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Spotlight: River Road by Eric Wilder

Spotlight: River Road by Eric Wilder
Genre: Cajun Mystery Thriller


River Road is Book 5 in Eric Wilder’s popular French Quarter Mystery series. In River Road, a new client hires P.I. Wyatt Thomas to find the person who murdered his mother. The problem is the case isn’t just cold it’s frozen solid.
Events happen quickly when Wyatt agrees to find the person who murdered his client’s mother. Unknown assailants kill the man. When Wyatt attempts to intervene, he is shot. He awakens in a New Orleans’ hospital only to find the killers have yet to finish with him.
The mysterious men want him dead. He escapes and learns they’ve somehow managed to pin his client’s murder on him. But why? Determined to find out, he enlists the aid of Lucy Diamond, a beautiful though cynical reporter in town to film a story on the same murder his client paid him to solve. He marks her for death when they discuss the case.
The ensuing chase drags them through the gritty backside of New Orleans where everyone has a dark secret and a bloody motive. What’s the connection between the N.O.P.D., Krewe of Rex, and the southern mafia? How are the Russian Special Forces, C.I.A., and U.S. Public Health Service involved? Why is the Cuban army trying to kill them? And, what's up with the mysterious and secret satanic sect that practices human sacrifice? Wyatt and Lucy must find out or die trying.
Here is what some readers have said about the French Quarter Mystery Series: You will hear a rocking zydeco band and smell gumbo cooking on most every page. Wilder captures the quirky, weird vibe that is New Orleans. Wilder makes you want to have a Dixie beer with his characters. Wilder’s fiction is like a cold, hurricane slush on a hot Louisiana day.

About the book: 
River Road by Eric Wilder
ISBN: 978-0979116599
Publisher: Gondwana Press
Date of publish: May 2016
Pages: 322
S.R.P.: $15.95

About the author: 

Born on a Louisiana bayou, Halloween night, beneath a full moon, Eric Wilder grew up escaping snakes and alligators, and listening to his grandmothers' tales of ghosts, voodoo, and political corruption. Author of nine novels, four cookbooks and many short stories, he now lives in Oklahoma, about a mile from historic Route 66, with his four dogs, one coyote, and cat, but not a single alligator.

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