Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spotlight: Never Again by Heather Starsong

Never Again 
by Heather Starsong
Genre: Science Fiction/ Romance
Struck by lightning on her annual birthday hike to a favorite mountain meadow in Colorado, 80-year-old Clara Norwood closes her eyes, expecting to die. Instead, she wakes up on an Elirian spaceship. When she is returned to Earth, however, Clara realizes that the Elirians did more than simply heal her injuries. They also reversed all the ravages of aging, and she is once again a beautiful young woman.
At first Clara rejoices in her newfound strength and energy, but before long her 80-year-old spirit begins to feel at odds with her youthful body. She is uncomfortable with the all the electronic gadgets of the 21st century and dreads the prospect of outliving her friends and family. She is also mystified by the unexpected attention she receives from men who are younger than her own adult children — and completely unprepared for the new realities of modern dating and romance.
Faced with the prospect of living her life all over again in another era, Clara wonders if the Elirians would be able to return her to her old body — and what her choice would be if they could…
About the book: 
Never Again by Heather Starsong 
ISBN: 978-1941295267 
Publisher: Barking Rain Press 
Date of publish: August 2015 
Pages: 186 
S.R.P.: $13.95
About the author: 
After dreaming and telling stories since childhood, Heather Starsong began to write her stories in 2007. Leaves in Her Hair was published in 2009, her second novel, Never Again, was published in August 2015; her third novel, The Purest Gold, is still in process. Semi-retired from a long career teaching dance and yoga and practicing Rolfing, she lives in Boulder, Colorado, and enjoys dancing, writing, and hiking in the high country.


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