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Release Blitz for Destined by Kate Bonham

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Fallen From Grace #3
Release date: 16 January 2016


The war must end… way or another.
Chael has been tasked with finding order amongst the chaos in Hell after Satunas’ downfall. All the while, he struggles with his decision to leave Lee in order to save her from the agony of what he must now face….
Lee is filled with hatred at being left yet again by Chael, and embarks on an adventure of her own to get back to her previous life she left behind. She finds herself in a dangerous situation in the middle of a now escalated war, without help and now Lilith has her eyes set squarely on her.
Will Lilith succeed and rule Earth with Lee’s powers or will Lee fight with everything she has to defeat Lilith once and for all?

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“I don’t understand how you haven’t found him yet.” Gabriel could see the pain in the eyes of his former friend and felt a little helpless in the situation. He wasn’t here to tell him that they’d found Ace, in fact, they had, but Raphael refused to let them assist. Instead of giving Lucifer fire for starting another war with Heaven, he chose to lie. A trait he wasn’t known for. “There are bigger things to worry about.” “You lost your daughter. How did you feel then?” He knew the ruse was to fire him up enough to take action but Ace chose his fate, Faye did not. He sat down on the chair opposite Lucifer and relaxed. The longer he was on Purgatory, the longer he could be away from Raphael’s hideous rules. “I apologise. I’m frustrated.” 
Lucifer pushed up from his desk and paced the floor of his office. His son’s office, now his again. “How is Nelchael handling Hell?” “I do not know.” “You haven’t asked for a report?” “I don’t have time right now.” Gabriel could see the shrug in Lucifer’s shoulder. He had never cared for the boy, sending him to Hell had been for more than just to control Hell. It was to free Lee up to be wed to someone else. “You sent him away so you could marry her off, didn’t you?” “It is of no concern of yours.” “Yes, it is. She is my grandchild as well as yours. 
Her mother would not want her future chosen for her and nor would she.” Lucifer chuckled. “Yes, she is much like your beloved Faye. I just wish she would recognise her powers. I have a feeling she could find her way off this plane of existence if she just tried.” “You want that for her?” “Perhaps she needs to know what she’s capable of before it’s too late.” He couldn’t agree with that. Lilith only wants power, and if she was focused on Lee, then that couldn’t be a good outcome. Lee was safer hidden here on Purgatory. “What is he doing up there?” “Ruling as he sees fit.” Gabriel personally couldn’t stand being anywhere near Raphael. 
Once, they were on the same hierarchy and now he was his boss. It just didn’t sit well with him. “I must go, he will be wondering what is taking me so long.” Gabriel stood to portal back to Heaven when Lucifer stopped him. “Find him. Find my son.” Nodding, Gabriel stepped through the portal, trying to shake off the pain in Lucifer’s voice. He jumped through, arriving in the courtyard of Heaven far too soon. This place, his home, had become a burden to return to lately. Ever since Raphael had assumed power over the entire plane. “Did you submit your request to leave Heaven?” Gabriel spun around to be face to face with Michael. Why was he here? 
He should have been keeping watch over his Soldiers on Earth. “Leave me be.” “Consorting with Lucifer will not earn you brownie points.” “Raphael can get fucked.” Michael chuckled. “Where’s this Gabriel coming from?” He wanted to tell him that he’d always been inside but rarely had he ever had to come out. But things have changed, and he had gone through the worst feeling in the world when Faye died. He could have saved her if he hadn’t of been so stubborn. 
Now he could see where he had gone wrong. Impregnating Natalie had not been his mistake, letting Faye die much too young because he had been a loyal Soldier had been and he could never redeem himself for that. He could never get his beloved daughter back. “Gabe...I am kidding...where’s your sense of humour?” Rolling his eyes, he moved off toward his quarters. Michael ran after him and held up a hand to halt him. “Look...there’s a secret meeting tonight. Come and join us.” “What for? You know Raphael knows all that happens here.” “We have our ways...please...come tonight...” “I’ll think about it...” Gabriel walked off, leaving Michael standing in the courtyard alone. How could he be so foolish to think Raphael didn’t know of his secret meetings? He was buying himself a one way ticket to Hell.   
He arrived at his quarters and slumped down on the bed. Lying to Lucifer had really hurt him but he couldn’t let him half ass a rescue mission for Ace when there was a chance Lilith and Astaroth couldescape to exact their revenge. Ace could handle the pain, because he was protecting his daughter. There was no greater love. But the idea of a secret meeting had piqued Gabriel’s curiousity.   What harm could a little peek do? “You’re what?” Lee felt the air rush out of her lungs and the lack of oxygen burned through her chest. Ketara laughed and handed Lee a drink over the bar. “We weren’t together in the sense of being committed, but we had a few months of carefree sex. 
When he met you, he ended it with me.” Relief came flooding in and she gratefully sipped the drink. “Arael told me carefree sex wasn’t allowed.” “Yes, in a way. The old traditions dictate that you must only be with the one you are bonded to, but after Abbadon fell in love with Faye, he opened those laws up.” Everyone spoke about Faye as if she were some kind of saviour and that Lee should be proud to be her daughter but she’d never even met the woman. It made her feel awkward. “Did you love him?” Ketara shrugged. “Sure. I mean I was pretty devastated when he left me but I moved on.” “Why would he leave you?” She smiled. A smile that told Lee she wasn’t really over Chael leaving. “He wanted to fully focus on his career, and well with his background, it makes sense he wanted that but we still slept together off and on...until...” “Until what?” “Until he met you.” “Yeah well, he chose to leave me so I couldn’t have been that special.” Ketara shrugged. “Maybe he had his reasons...maybe it’s not forever.” That’s exactly what they all were saying but I didn’t want to put hope into something that wasn’t going to happen. Why live in hope when I knew I’d been dumped for a job. “Do you know how I can get off Purgatory?” Ketara had been wiping down the bar with a cloth, but she stopped dead when Lee asked the question. 
Her eyes flitted around the room to make sure no one heard her. “Why would you want to leave? You’re protected here.” “I can protect myself. I have my Uncle Sam on Earth, my friends, and lots of places to hide. I don’t understand why I can’t make my own decisions.” “Look, I’m only telling you this because I hate being told what to do too. There is someone here whocan help you but you must never tell him who told you.”
“I promise.” Lee leant in and Ketara told her the name of her next visit. She’d never heard of them before but he lived on the outskirts of the town. A place she was forbidden to go. But as all bad things go, it excited her. 
How was this mysterious man who could help her off Purgatory and toward her future away from Chael? Lee said goodbye to Ketara and headed down the road toward the location. She kept her wits about her to make sure she wasn’t followed by anyone from the compound. It wouldn’t surprise her if they did follow her, given everything that had transpired, but it was incredibly annoying. Why had Sam left her here? As she made her way out of the town centre and past the houses, she noticed she was heading toward a vast expanse of nothing. The road was bordered by dead trees and the road turned into gravel with large rocks to the side. What was she doing? She was just going to trust this woman telling her there was a way off Purgatory? She probably wanted to do away with the woman Chael had left her for, was she kidding herself here? She turned to start walking back but something stopped her. She couldn’t think of a reason to go back. 
Lucifer may have been her grandfather but she felt nothing toward him, and since he had taken the top job in the compound, she’d barely seen him. Did she really have that much of a connection to anyone here on this damn plane? Why did they even call it that anyway? A plane was damn transportation, not somewhere to live. She may be one of these people, the Fallen, but she didn’t feel like it. She felt no kinship toward any of them because they all adored her. She was the daughter of their Lord and the woman who saved him from being an arrogant prick. She wasn’t Faye and she never would be. Why did everyone look at her like she was some fucking messiah? Before she knew it, she was in the middle of a dirt road with no lights around her and it was pitch black. How was she meant to find this damn house? Looking back, she noticed she was so far from the town, she could only faintly see the lights from it. Too late now to chicken out. Somehow, she felt herself propel forward quickly. She looked down and saw a light shining from her hands on the ground...which her feet were not on! Shit!!! She looked to her side, holding her hand up and there she saw it, her wings had loosed themselves again. At least it didn’t hurt anymore, that was one thing she hadn’t expected. 
The pain had been immense the first time but they slid out and she didn’t even notice. She closed her eyes and willed them back to where they belonged. She fell to the ground, with a grunt. Her knees stung and she knew she’d opened them up with the sharp little rocks she’d fallen on. Just fucking perfect. She dusted her knees off the best she could and stood up. 
A light flashed in front of her and she saw a house just off the road a bit. It looked run down, almost as if she were walking into a really cheap horror movie. Suck it up, princess. Lee stepped up on the front verandah and knocked on the door. It creaked open seconds later. Gasping, she stepped back, almost tripping down the stairs again. “Uncle Sam?”

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Kate was born and raised in Sydney, Australia with her two parents and two brothers. She was always a dreamer even as a teen when she would dream of the moment, while in Maths class, her knight in shining armour would come and rescue her from the tedious learnings of algebra and Pythagoras’ theorem. It was at that moment, she realised that if she wanted her knight to come through the door, she’d need to dream him up.
She’s been doing it ever since.

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Destined Teaser 2

Cover Reveal: Divine Merit by Virginia Cantrell

Title: Divine Merit 
Author: Virginia Cantrell 
Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Release Date: January 29, 2016
Series: Divine Series, Book 1 
Cover Designer: Claire Smith
Editor: Hot Tree Editing
Publisher: Hot Tree Publising
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Trained from birth to become the ruler of the Nephilim and their island sanctuary, Amira is the perfect princess, until her birthright and even her fundamental beliefs are ripped away. She’ll discover perfection and training count for nothing when faced with a ruthless enemy determined to possess her and all she holds dear.

As captain of the Royal Guard, Caeden’s priority is to protect the Royal Family. Sometimes that means protecting the naïve princess from her own desires, even if he is tempted to give in. When a betrayer strikes from within, their sanctuary and very existence are threatened. Caeden must overcome the burning pain of helplessness to defeat this enemy and restore Amira to her rightful place. He will not fail his princess again.

Do they have the fortitude and inner strength needed to regain the kingdom and save their people?

Virginia's greatest passion has always been fiction, particularly romance. The innocent in her loves the idea of a happily-ever-after, but she has a massive soft spot for the bad boys. If you ask her, she'll tell you that she's living her dream— getting paid to read and helping indie authors to create beauty by working as an editor for Hot Tree Editing. She's inspired by the many amazing indie authors she has met and has (finally) found the courage to follow her other dream by becoming a published author.

 Hot Tree Publishing

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Sale Blitz: When The Chips Are Down by Beth Rinyu

Title: When The Chips Are Down (Three of a Kind #1)
Author: Beth Rinyu
Release Date: March 14, 2015
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Melanie Hanson's life didn't go quite the way she had planned. Her cheating ex-husband traded her in for a newer model and she’s in over her head dealing with the drama that comes along with raising her twin teenage daughters.
The last thing she is looking for or needs in her life is a man - or is it?
Ben Wilder is the boy that Melanie loved to hate throughout high school, the boy that all the girls loved and the boy that didn't give Melanie the time of day, unless it was to tease her. When she runs into him once again she realizes...he’s not a boy anymore. Older and wiser, she’s determined not to fall for her secret crush from all those years ago. But sometimes our heart has different plans than our head. Will she finally get her happily ever after with the man she least expected to have it with?
Take a humorous journey with Melanie and her daughters as their lives begin to parallel and they discover that although they may be separated by a generation their struggles are still the same.
Free for a limited time!
I tried my best to ignore him, but I could feel his eyes settling on me. I took a deep breath when he got up and sat next to me. “Well, at least I know your real name now.” I shook my head, still trying to avoid eye contact. “So, how’s your ass doing?”
“What!?” I finally turned my head and looked directly at him.
“From your fall the other day.” I looked away. “Was I really that much of an ass to you during high school that you are still carrying a grudge all these years later?”
“Don’t flatter yourself. It has nothing to do with you.”
“Oh, okay. So, are you bitchy like this to every guy you come in contact with?”
“Yeah, maybe I am! What’s it to you?”
He held his hand up in defense. “Doesn’t matter to me one bit, sweetheart, but you’ve clearly been shafted by a guy a time or two to have an attitude like that. I mean, don’t get me wrong. The bitchy ones are better in bed with all that pent-up aggression.” He smirked and took a sip of his beer.
“Oh, you are such a pig, you know that? You are the same arrogant ‘I’m so in love with myself’ jock you were back in school! Well, reality check. Despite the fact you may have never grown up, most women have. So your good looks, perfect body, and smooth talking will no longer work.”
He chuckled loudly. “What’s so funny?”
“I think you just admitted you thought I was good looking and had a perfect body.”
“No. That’s not what –” He had me feeling so flustered. “I meant MEN, in general!”
“Whatever you say, princess.”
“My name is Melanie! Oh, wait. Maybe you’ll remember Smellanie better!”
His grin widened. “Ahhhh, now I remember you! You were that cute little blonde girl who used to sit in front of me in French class. You were the little goody two-shoes who always knew exactly how to respond in perfect French to the teacher, while the rest of us struggled to maintain a D average. You know you really didn’t smell, right? That was just a nickname for you.”
“I know I never smelled, thank you very much!”
“Well, Smellanie, can I say that you are just as cute now as you were back then?”
“No, you may not!”
Two of Hearts (#2) – Releasing Jan 18, 2016
Carrie Maynard has come a long way from the awkward teenager who sat in front of the most popular boy in calculus class. She’s now a young, independent woman with a great job, a loving boyfriend, and a close knit family. But something still seems to missing.
Jason Wilder is no longer the cute teenage boy that Carrie crushed on from high school. He is now a hardworking, handsome man and one of Carrie’s very best friends. He is the perfect guy just looking for his perfect girl. Uncertain that he’s actually found her in his girlfriend, Ashley, he goes through the motions, hoping she will fill the void Carrie has left in his heart, ever since the day they met back in high school.
When circumstances change and feelings can no longer be ignored, will Carrie continue to sit on the sidelines, watching someone else live out the future with the boy she loved from so long ago, or will she take the next step with the man that’s always owned her heart?
Sometimes taking a risk for love isn’t always easy.
Sometimes even the strongest of friendships are put to the test.
Sometimes it’s easier to walk away when life takes us down a different path than the one our heart intended.

Straight to the Heart (#3) – Releasing Jan 22, 2016
Gia Maynard always had a wild streak. She doesn’t mind bending the rules, except when it comes to the rules of her heart. She doesn’t do relationships, instead she devotes her time to her true love....dancing. That is until Jasper Campbell comes along. Handsome, rich and powerful, Gia becomes totally enthralled with him until she finds herself slowly turning into someone she no longer knows.

Cam Hamilton has always been like a big brother to Gia. Now one of the hottest baseball players in the Major League, he is known for his moves on and off the field. But no matter how many women he has in his life, Gia will always be his number one.

When Gia’s heart is broken into pieces, Cam is right there to help her put it back together. When they both give in to their feelings for each other, will they be able to pretend that certain lines were never crossed, and certain feelings were never felt? Will Gia follow the rules that she has lived by for her entire life or is Cam the one worth breaking all of them for?
Ever since I can remember, I have always enjoyed Creative Writing. There was always something about being able to travel to a different place or become a different person with just the stroke of a pen - or in today's world a touch of the keyboard. I am the author of The Exception To The Rule, An Unplanned Lesson, An Unplanned Life Drowning In Love, A Cry for Hope, A Will To Change, Blind Side of Love, When The Chips Are Down and Easy Silence.

My life is not as interesting as my books or the characters in them, but then again whose life is? I'm a mom of twin teenage boys, a crazy Border Collie and a cat with an identity crisis! I guess you can say writing is my form of Calgon!

Release Blitz: Find Me, Remember Me, and Keep Me by Michelle Mankin

Find Me, Remember Me, and Keep Me, 
a sexy, sophisticated, beach holiday romance is

ON SALE NOW for ONLY $0.99!
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Find Me (Part One)

Remember Me (Part Two)

Keep Me (Part Three)

Almost forty-one-year-old Annabelle Morris, wife to multi-billionaire record label executive Charles Morris of Zenith Productions, and mother of two is at a crossroads in her life.
Separated from her husband after walking in on him having sex in the public restroom of a charity event she was hosting, she has arrived on the island of St. John alone and rejected, determined to re-evaluate her life and her marriage. She's tired of being her husband’s showpiece while he pretends she doesn't exist. She's tired of trying to make their marriage work for the sake of their two teenage boys.

When she meets Johnny Lightning, a sexy but mysterious piano-playing, bearded sailor, she is tempted to break vows she has never before broken. But Johnny is much younger than her and seems to be hiding more than a few secrets of his own.
From the laid-back sandy beaches of the Caribbean to the elite circles of Dallas high society, Annabelle is forced to make critical choices.

Is a chance for happiness worth the risk of giving up the life she has always known?
Worth jeopardizing her own and possibly even her children's future?
In the end, will she stay on her present course or brave a new and uncharted one?

Find Me, Remember Me, and Keep Me is a full and complete novel in three separate parts.
A standalone Tempest spin-off.

About the Author:

Michelle Mankin is the New York Times bestselling author of the Black Cat Records series of novels. Rock Stars. Romance. Redemption.
Love Evolution, Love Revolution, and Love Resolution are a BRUTAL STRENGTH centered trilogy, combining the plot underpinnings of Shakespeare with the drama, excitement, and indisputable sexiness of the rock 'n roll industry.
Things take a bit of an edgier, once upon a time turn with the TEMPEST series. These pierced, tatted, and troubled Seattle rockers are young and on the cusp of making it big, but with serious obstacles to overcome that may prevent them from ever getting there.
Rock stars, myths, and legends collide with paranormal romance in a totally mesmerizing way in the MAGIC series.
Catch the perfect wave with irresistible surfers in the ROCK STARS, SURF AND SECOND CHANCES series.
Romance and self-discovery, the FINDING ME series is a Tempest spin off with a more experienced but familiar cast of characters.

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Blog Tour: Warriors of Strathan by Marilyn Lakewood

Book: Warriors of Strathan
Author: Marilyn Lakewood
Genre: Fantasy Romance, Paranormal, Ménage M/F/M

Kellus Aquitar is drawn into the ancient enchanted land of Strathan where he finds the love he craves, a challenge he cannot refuse, and the cause he was destined for.
To keep his sister and parents safe from Rome’s persecution, Kell has been forced to lead his elite cavalry on constant campaign against the enemies of the Republic. Now at thirty-seven, he is weary of senseless bloodshed, petty Roman tyrants, and sleeping in tents. Above all he is tired of sharing women with other men.
On a secret mapping expedition in the mysterious isles of Britannia, his journey takes him away from everything he knows when he discovers a hidden, mysterious world and meets Leis, a woman he desires more than life itself. But to remain in the timeless realm of Strathan he must overcome the endless reach of Roman vengeance -- and his deep aversion to sharing.
Leis, an erotic siren of Strathan, can impart immortality to her lovers, but only when bound in a ménage a trois. In a rite of passage, Leis’ magic calls to the outsider, Kell. The newcomer stirs turmoil in Strathan but with eminent attack of the Hobb, Kell’s experience and strategy in war is a welcome asset. 
When every warrior is needed to battle the monsters that threaten Strathan, Kell must devise a way to guard Leis, while protecting his sister and parents from Rome’s wrath in the outside world. His plan calls for sacrifice… dark, bloody, and dangerous…but if he survives, he will possess the woman he loves, keep his family safe, and secure his destiny with the Warriors of Strathan.
Immortal warriors, a passionate, loving siren, menage M/F/M, some bondage and discipline, sword battles, monsters, and mayhem. 

Warning: Warriors of Strathan contains explicit sex and violence.  Kell, the hero in this story, lives in a different time and culture. His world is harsh and without compassion. It does not conform to current sensibilities, ideals, or laws. There are brief mentions of non-consent in the story, but they are written without extensive detail.

@MarilynLakewood #BlogTour WarriorsOfStrathan 


“Are you replete with food, Roman?”
      Kell nodded. “My thanks, I was hungry. Your actions make me welcome.”
      “Are my words less so?”
      “Only in tone. I would not cause imposition.”
      “You do not impose—you are crucial here.”
      “I, alone, cannot win your cause, Torr.” Why these people thought him vital to the upcoming battle, he could not reason.
      “You will aid it.”
      Kell drew a patient breath. “If you take me back, I can bring soldiers who are loyal to me and are willing to fight.”
      “They would be killed.”
      “I will not?”
      “No. You have purpose in Strathan. Come, I will show you to a sleeping chamber.” 
      Kell followed Torr into the arched passageway that he, like the warrior, was drawn to. The torchlight cast wavering gold light on the stone walk and on the imposing oaken doors they passed. At the end of the hall, two portals stood opposite each other.
Torr stopped, indicating the open door. “Your rooms are there. You should find what you need within.” He turned toward the closed door, his hand poised on the handle. “My chambers are here. Good night, Roman.” The warrior pressed the latch and entered.
      A sudden keen instinct to help these people sent Kell after the man. He stepped into the warrior’s doorway before the portal shut. “Torr, I meant it. I can bring men to aid your cause…”
      Kell had not intended to let his eyes wander to the private interior but when they did, his gaze swept past the sumptuous appointments, the finely carved furniture and the huge, fabric draped bed. Instead, his attention seized onto the provocative centerpiece decorating the space.         
      A woman, suspended by her wrists, hung in quiet tranquility. She was completely nude, her beautiful form, taut and elongated by her position. Her arms were linked together but her ankles shackled apart. Only her toes touched the stone floor.
      Her head lolled back, and shiny, bronze-gold hair draped to her waist. She looked unblemished and alluring beyond measure.
His mouth went dry and his cock filled tight with blood, yet he managed to rasp, “A pleasure slave?” Likely chained for her master’s pleasure. A common enough thing in his world. Kell’s fingers gripped the doorframe for support—the impact of the woman so strong.
      “In a fashion,” Torr answered cryptically. He paused, halfway into the chamber. “Do you find your room deficient?”
“Then we will talk in the morning.”
Neither man moved.
“Your bed awaits next door, Roman.”
      “I would buy her from you.” The words came before thought, driven by intrinsic need.
      Torr shook his head. “No amount of coin could equal her value. Tomorrow you will understand more of her worth.” The warrior stepped into the doorway and nodded in dismissal. “Rest well, Roman.”
      They both knew he would not. 

Meet the Author

Marilyn and her husband live in the northwest U.S., not too far from the Canadian border. She thinks the long, cold winters are perfect “writing weather.” Most of the time, she doesn’t mind the short days, or the snow—except when she needs to drive in a blizzard, in the dark.
Marilyn started writing sexy stories “just for fun” and she’ll joyously admit she’s obsessed with creating hard-core dominant heroes and happily-ever-after endings.
Writing erotic romance lets her explore love, passion, and sex, through the lens of different characters and settings. It’s also a way to keep her imagination kindled during the September to March “cold snap.” Marilyn loves music, flowers, sci-fi and romance movies, and taking daily walks with Precious, her rescued dog.
She’s a country girl at heart, and although she imagines travelling to distant, romantic shores, her favorite place is home with her family.
Visit Marilyn at
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