Friday, March 4, 2016

Press Release: Blood Obsession (Deathless Night Series#3) by L.E. Wilson

Blood Obsession (Deathless Night Series#3)
by L.E. Wilson
Genre: Paranormal romance
In Blood Obsession, vampire Aiden wakes up in an unfamiliar city with no memory of how he’d gotten there, or why. When he happens upon a cheeky witch in distress who is being hunted by creatures he is all too familiar with, Aiden must make a choice: Suppress his fears and be with the girl? Or embrace the truth and save them all?
Grace Moss, an unpracticed witch, finds herself saying yes to an unexpected offer of aid from a dusty, yet yummy-smelling vampire with a sexy British accent and bright grey eyes that dance with mischief and heat her blood. But something about him makes her skin crawl, even as his touch makes her blood sing, and it’s not just the fact that he has fangs. To survive, Grace will have to accept him as he is - into her heart, and into her arms.
About the book: 
Blood Obsession by Lisa Earl Wilson 
ISBN: 978-0986363368 
Publisher: Lisa Earl Wilson 
Date of publish: December 2015 
Pages: 312 
S.R.P.: $11.48
@LEWilsonAuthor  #BloodObsession 
About the author: 
L.E. Wilson writes Paranormal Romance novels about intense alpha males and the women who are fearless enough to tame them…for the most part anyway. With high heat levels, loads of suspense, and characters whose personas range from playful and witty to dark and tormented, L.E. is a natural storyteller (in spite of her boring Accounting degree).
Author of the Deathless Night Series, L.E. Wilson is a member of the Romance Writer’s of America and is active in both the Greater Seattle and Eastside chapters near her.

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