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The Music Never Dies by Rain Carrington Release Blitz



In this the 6th and final installment of the Apishipa Creek Chronicles, we find out the fate of Rebel Marino, who in the last book was in a terrible accident, left to the ghosts of the past and the tenacity of his fiancĂ©. 
This gripping look at the lives of all of the couples we have grown to love is a testament to hope, faith and endearing strength that they have found in each other and the friendship that holds them all together as they face maybe the hardest trials yet. Each of them come up against past demons and future fears as one of their own must stand against sickness and pain. 
Rebel, Jack, Lonnie, Travis, Binx, Nathan, Pappy, Sidney, Brandon, Joey, Andy and Lin as well as the people of the town of Apishipa Creek and the leather club Manacle band together to save a new love that none of them saw coming as well as fight the evil of the young men who left Rebel to die. 
Come once more to the town tucked in the mountains of Colorado and fall in love again… 
Warning: This book contains BDSM and scenes of consensual sex between two or more men



Lin set the phone down and slid his eyes over to Andy and Joey, who were sitting together on the bed reading a gay romance novel and laughing like kids. Andy was positively blushing and Joey was sporting wood, but still giggling like a girl. They were beautiful, they were special and they were his. He’d never felt so lucky before in his life and he’d had a very blessed life. Now he would have to hurt them with this news. Neither was terribly close to Rebel. They were only beginning to get to know the other subs besides Sid and Lonnie, but they were friends nonetheless and perhaps more importantly, they were other subs. That made him one of them and when one of their own was hurt or in any sort of pain, it seemed to affect them all.
Joey looked up at Lin and immediately lost his smile. Smart Joey, he could read people well, but his sweet Andy was still grinning and said, “Daddy Lin, this is absurd and so sexy! You must read with us, yes?”
“Maybe later, baby. Come here to me, both of you.”
They slid off of the bed and walked over to him, Andy sensing his tone and sobering from his laughter. Joey took Andy’s hand and then took him from behind, holding him as he told Lin, “Tell us, Daddy Lin. Please, Sir.”
“Boys…There’s some bad news about Rebel.”
Joey tightened his grip on Andy. “His leg, Sir?”
“Yeah, Joe. The doctors told them a little while ago. Rebel’s not taking it well, of course. If either of you pray, this may be the time.”
“Raised Catholic, Daddy, I haven’t prayed in a long time, except to get you and Andy. I’ll go light a candle.”
Andy turned his head to Joey and asked, “Can we go with you?”
Lin answered, “Yeah, let’s leave this unpacking and head to St. Martin. We’ll swing by the hospital and then go to one of the churches there. Pappy might not be back yet.”
“They probably have a chapel,” Joey offered, and Lin nodded while he took them both into his arms.
They were surrounded by boxes, bags, and there was newspaper everywhere, but it was already home. They’d decided to take down some of Candace Perry’s colorful decorations to make the place their own, but the one wall would always hold the collage of rock and roll posters most of the men thought were signs from the great beyond that each of the couples who’d lived one time or another in that house were meant to be.
As they walked through the dining room, Lin’s eyes sought and found the one poster that started it all. Rebel Yell. Rebel…the nephew of the former, late owner. The one who’d come to Apishipa Creek to sell a house and move on as fast as he could before he’d met Jack Colton and had fallen in love. Where the story begins, Lin thought, is sometimes how it ends. Coming full circle.
Suddenly, as they all headed to Lin’s F150, he grew worried. If for some reason this drove a wedge between Rebel and Jack, if they parted ways for good, would that mean the rest of the relationships made there would be doomed as well?
It was superstitious nonsense, of course. Lin hadn’t believed there were any signs from the spirits or planned destiny for love lives. Still, that nagging worry carried him all the way to the hospital.
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Author Bio
Hi I'm Rain and I write contemporary M/M romance some with a BDSM slant. My book Honky Tonk, is the first I am publishing but not the first I've written. I have a whole library full that are about to be rewritten and revamped a bit and published as well. Please enjoy my books and let me know what you think!

Rain Carrington Author Web Page Amazon Author Page Rain Carrington Goodreads

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When in Maui by Colleen Nye Blog Tour

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When In Maui by Colleen Nye
Audience: YA/NA/Adult 18+ - Genre: Romantic Comedy - Format: eBook & Paperback - Publisher: Anchor Group - Cover by: Katie Cowan - Editor: Kim Eggleston - Pages: 306 pages - ASIN: B00W86IIO4  - Date Published: April 15, 2015
Alice Tyler's whirlwind vacation to Maui was supposed to be a great time with friends, an escape from all things stressful. Instead she found herself right in the middle of stress and without her best friend, Vivianne Cook. That stress? It went by the name Ryan Perry. He not only adds to Alice's high pressure life but terrifies her by falling for her while on the island. Ryan then enlists Vivianne to help him convince her friend that fears can be overcome and happily ever afters can exist. But can Alice clear these emotional hurdles before losing Ryan forever?
And what happens when the tables are turned? Can Vivianne find her own Prince Charming and the fairy tale ending she dreams of?
Through hilarious situations and side-splitting adventures the two women lean on each other in a journey of self-discovery only to find their true selves are not at all who they thought themselves to be.
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She opened her mouth and started the flow of words that would have surely insulted him and put him in his place when her eyes took him in. 6' 1", thin yet muscular, with dark brown, shaggy hair, and eyes that seemed to pierce through you. And those full lips. All of her anger flew out of her lungs with a gasp, and she was at a loss for words.
"Can you die of embarrassment?" She asked me.
After a moment of silence, I started screaming, "What?! Ryan Perry?! The Ryan Perry?"
Ryan Perry was not just a celebrity to us. He played a role in a movie that Alice and I were in love with. Then again, thousands of women were in love with his fictional character. The movie was based off a book series that had engrossed us both. And for it to be put on screen, seeing the character come to life, was incredible. So, meeting him was like coming face to face with the object of your fantasies. Of course, we knew he wasn't actually that character, but, well, you know. Even if he wasn't, there was some element he gave the character that enthralled so many people, and made him much more appealing.
I shouted, "Get me an autograph!"
"Oh, yeah, that'll work out well," she said sarcastically. "How do I start that? 'Excuse me, I am sorry for bothering you, and this doesn't change the fact that I hate you for ruining my vacation, but my friend, Vivianne, would like an autograph.'"
I was about to say something when I heard her gasp and a man's voice near her say, "That'll be a start." His British accent was as thick as his voice was deep.
I am sure I could see the shades of embarrassment run over her face. I heard a slight crack of plastic when I realized that she had clenched down on her phone. I couldn't help but burst into laughter.
"Shut up," she hissed through her teeth.
"OH! No, this is too rich!" I laughed.
"Hello, my name is Ryan," the man said, very politely, I might add. "I am truly sorry for all of the confusion. I truly didn't know that I was taking anything that had been promised to someone else. If I had known…"
"Sure, whatever," Alice snapped. "You probably get everything you want wherever you go. What's it to you if you stomp on someone else's plans?"
"I would never do something like that on purpose," he said coolly. "Listen, let me take you to dinner to make up for it."
Another burst of laughter shot out of me as I envisioned the shock that would have rolled across her face at that moment.
"Shut up, Viv," she snapped, and turned her attention to Ryan. "And what makes you think I would want to go to dinner with you?'
"Your friend's autograph," was the reply, with a certain calm and confidence.
I was laughing again as she snapped the phone closed. I quickly sent her a text.
Enjoy! Call me as soon as you can! And DON'T forget my autograph!

Join us on May 17th for the official release FB event for giveaways of both When in Maui & Immersion and some other amazing authors!

Colleen Nye started writing at an early age. Between school writing assignments and her love of reading in early elementary school. In high school, she submitted some of her poems and short stories to various mediums including anthologies, newspapers, magazines and contests. Several of which were published and won her awards including a few editor’s choice awards, placements in contests and even The Sarah Endres Award for Young Writers. Colleen also started a poetry club in her high school where she held weekly meetings to share her writings with her fellow classmates and to be able to hear what others were writing. She wanted other young writers to be proud to share their writing.
As an adult, she branched out and worked as a freelance writer for corporations and non-profit organizations, writing press releases for newspapers, magazines and online blogs and web sites. She also worked with politicians to create campaign and promotional fliers, bios and web site blurbs. Other works she has done have been research and photography for a few Mid-Michigan sites highlighted in the book Paranormal Lansing by Nicole Bray and Robert DuShane. She’s also worked with several companies, creating their how-to articles and product descriptions.
In 2009, Colleen joined a writer’s group called Writing at the Ledges in her home town of Grand Ledge, MI. In 2010, they published their second anthology of the group’s poems, short stories, memoirs and essays entitled Seasons of Life. Colleen’s short story, “Full Circle” was a part of this book, being one of the longer pieces and receiving several great reviews. In 2012, the group published their third anthology, in which, Colleen had two short stories.
In 2008, Colleen collaborated with her friend, Carrie Peterson, about a dream Carrie had one night. This dream became part of the opening sequence for her novel, When In Maui. Carrie’s dream and her friendship help Colleen shape When In Maui into Colleen’s first full length novel, published in 2012.
In 2013-14, she wrote a tech thriller, Immersion. Signing it with Anchor Group Publishing and released 2015. A story she's anxious to see reach a wider audience. Anchor Group also picked up When in Maui, an opportunity Colleen is very excited to see develop.
Colleen currently lives in Michigan with her two daughters – a budding chef and an aspiring free spirit that rivals her own inner gypsy. She is teaching writing classes locally. Her next novel? She’s working on a few projects and anxious to share them with you all. @Colleen_Nye

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The Recording Room by Iyana Jenna Blog Tour

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The Recording Room by Iyana Jenna
Audience: Adult 18+ - Genre: MM Romance Horror - Format: e-book - Publisher: JMS Books - Cover by: Written Ink Designs - Editor: Willem Schutte - Pages: (17, 172 words) - ISBN: 9781611527643 - Date Published: April 5, 2015

Lucian Salvatore returns to Clover East after his grandmother calls him home to take care of the family's recording studio. This is a welcome trip after the tragic loss of his boyfriend.
Nate Lockwood is the man who practically runs the Salvatore studio. He suspects he’s going to be replaced once Lucian comes home to take over the business. But Nate doesn’t plan on leaving Clover East so soon, at least not before he solves the mystery that’s the real reason he came to the small town in the first place.
Will Nate be able to discover what happened to his aunt who disappeared in Clover East so many years ago? What does her disappearance have to do with Lucian’s family ... and the haunted recording room in the studio where they both work?

JMS Books:



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"You have family here? Clover East is such a small town. I don't visit often but I think I know who all the families are around here."
Nate was tempted to ask if Lucian knew Janette Madison, Nate's aunt, but he was afraid it would be too soon, too abrupt.
"Nah, I don't have family here," he said instead. "I had just thought one of my aunts stopped by this town, but I'm not so sure myself." There, he had said it.
"You haven't had any news from your aunt?"
"You mean she's missing or something?" Lucian frowned.
"Honestly, I don't know if she's missing or just doesn't want to be found."
"Did your family ask you to find her?"
Nate played with his bottle. He wouldn't look at Lucian. "No one asked me to locate her because there's no one else out there. She's the only family I have left. That's why I wanted to find her."
Neither spoke after that. When Nate lifted his head, he found Lucian staring blankly at a spot on the table. He wanted to ask about him instead but Nate couldn't bring himself to open his mouth. His mind was whirling with the thoughts that until now, years after he first came to this city, he still couldn't find Aunt Janette.
I'm sorry about your loss and I'm very sorry I didn't come to the funeral. I was halfway around the continent and I was quite short of money. But don't worry about me. I met someone and he asked me to go live with him. I don't know if you've heard of Clover East, a small town in Illinois? I hadn't, before this. But I have a good feeling about this place, Nate. If you ever want to come to stay with me, you'll be more than welcome.
"No, she's definitely missing," he said suddenly.
"Excuse me?" Lucian looked startled. Nate didn't blame him.
"She sent me a letter, literally inviting me to be with her."
"What do you mean -- be with you?"
"She met a man who asked her to come to Clover East. She understood I had just lost everyone so she wanted me to stay with her. She sounded so happy at that time. There were no signs that she wanted to hide. Something bad must have happened to her."
"Did she mention any names?"
Nate shook his head, and practically jumped when Lucian clasped a hand over his. When did he get so close?
"You're not alone anymore. We'll search for your aunt and we're going to find her. Together."
Nate gawked, first at the hand that was warm against his skin and then up to Lucian’s soft green eyes. The man was nothing like the cold, arrogant one Nate had met earlier that morning. He was almost afraid at the sudden change.
"Uh, thank you, I guess?"
"Does my grandma know about this?"
"No, I never told her."
"Why didn't you?"
Nate had never thought about why it had not crossed his mind to talk to Helen about it. She had never asked him why he came to the town, thus, he didn't feel the need to mention it.
"I don't know," he said simply to Lucian.
Lucian pursed his lips. "I just thought it might help, you know. She's lived here all her life. She must notice when there's a newcomer in town, especially when the person suddenly disappears."
"I found it strange," Nate said slowly, "that no one seemed to hear or see anything about her. It's like she never set foot in this place."
"Are you sure she was really here?"
Nate said nothing and took out his cell-phone. He opened the picture albums and scrolled down until he found what he was looking for. He showed the picture to Lucian, who scrutinized it like a doctor checking on a patient on an operation table. Nate could almost see through Lucian's eyes his aunt smiling at the camera, her long black locks blown by the wind. She posed in Clover East's city square in front of a group of tables belonging to a café there.
"She was alone."
"Yeah." Nate knew exactly what Lucian was thinking. If she'd been with someone, they might have been able to recognize them.
"I wonder who took the picture."
"She could've simply asked a passerby to do it."
"You're right." Lucian gave him back the cell phone. "She only sent you that?"
"Yes, unfortunately."
"So she was really here but we have no idea for how long and whom she met."
"I was worried about her." Nate sighed, and when he looked up, Lucian's eyes bored into his.
"We'll tell my grandma when she's home and start an extensive search."
Nate didn't know what to say. He felt as if he was drowning in Lucian's gaze.
"O-okay," he said finally, after he realized Lucian had cleared his throat several times, awaiting his response.
"Good." Lucian heaved a deep breath and stretched out, pulling his arms high above his head, and Nate was unable to keep his eyes off the scrumptious sight. "So, will you stay for dinner?"
Iyana writes M/M short stories and novellas. Her works have been published by Evernight Publishing, JMS Books, Books to Go Now, Torquere Press, Bitten Press, Leap of Faith Publishing, Breathless Press, and Alfie Dog Fiction.
Iyana lives in Jakarta, a city famous for its traffic jams, a lot of cars and motorcycles, and people selling stuff on the roads. You can spend two hours on the road going to a place you can reach in half an hour in a normal situation. Thanks to the traffic jams, though, Iyana can come up with a lot of stories, mostly shorties, as she prefers to spend the time during her trips writing into her cell phone rather than sleeping.
Another thing Iyana loves is kitties. Right now she has three of them. Their names are Cil, Horus, and Betsy, and one kitten. When she doesn’t write, she plays with them, or they would play with her when she writes.  @IyanaJenna 
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Trust in Love (The Forever Love Series #3) by Riley Rhea Cover Reveal

Vance Jacobs life changed two years ago when his good deed turned into a night that would change his life. He lost a piece of himself when his best friend and identical twin walked out of his life all because of a woman who wanted what she couldn’t have. Vance’s life begins to get back on track when he meets and befriends Missy Cooper and once again his life takes a turn, but this time for the better. Missy fills some of the void that he feels from Spencer’s absence. The thing is Missy will never be more than a friend. Then when Vance least expects it fate steps in and brings him face to face with his brother and a woman who may very well be the one for him.

Willow Scott’s life hasn’t been free of tragedy and just when life was getting somewhat back to normal two pink lines and her longtime boyfriend’s reaction change everything. Willow leaves school and moves to Nashville, Tennessee with her aunt to begin her life again. With her past experiences she doesn’t trust easily and her sole purpose in life is providing for her daughter, Brogan. 

Vance and Willow are brought together by accident.

An opportunity brings them together again.

Can Willow trust Vance?

Can Vance convince her to trust in love?

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 Contact Riley Rhea at if interested in signed paperbacks. 

What to tell you about Riley Rhea?

Riley didn’t always want to be a writer, but then one day out of nowhere a story popped in her head and refused to leave. After receiving some advice from a friend, who is an amazing author, she sat down at her computer and wrote. After a few chapters there was no stopping. She found a new passion and wanted to share it with the world. Born and raised in the Bluegrass, Riley loves to keep her stories close to home.

She has a wonderfully supportive and encouraging husband who wants her to follow her new passion of writing. She’s the mother to three awesome children who have many talents that they share with the world as well. If she’s not reading, writing, blogging, or snuggling you can be find her on the golf course, exploring nature at Mammoth Cave National Park, or at a ballgame.

♥ Facebook ♥ Website ♥ Amazon ♥ Goodreads ♥ 
Twitter ♥  Pinterest ♥ TSU ♥ 

~ All Riley's Covers are designed by ~

~ Photography for Books 2 & 3 by ~ 
Cover Models Justin Hadden and Rainey Wilson