Thursday, March 3, 2016

Spotlight: The Quest for Kismet by Ghie Yuu

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy/Epic

The Quest for Kismet portrays stories of different struggles of human from smallest to a large unit of society. It was begun when a young lad Jasser, son of noble merchant, took a journey to find his lost younger sister who was abducted a day following her birth. It took him years before he found enough courage to search her, in which his only clue of recognizing the latter was the unknown heavenly gift given through angel Mikhaela. 
On the first night of full moon, the Sarik bandits put threat on Jasser's life, together with a genius young lad Zaki. They escaped from their enemies but their journey together would only be continued if they survive to cross the Ghoolwood forest where the beasts Farrazjinns were dwelling. On that night, they were rescued by a stranger, Amir, a prince from the land of Odonian who came to the human world, Ensan, to find a shaman and bring to his own world, Makhfy, in which the latter was the only hope to save Amir’s queen mother from a death curse. 
In return of a favor, they agreed to Amir to go all together to Faris; the stronghold fortress of the North where they could find what each of them was looking for. While crossing the western lands, they entered the main fortress of Sariks and met Alya, a beautiful lady who just got escaped from being imprisoned by such bandits, and the one who could lead them to their target place. But when they reached the city of Faris, they were involved into a curse that put them all into worst predicament and wherein the chosen curse bearer would have an ironic end. 
This pushed them to go to the world of Amir, where they were being captured and got escaped from various sea and land creatures. For every place they had gone with, they found strands connecting them to significant persons that played vital roles which were not only helpful to their mission but also a huge part of their beings. Therein, the end strand of their quest in Makhfy connected them to the book of Augury which brought them back to Ensan; the only thing that could clear uncertainties about their enemy and how to defeat its wickedness. But Alya must be left behind to keep it away from the threat of the soul dragger that would bring her to hell as a result of making interference against evil spell that entrapped them once in the dark forest of Faris. 
Soon as they went back to the human world, the battle between good and evil had begun as their enemy already prepared its forces to bring doom unto them before they knew it. Worst thing was they got discovered that their enemy had made such wicked plans from the beginning and seemed it held every fate of them rotating within the palm of its hand. Now, they had to go back to Makhfy as the deceiver was on its final move of its plan. How would Jasser and the rest of the questors change the course of their fate from being maneuvered by their enemy? Or the deceiver enemy would succeed on its evil plan against them until the end? 
Their quest had has taught each of them what to value most in every situation, how to keep faith and hope for something impossible, and how important to scrutinize for truth and logical reasons before believing unto something to not be deceived by the enemy to entice the bait of their own destruction. Though they were after of different missions, all of them were trying to complete the missing piece of the same puzzle as this puzzle was giving them a strong link to one another; and this was their Kismet.
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About the Author
Ghie Yuu developed an interest in writing in high school, after she started writing for the school newspaper, eventually becoming the features editor. She always found solace in writing stories to get through challenging times in her life—the worse things were, the longer the pieces she would write. This novel was inspired by her desire to move on from a traumatic experience. Ghie earned a Bachelor of Science degree in physiotherapy, with the support of her family and three scholarship programs. She is a licensed physiotherapist who loves to travel and hear the stories of the people sharing her journey. She particularly enjoys the company of the elderly, and finds much to inspire her in hearing their stories. As a writer, Ghie wants to touch the life of each reader. She believes there are many important ways for a writer to communicate, and she looks forward to sharing her vision with you.

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