Sunday, May 1, 2016

Spotlight: Somebody Else’s Business by Charlton James

Somebody Else’s Business 
by Charlton James
Genre: Romantic Comedy
This journey of the unexpected begins with the deployment of John Willoughby. He writes a letter expressing his committed love to his fiancée, Tiffany Adams, who misplaces the letter within an hour after receiving it. Through happenstance, Kelly—a married woman—finds the letter while walking her dog. Enthralled by the expressive content, she takes the letter home with the intent of using it as a tool to rekindle the spontaneity in her marriage.
From there the story unfolds into a series of destructive episodes. The words and expressions intended for one relationship are read and conveyed in another. As a consequence of being involved in Somebody Else’s Business, trust and fidelity in Kelly’s marriage are compromised. The seeds of assumption are carried yet further by an unwary housekeeper, Maria, who promulgates a discovery of baseless assumptions implicating her employer’s husband in infidelity. A confrontation ensues, and guilt leads to the destruction of two additional relationships.
In the aftermath, 15 lives are devastated based on assumptions. The characters are methodically developed and sequenced to bring home the lesson of “speculative disqualification.” From tragedy and fate, a victim emerges as a hero for social consciousness. The storyline transitions ingenuously for a climatic twist, and the lesson ends with the consolation of its beginning. Whether measured with a soft touch or a hard hand, prepare for the consequences that follow when getting involved with Somebody Else's Business.
Written with great wit and humor, Somebody Else’s Business is causing a buzz among readers:
“Charlton James nails it! The perfect storyline that appeals to a broad audience, capturing them with wit as the storyline unfolds. Somebody Else’s Business is what readers have been waiting for.”
“Wow! A vivacious narrative filled with dynamic turns...and strips and strips of comic drama! It's written in an extraordinary way and point of view that can be perceived in many delineations. I would love to see this book as a stage play!”
“I couldn’t put the book down… Fine work from this author. I would love to see this in movie form.”
About the book: 
Somebody Else’s Business by Charlton James 
ISBN: 978-0-578-14819-9 
Publisher: Charlton Books 
Date of publish: March 2016 
Pages: 400 
S.R.P.: $32.95

About the author: 
Charlton James. Somebody Else’s Business is his debut novel. Author anticipates a sequel pending the public acceptance of author’s creative blockbuster!

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