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Spotlight: Niveus by Sharon Cramer

by Sharon Cramer
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
“…Niveus’ pale eyes snapped open. She lay on her back with her hands folded across her chest, staring straight overhead into the darkness. She did not stir, only…listened.
It was not the sounds of the night that awakened her. Nor was it the wind that moaned outside the windows of her castle bedroom or the call of night creatures to each other. No, she listened to something entirely different, something that whispered to her first from between her ears, slipping next to her heart before perching deep within her soul as it beckoned. 
It was a sound Niveus could not deny—the call of a human soul reaching desperately for her, speaking not with words but with groans of pain. And it belonged…to a child.”
Niveus is…perfectly peculiar
In this final third chapter of The Wintegrave Chronicles, author Cramer brings back favorite characters in her riveting medieval saga as they continue on a spellbinding journey begun in The Execution and Risen.
Ravan and Nicolette’s only daughter wanders the realm, sharing extraordinary gifts of life and healing. But Ravan’s mortal enemy, Malik, comes to the Wintergrave Dynasty with one intention—to destroy the mercenary’s daughter.
Malik’s scheme takes a twisted turn, however, when he discovers the strange girl. Now, believing he will be all-powerful if he can possess and control Niveus, Malik abducts her, dragging her on a harrowing trek across 14th-century Europe.
Staying barely alive at the hands of Malik’s cruelty, Niveus discovers strength when it reveals itself from an uncommon place—her love for a dying man, Malik’s nephew.
Meanwhile, Ravan, Niveus’ mercenary father; Nicolette, her sorceress mother; and Risen, her warrior brother, give chase to free Niveus from an evil that seems destined to reign.
Venture with them into 14th-century Prussia to discover if Malik will be undone or if Niveus, or someone she loves…is lost forever.
About the book: 
Niveus by Sharon Cramer 
ISBN: 978-0983943792 
Publisher: The Wintergrave Chronicles 
Date of publish: February 2016 
Pages: 306 
S.R.P.: $14.95
About the author: 
Sharon Cramer is an aspiring time-traveler, alien princess, and master painter of Halloween faces. In the meantime, she writes from a dank, dark cave, somewhere in Washington State. THE EXECUTION is her breakthrough, medieval/paranormal novel, from The WINTERGRAVE CHRONICLES, and is followed by NIVEUS and RISEN
Hard at work on her new Sci-Fi, fantasy series called The CERULEAN STAR, Sharon has a hard time finding time to paint, but she does have four children’s picture books released including the multi-award-winning MARLOW and the MONSTER.
When not painting monsters, surfing black matter threads, and planning historical ruin and perfectly crushed hearts, Sharon can be found wandering around obscure eastern Washington, talking to herself. Driven by sleeplessness and a seemingly endless draw to the keyboard…and the occasional extra strong coffee, she is inspired by unorthodox friends and extreme weather.
Mother to three sons, a good horse, and several dozen fish (most of which have names), she is married to a man who surely has won the Nobel Prize for Extreme Tolerance.

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