Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spotlight: 50 Things Your Kids DON'T Want To Tell You by Shelly Campbell-Harley

50 Things Your Kids DON'T Want To Tell You 
by Shelly Campbell-Harley
Genre: Parenting/Family relationships
Shelly Campbell-Harley has a Master's in Education and has had dozens of articles published online and offline, including The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, where one of her articles was included in TOS magazine's Best of the Best 2013 special publication. Shelly has been involved with young people in many different facets over the past two decades, including that of teaching, educational consultant, youth group leader/director, and working with youth in a rehabilitation environment. She is currently teaching at-risk youth in an innovative charter school program in southern California.
50 Things Your Kids DON'T Want To Tell You is a compilation of valuable insights gleaned from young people aged 10-19 whom Shelly has encountered and wanted to share with parents and other adults who work with young people. It is an eye-opening experience for many who are curious as to what is going on in the lives and minds of our youth today. It was written with the purpose of opening the lines of communication between adults and young people, as well as promoting more positive relationships.
50 Things Your Kids DON'T Want To Tell You is a fascinating, scary, and realistic read that will awaken your mind and shake up your impression of how well you think the youth of today are living. With the rise of teenage suicide rates and school shootings, this book may be the beginning of an important connection needed to bridge that gap of communication while helping our young people see that they are being heard and understood.
About the book: 
50 Things Your Kids DON'T Want To Tell You by Shelly Campbell-Harley 
ISBN: 9781478773627 
Publisher: Outskirts Press 
Date of publish: April 2016 
Pages: 74 
S.R.P.: $9.95
Amazon paperback:
About the author: 
SHELLY CAMPBELL-HARLEY is the author of over a dozen educational articles and has written several children’s books, as well as a book on leadership. She has a Master’s in education and has been teaching for over 20 years. When Shelly is not writing, teaching, or spending time with family and friends, she enjoys reading, crafting, and spending time outdoors.

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