Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Press Release: WINGDOG: Soul Pup: A Magical Mutt Memoir by Janelle Jalbert

Angels Do Indeed Come in Fur Suits

A dog may be a man’s best friend, but a WINGDOG is truly a woman’s gift
Monrovia, CA, -- When a professor, who is also a part-time motorsports reporter, gets distracted by a message in her inbox, life changes forever. Inside the fateful email, Janelle finds two pictures. One image is of a brindled puppy with one blue eye and the other brown. The second picture shows the same pup cuddling a kitten, and Janelle’s heart melts. Within an hour, she is headed to South Carolina from her apartment in Charlotte to meet the mutt, and it is love at first sight for both the pup and the human.
WINGDOG: Soul Pup, A Magical Mutt Memoir, combines the best of contemporary canine classics such as Marley & Me, The Art of Racing in the Rain, and A Dog’s Purpose into a heart-warming, emotional, and comical tale proving that angels do indeed come in fur suits.
Goose, left for dead on the side of a highway, is enlisted as Janelle’s “wingdog” – a role he immediately takes on in earnest, yet he knows his human needs more than just an extra pair of eyes and ears to deal with her new life in North Carolina. Goose must show her how to laugh and how to love again.
Despite the greatest of obstacles, the bond between the two grows deeper while their world expands to welcome a large cast of human and canine characters. As they travel the country, the pair is forced to face the fact that never-ending love and loyalty are truly the lessons that they are meant to learn.
“Humans aren’t the only ones that doing the rescuing. The truth is that people and canines rescue each other. Actually, that can be the case for any animal/human bond. Animals allow us to expose parts of ourselves that we wouldn’t normally be willing to share with other people for fear of judgment. The gift of a canine companion is a relationship without judgment that allows us to embrace each moment for what it is,” said author Janelle Jalbert.
Jalbert, who focused her graduate studies in literature on the realm of Magical Realism, celebrates the magic in everyday life through her writing. Her writing highlights events that prove to be anything but random thanks to the nature of divine assistance in the form of serendipity, synchronicity, and more.
WINGDOG: Soul Pup is a book for those who appreciate the gift dogs bring to our everyday world; who understand the magic in the special bond between people and animals; and who celebrate the journey, in all its forms, of this crazy thing we call life,” Jalbert noted. “This magical mutt memoir is a testament to the fact that dogs aren’t just man’s best friend. The majority of canine-themed books focus on bonds with the young and mostly males, but WINGDOG: Soul Pup celebrates what is special in the relationship between pups and the women that love them.”
Book trailer: 
Wingdog book trailer

About the book: 
WINGDOG: Soul Pup by Janelle Jalbert 
ISBN: 978-1942535218 
Publisher: Synchon8 Publishing 
Date of publish: March 2016 
Pages: 386 
S.R.P.: $14.99
#Preorder for March 7th release

About the author: 
Janelle Jalbert is an award-winning author, ghostwriter, copywriter for major international companies and has served as a motorsports reporter and photographer after more than a decade as an educator. She is the author of Flash 40: Life’s Moment’s (Synchron8 Publishing, 2014) which won the silver medal for anthologies in the 2015 Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards. Jalbert’s other recent titles include Triangulating Bliss, Book 1 in The Mystique of Living Series (Synchron8 Publishing) which was named as the medalist for cross-genre fiction in the 2015 New Apple Book Awards and Wine for Beginners (For Beginners Publishing, 2015).

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