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Spotlight: More Heaven: Because Every Child is Special by Dr. Jo Anne White

More Heaven: Because Every Child is Special 
by Dr. Jo Anne White
Genre: Inspirational Nonfiction – special needs children’s health
One person can truly make a difference and change the lives of others immeasurably. That is the story that international, bestselling author Dr. Jo Anne White writes about in More Heaven: Because Every Child is Special, available online March 15 and in stores soon after.
More Heaven, published by Outskirts Press, is an Amazon top ten International Bestseller in 3 categories – a stunning accomplishment immediately after its release. More Heaven follows White, a young special education teacher, as she takes on the impossible task of transforming the lives of six so-called “un-teachable” students and succeeds against insurmountable odds.
In 1975, the federal government mandated that all children, regardless of disability, be given the right to a public school education. As a result of this mandate, White, (who for the purposes of this book, goes by the name of Miss Tina Randolph), a young teacher, stepped into a Philadelphia classroom as a true pioneer, broke down numerous barriers and opened doors for her students.
This visionary’s experiences carry a vital lesson for all of us: That despite tremendous obstacles we face, each of us can – by using our caring hearts – bring out the best in our children. By using her common sense, imagination, sheer will, training and compassion, White, also a noted motivational speaker and TV & Radio Executive Producer and Host of Power Your Life, truly changed the lives of each of the formerly “un-teachable students” in her class.
While reading More Heaven it becomes abundantly clear that while we have come far in the 40 years since the federal special education mandate, teaching children with special needs remains a precarious dance -- we take a few steps forward and one or two steps back. Yet, the heart-warming and triumphant experiences detailed in her beautifully-written book are enough to bolster all of us who are involved in teaching, caring for, and helping children with autism and other special needs.
With one in 68 children currently being diagnosed on the autism spectrum, as well as having other special needs, it becomes imperative that all of us -- parents, educators, administrators, and the broader community -- embrace the lessons of hope and acceptance for all of our children that are found in the book, More Heaven.
“As a young special education teacher it was a case of sink or swim, I didn’t know what to expect,” explains White. “There were so many unknowns – and not everybody wanted this change to happen.”
She still recalls the first day of school when a little girl named Eva, who had autism, arrived for the new program. “There was great skepticism on the part of the faculty and the administration, of the notion of educating Eva. The girl’s driver echoed these sentiments to the young teacher, ‘Believe me,’ he confides, ‘I wouldn’t want your job for nothin’ in the world.’”
But instead of being overwhelmed by all of the challenges of the severe communication and behavioral issues that her children faced, this teacher looked outside the box and forged ahead – making tremendous strides for each student.
More Heaven is a powerful story of compassion, determination and love about six children with special needs and the fortitude of one remarkable teacher, who mounted a tireless, daily battle to shift the tide toward the acceptance of people who are different. This pioneer program, detailed in this book bridges the gap of understanding and paves the way for inclusionary education practices and social acceptance of children and adults with special needs -- a road that continues to need paving.
A portion of the proceeds from More Heaven will benefit the non-profit Autism Cares Foundation in the creation of their future Center of Excellence and Life Enrichment Center. Now is the time to raise awareness for children with autism and special needs and to bring a little More Heaven to earth.
About the book: 
More Heaven: Because Every Child is Special by Dr. Jo Anne White 
ISBN: 978-1478765479 
Publisher: Outskirts Press 
Date of publish: February 2016 
Pages: 240 
S.R.P.: $12.95
About the author: 
Jo Anne White, Ph.D is the bestselling author of Bully Free, which received a Mom’s Choice Award for Excellence and named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services. As a speaker, certified personal coach and energy master she’s helped millions of people and organizations shape their dreams. White is also the Executive Producer and Host of the popular Power Your Life TV and Radio Shows, and CEO/President of Dr. Jo Anne White Consulting Services LLC.

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