like they are living in the shadow of their former lives?


Ready to meet Jon and Whit in Mending Heartstrings?

Mending Heartstrings

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Mending Heartstrings Synopsis

Just when life seems to be manageable, you’re thrown radically off course by “the one”. “The one” you weren’t expecting. “The one” who single handedly holds the key to the tattered and rusted lock to the walls surrounding your heart. Letting her into your protected sanctuary will only serve one purpose, intentional infliction of pain and heartache.
Jon is a man on a mission with only one agenda, to survive…to survive his past, and avoid letting his future be consumed by his history. It’s all really simple, until she walks into his world and turns it, on its axis. She makes him yearn for things he never wanted, or at least didn’t realize he ever would. Now his dreams and writings are consumed with the fantasy that this girl could change everything. But deep down he knows she deserves better. Better than him. Better than anyone he’s ever met.

He’s the lead guitarist for Garrett McKenna’s band. His life consists of touring, studio time, and writing music. That’s it. Staying healthy means keeping his routine, which has been easy enough until this little effervescent beauty rocks his world. Now he’s left questioning everything and doing some soul searching to decide if he’s equipped to give what he knows she needs and deserves.

Whitney avoids love at all costs. She’s not scared of it. She’s too strong to be that weak. She refuses to allow herself to lose her mind over another person, when there’s a high probability of getting her heart broken. She’s witnessed it more times than she can count, and she’s less than interested in taking the gamble.
Her strong will has served her well in life. Very few people know her secrets. She prefers to keep it that way. Her friends and family own her heart and deep devotion. She could easily do without the rest of the population but plays nice so she doesn’t appear to be the major bitch she knows she is on the inside.
Everything in her life makes sense. Her life is filled with more love and laughter than most will ever see, and it feels complete to her. She’s simply satisfied…until him.

He complicates things. His life isn’t something she understands or is willing to try to figure out. But she can’t keep her mind from wandering to the scruff faced, gorgeous guitarist, no matter how hard she tries.
He’s everything she’s never wanted, yet her heart is telling her differently. She fears she’s diving headfirst off the cliff of heartache. She’ll never recover from her brief no-strings weekend with this man. If she opens her heart it will be “the end”… no matter what. The question is what kind of ending will it be? Not all fairy tales have the happily ever after.