Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Spotlight: A Lover's Destruction by Brooklyn May

A Lover's Destruction 
by Brooklyn May
Genre: Romance
Kali Walker felt like she was living the dream. After temporarily being disowned by her parents, their relationship was finally on the mend. She had a wonderful husband, Brayden, and a beautiful baby on the way. But when Brayden’s best friend finds out her darkest secret, he threatens to ruin everything she worked so hard to accomplish.
Just when Kali thought all hope was lost, she stumbled upon the fiery, red headed beauty. From the moment Kali secretly watched her waving her wand and chanting, she knew the woman would be beneficial to her. It was crucial for Kali to become fast friends with the woman, Rachelle, in hopes of learning how to use magic to her advantage. But Rachelle warned her numerous times against using spells for harm, for whatever you wish upon others will come back on you three fold. Willing to do anything to save her marriage, Kali ignored the warning. But when she gets in too deep there is only one person who can save her, but are the conditions of the agreement more than Kali can handle?
About the book: 
A Lover's Destruction by Brooklyn May 
ISBN: 9781478773023 
Publisher: Outskirts Press 
Date of publish: March 2016 
Pages: 334 
S.R.P.: $21.95
B&N Paperback:
About the author: 
Brooklyn May is a wife and mother of three who is pursuing a degree in Business Administration. She has always loved the feeling of escaping reality by losing herself in the plot of a good book. She strives to provide the same level of excitement and contentment for readers.

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