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More, Boss by Juliana Conners is now LIVE

My boss wants to spank me until I’m red all over. And I want to let him!

Damien Hudson was only supposed to take me on a date. He wasn't supposed to take my virginity. I wasn't supposed to let him. And I definitely wasn’t supposed to like it. 
Now he’s my boss, so my boring job has just gotten a lot more exciting. I know I’m being a bad girl but I also know that my older, more experienced and filthy rich boss knows just how to punish me for my sins. 
I’m on a mission to give him my body for whatever purposes he sees fit… but what will he do to my heart?

I took her virginity and now she’s working for me.
I didn’t become the billionaire CEO of several successful companies by giving into distractions. Sure, I f*ck a lot of women but I don’t ever do it more than once, less they get too attached. And I keep it in my pants at the office.
Until I go on a date with Katie Finnegan. It was just a dare but we got out of hand. Meaning that I got into her sexy panties and she got into my f*cking head. Now both things are all twisted up.
She’s my employee now and being with her is bad for both my business and my personal life. I’m determined to put our one little scorching hot night in the past. But first I’m going to have to take her over my knee and spank her for letting it happen in the first place. 

What if both of us like the way I punish her just a little too much?

**More, Boss is a standalone quick and dirty office romance with no cliffhanger and no cheating. It features a dominant billionaire alpha male and a feisty BWW who find their happily ever after. This limited edition is on sale for a short time only and includes two bonus bad boy books (Jensen: A Military Bad Boy Romance and Larson: An Outlaw MC Bad Boy Romance) for your continued reading pleasure. More, Boss ends at approximately 30% of your Kindle.



Excerpt from More, Boss: A Bad Boy Office Romance
Copyright 2017 by Juliana Conners; All Rights Reserved.

Damien had instructed me to come to his office after I finish the filing, so I do. It’s my first day of working for him and he’s already having me stay late. This can only mean he wants to be with me again the way we were before.
I can’t believe that after he took my virginity, he’s now in charge of my employment. But there’s no one else I’d rather be my boss— in more ways than one.
He and I are the only ones still at the office. Or at least I think so anyway. But I suppose part of what makes this— whatever “this” is— so fun is wondering whether that’s really true.
A chill runs down my spine and I can finally see what Ruby found so enthralling when it came to working for the man she was sleeping with. I’m not sure what all this type of arrangement entails but I’m ready for it.
I’m so glad just to have the chance to be with Damien again. He must feel the same since he’s having me stay here late, just the two of us. 
I know it’s not like we’re Madilyn and Asher, or Cameron and Ruby, having a full-blown relationship. What Damien and I are doing will just stay confined as a secret office fling.
And that’s fine with me. I don’t want to get too involved. Only bad things happen when people fall in love.
As soon as I walk into Damien’s office, he looks at me with somber, dark eyes.
“Katie,” he says. 
I can tell he’s trying to act gruff, as if he means business. But his eyes are looking at me in that way that lets me know he wants to take me. Make me his all over again.
I can already feel my panties getting damp. I can’t believe how much control he has over me. My own body betrays me when I’m near him, so I just give into it.
I’m afraid to say too much, because I don’t want to say everything. How I loved what he did to me before, for my very first time. How I want him to do it again.
“I’m your boss now.”
“I know.”
Silence fills the office. I’m waiting for him to say what he’s thinking. Afraid of what it could be. Suddenly, his careful tone seems to be letting me know that it doesn’t seem as if we’re on the exact same page after all.
“We can’t do what we did before, ever again.”
He nods his head at me, as if wanting me to agree.
“I know.”
But I don’t really know. I feel disappointed. 
I guess that’s it then. 
“This needs to be a professional work environment and the last time I saw you, you didn’t behave very professionally at all.”
“That’s true.”
I say this part hesitantly, not wanting to ruin the mood. There’s a crack in his voice that lets me know he wants me still, just as much as I want him. He just knows that he’s not supposed to take me. Even if I want him to.
“You made me do dirty, filthy things to you.”
“Very true, Boss.”
“I took your innocence. And now I’m your boss.”
“That’s right, Boss.”
“You made me do it.”
“I know. It was my fault.”
I know he wants me to say these things. He wants me to absolve him of his guilt. 
It should seem strange that he’s blaming me for things that he himself clearly enjoyed very much. I can still remember his hard, throbbing cock, which let me know just how much he enjoyed it. 
But saying these things also makes me feel powerful— that I can make him do things he logically doesn’t want to do. He can’t help himself. Just like I can’t help but get wet and weak for him.
“Before we can move forward, I think it’s only right that I punish you for what you made me do to you.”
“I agree.”
I sit up straighter, wondering what exactly he has in mind. I would welcome any touch from him— even if it’s punishment, as he calls it. 
Anything so that I can feel him, be close to him, once again. I’ve never known a power as strong as the hold he has over me, for reasons I can’t even understand. And I’m glad to know it’s mutual.
“After this, we’re going to be done,” he says. “As soon as I punish you.”
“Yes sir.”
“Why don’t you come over here and let me administer your punishment?” he asks.
I nod, not even needing to talk anymore. Just wanting to let myself go and give up control to him.
I walk around to his side of the desk and stand next to him. 
“I need you on my lap so that I can give you the spanking you deserve,” he says.
His voice sounds authoritative. Commanding. Boss-like. 
“Yes, sir.”
I bend over and lie down across his lap, so that I’m looking at the floor of his office. He lifts up my skirt, so that my bare ass is exposed to him. I’m wearing a thong but otherwise he can see everything.
“You were very naughty the last time we were together, weren’t you?” he asks, his hands tracing the curves of my ass cheeks.
“Yes, Boss, I was,” I admit. “I was a really bad girl.”
I can feel his cock rising slightly beneath me, poking my belly. I’ve missed it and I want to make it as hard as I know it can get. I want him to do all things he did to me the last time we were together: when he made love to me for my very first time.
“You made me want to do really dirty things to you, didn’t you?”
He grabs my ass with both of his hands and squeezes hard. I do my best not to cry out in pain, but I let out a little gasp.
“I did, Boss.”
“I’m going to punish you for that,” he says. “I need to spank you. To show you who’s in charge.”
“Yes, Boss.”
His hand comes down hard and fast on the left side of my ass. 
“Ouch!” I can’t help but cry out.
He places a hand over my mouth.
“I’ve only just begun to punish you, my pet. It’s going to get a lot worse than this. It’s the only way you’ll learn not to make me want to defile you like I did last time we were together.”
I had known the spanking was coming— he had certainly given me fair warning— but I hadn’t known it would hurt so much. I had never been hit like that before. As tears well up in my eyes, I realize I also liked being spanked more than I was expecting as well.
How can one man give me both so much pleasure and so much pain, all at the same time?
“Do you need another spanking, my dirty little girl?”
“Please, Boss,” I say, almost instinctively. 
He hits me again in the same spot where he had already just hit me. I had been expecting it on my right ass cheek this time but now my left burns even more.
“Owww. Boss.”
“Your little butt cheek is so red and sore,” he says, patting it and then squeezing it. “I’m leaving my mark all over it. Because you’ve been such a bad girl for me.”
He hits me one, two, three more times all in the same spot, until I’m panting and crying out, “Oh my God. Please, Boss, Please.”
“Please what?” he says, pulling my thong over to the side while his cock grows even harder underneath me. “Do you want me to stop spanking you, or do you want more?”
“More, Boss,” I say, immediately, almost surprising myself with my answer.
“But I’m spanking you so much that your poor little butt cheek is getting raised and welted,” he says, his hands tracing up and down the area he had just hit.
Then he slips a finger inside me.
“I just want to see how wet your tight little pussy is,” he says, tracing the inside of my pussy like he was just tracing the welts he is leaving on my ass. “To see how much you really want more. I see that you do. I’m not sure my punishment is effective then. I’m going to have to punish you some more.”
“Yes, Boss,” I beg, as he begins to rub my clit, teasing me with how much I want him. “Please, Boss. More, Boss.”
“All right,” he says, hitting me hard and fast on my left ass cheek again. “If you insist.”
This time I really do cry out in pain, but he grabs onto my clit and twists and pulls it, making me nearly come from the pleasure of the sting mixed with the force.
“Why don’t you suck on my cock to show me how much you want me to keep spanking you?” he asks.
I obediently unzip his fly and grab ahold of his long, hard cock. I’ve been wanting and missing it so much.
“That’s a very naughty girl,” he says, as I wrap my lips around the head of his cock. “It’s very bad when you do such dirty things to me. I’m going to have to punish you some more for that.”
“Please, Boss,” I say, raising my ass up higher for him, begging him to spank me again. “More, Boss.”
He leans his hips forward and pushes my head into his cock with his hand.
“Show me how much you want more punishment,” he says, as I take his entire cock into my mouth and suck on it. “Yes, just like that.”
He hits my other ass cheek now, hard and fast and many times in a row as I nearly choke on his big cock. He fucks my mouth with his cock while he spanks me and then he holds my swollen ass cheek in one hand while he rubs my clit with his other hand.
“Oh my God,” I say— or try to say— but my mouth is so full of his cock that I can’t even get the words out. He pulls my hair while I suck his cock. “It feels so good, Boss.”
I feel an orgasm coming on that feels almost as strong as the one I had when he was inside me before. I can’t even believe it. He expertly flicks and rubs my clit while fucking my mouth.
“I’m coming, Boss,” I tell him, as I give in to a wave of pure pleasure and ecstasy. 
“That’s my good little girl,” he says. “You’re being a very good girl for your Boss, by being so bad that he has to punish you.”
I come on his hand as his cock pulses inside my mouth.
“Now you’re going to make me come,” he says, taking the juices from my pussy and rubbing them all over my ass. It feels soothing but I’m still coming down off the high of the orgasm and I don’t want it to be over yet. 
He shoots his cum into my mouth while I eagerly swallow it.
“That’s a good girl,” he repeats, as he squeezes my ass while I lick the head of his cock, trying to make sure I’ve got all of his sweet liquid in my mouth. “Eat up all of my cum like my hungry little slut.”
I lay panting and exhausted across his lap, my breasts on his leg and his hand still cupped on my ass. Then he slaps me hard, one last time, and leans back, away from me.
“That’s it,” he says, “Get up.”
I obediently rise and start straightening out my clothes. I can’t believe I have to go home soon and face my dad, the pastor. I can only imagine what he would say if he knew I had just sucked my boss’s cock while he spanked me and played with my pussy. It’s not exactly what he meant when he said he wanted me to get ahead at work.
But I know that no lecture or sermon from my strict father could be any crueler than the look that Damien is giving me now. It’s one of satisfaction mixed with regret. He prides himself on his discipline, his integrity. I know he can’t believe what we’ve just done.
“Now that I’ve sufficiently punished you, we’re over,” he says. “You may leave now. And tomorrow you will only be my employee. That’s it. Nothing else.”
“Yes sir,” I say.
I turn to leave with disappointment, my ass stinging and sore, and I’m wondering how I’m going to be able to walk tomorrow, let alone sit down. Damien clears his throat, giving me just enough hope to pause before I’m about to walk out his office door.
“Let me see your ass one more time before you go,” he says. “Just to make sure I’ve really punished you enough.
I lift up my skirt so that he can see my undoubtedly red and welted ass cheeks.
“That’s good. It’s obvious I punished you a lot. Don’t make me have to do that to you again,” he says, causing my heart to race with excitement at the prospect. “Because next time I won’t be as gentle. It might hurt so much that you’ll want to run away. I might have to tie you up to prevent that from happening. I can’t even say what I might do, if you make me punish you again. Do you understand?”
“I do, Boss,” I tell him.
“You can go now.”
“Yes, Boss.”
I leave, but I know it’s not for good. It can’t be. 
My aching ass is a reminder of what he likes to do to me. He can’t just take my virginity and spank me for letting him do it and then forget all about me forever. 
He wants me just as bad as I want him. There must be more. I just know it.
The only problem is, I’m beginning to think it’s more than just physical. I’m beginning to think we’ve both let ourselves get in too deep to stop this even if we want to. 
How much more can either of us handle?
I suppose I’m going to have to find out. Because this feels too good— and too bad— to stop now.  


I'll show her the ropes. Then I'll tie her up with them.


Madilyn doesn't know it but I hand-picked her to work for me.
I'm used to getting what I want, and I wanted her the moment I laid my eyes on her.
Those curves. That smile. The way she looks at me with those innocent eyes- I get hard just thinking about it.
Now I plan to teach her everything- and I do mean everything.
Under my watch, she'll experience a lot of firsts. Her first boss. Her first trial. Her first fu*k.
Sure, it's frowned upon to mix business with pleasure, but I built this firm from the ground up and I don't follow anyone else's rules. 
I'm the one in control- always.
Too bad I may be breaking my own coveted rule.

I'm used to taking risks in the courtroom- but my heart is off limits.


Landing the job at Asher Mark's law firm was a dream come true.
Who knew he would also be the guy who would leave me wet after one glance?
I don't like guys like him who think they can do what they want. And we have nothing in common.
Sure, we're both ambitious lawyers but the comparison stops there.
He's older, filthy rich and much more experienced in the courtroom- not to mention the bedroom.
He wants me bad. He thinks I'll say "Yes boss," "Please boss," "More boss."
But I'm the type of woman who likes to stay in control of my life, my career and my relationships.

So why do I want to give it up- quite literally- to my boss, of all people? And what will happen to my career- and my heart- if I do?

**Yes, Boss is a full length standalone dirty office romance novel with no cliffhanger and no cheating. It features a dominant billionaire alpha male and a feisty BWW who find their happily ever after. For a limited time this edition comes with two bonus books: Out of Bounds: A Bad Boy Sports Romance and Jensen: A Bad Boy Military Romance. The title novel ends at approximately 35% of the book. 

Take Me. Teach Me. Train Me. Please, Boss.

I’m filthy rich and used to getting everything I want: 
A yacht, jet skis, a private plane and plenty of f*cking women.
But my one rule is never to mix work and pleasure.
An office fling isn't worth losing my lucrative law firm.

Now I have a spunky young secretary named Ruby. 
I also have a dilemma.
Because I want Ruby in a way I've never wanted anyone.
My c*ck is as ready as my mind is hesitant.
I'm her much older boss— old enough to know better.

I can tell by the way Ruby looks at me:
I make her knees weak and her panties wet.
She thinks she wants me. For her very first time.
But she doesn’t know what it is she’s asking for.

I don’t just want her on my desk, on my floor, on my lap.
I want her tied up and begging me to do whatever I want with her.
Taming her will be quite a challenge.
Ruby’s no pushover. She has a mind of her own. 
I’m beginning to suspect she also has some dark secrets.
Her own past, mixed with my present desires, could get us both into a lot of trouble. 

Tying her up could take me down. 
But I don’t let anyone's rules f*cking stop me from getting what I want. Not even my own.

*Please, Boss is a standalone dirty office romance with no cliffhanger and no cheating. It features a dominant billionaire alpha male and a feisty BBW who earn their happily ever after. For a limited time this edition comes with two bonus books: Harlow: A Military Bad Boy Romance and Larson: An Outlaw MC Bad Boy Romance. The title book ends at approximately 35% of your eReader. Only 99 cents for a very limited time!  Amazon


Juliana Conners is an Amazon bestselling author who writes sizzling hot romance about bad boys with filthy mouths and even dirtier thoughts, and the feisty ladies who win not only their rock hard, tattooed bodies but also their hearts. She is the only female human living in a house she shares with her bad boy techie husband and their two usually good little boys. They do live with a female cat and a female dog to even out the score! She enjoys weather as warm, food as spicy and coffee as hot as she likes her romance. She aims to write stories that will captivate your mind, warm your heart and fulfil your fantasies. 


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Cover Reveal: Finding Purpose by Tiffani Lynn

Finding Purpose by Tiffani Lynn 

Publication Date: April 4, 2017 
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Preorder: Amazon

Once upon a time, when Quincy Hannigan needed saving, he was there to hold her hand. Years have passed since she was that weak, broken girl; instead, a strong, intelligent woman stands in her place. She’s making the world a better place one arrest at a time and has everything she’s always wanted—except Judson Rivers. When Judson’s father died suddenly, he dropped out of college and became a Navy SEAL. He left everything from his old life behind, including the girl he loved, but never told—Quincy. After ten years, Judson’s military career ends abruptly when the vehicle he’s in runs over an IED. He has his hands full learning to live with one leg, PTSD and a civilian life he wasn’t ready to return to. Judson and Quincy are reunited when their mentor dies. Once Quincy realizes the depth of his pain, she knows it’s her turn to be the savior. Years of pent-up passion are unleashed, but it may be too late if Judson can’t crawl out of hell. Quincy has every intention of healing this wounded warrior before his demons are the ones who determine his fate.

About Tiffani Lynn

Tiffani currently resides in Florida with her husband, three daughters and chunky yellow lab. She graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in social science and spent five years working for Hospice. When she’s not writing or taxiing her children around she enjoys reading and attending concerts. Tiffani is also a crazed fan of the Tampa Bay Lightning, Tampa Bay Rays, and the 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs.

Cover Reveal: Children of Vice by J.J. McAvoy

Children of Vice by J.J. McAVoy 

The Children #1 
Publication Date: May 17, 2017 
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

I, Ethan Antonio Giovanni Callahan, first son of the former head of the Irish mob, Liam Alec Callahan, and former head of the Italian mafia, ex-governor, Melody Nicci Giovanni Callahan, solemnly swear to ruthlessly protect our family name, business and way of life, no matter the cost to me or anyone else. I shall show no mercy; I shall offer no forgiveness; there will be no peace for those who stand against me. I will live for my family. I will kill for my family. I will marry for my family. I, Ivy O'Davoren, the only daughter of Shay O'Davoren, solemnly swear to ruthlessly and mercilessly exact revenge on the Callahans and all those who betrayed my father and family. I will live for revenge. I will kill for revenge. I will marry for revenge. *** You devoured the Ruthless People series. Now it’s time to revel in the reign of the Callahan children…

About J.J. McAvoy

My name is JJ and I’m a student currently living in Ottawa. I wrote Ruthless People in the summer of 2013 in hopes of giving myself a new type of love and crime drama. I never would have imagined that so many of you would enjoy it as well! I truly feel blessed to have fans like you all. Writing is my true love and having you all love my words is a dream come true.

Cover Reveal: The Tribulations of Tompa Lee by Edward Hoornaert

Today is the cover reveal for The Tribulations of Tompa Lee by Edward Hoornaert. 
This cover reveal is organized by Lola's Blog Tours.

The Tribulations of Tompa LeeThe Tribulations of Tompa Lee (The Trilogy of Tompa Lee #2)
By Edward Hoornaert
Genre: Science Fiction
Age category: Adult

Goddess or Madwoman? Even she isn't sure.

Tompa Lee serves as ambassador to the Shons' planet and is hailed as their goddess . . . but she distrusts fellow humans, has a dead man living in her head, and fears an imminent attack by Klicks, mankind's greatest enemy.

Ming Mengliev is posing as a mere musician when Klicks destroy the Terran embassy … but although he strives to win Tompa's trust—and her heart—whose side is this secret agent really on?

Lord Keevie, the leader of warlike Klick missionaries, wants to drive humans off planet Zee Shode … but above all he wants to eviscerate Tompa in person, because crushing a goddess will surely make him a god.

Can Tompa survive Keevie's pursuit, divine madness, and the predators of Palla Pelly Park … and conquer her mistrust of humans long enough to shepherd a ragtag troop of Shons and humans to safety?

You can find The Tribulations of Tompa Lee on Goodreads

The Tribulations of Tompa Lee 
You can buy The Tribulations of Tompa Lee
- Amazon
- Barnes & Noble
- Kobo
- Smashwords
- iBooks

“Who are you?” Tompa called to the Klick, remembering the old advice, know thine enemy. “What’s your name?”
The tyrannosaurus-like creature rose, bowed, and then sat back on his tail. “My name is Keevie klauk Enkirk’s Spawn, but you may call me Death.”
“The Klick leader?”
“Do you never soar above the obvious?”
“Nope.” To her own surprise, Tompa laughed. Chatting in the dark of night to a bloodthirsty lizard who wanted to kill her felt bizarre. Surreal. Everything that had happened to her on Zee Shode was either terrifying or absurd.
No, not true. Some of Zee Shode was glorious. Finding a friend like Awmit who accepted her. Finding a place where she actually belonged.
And sleeping with Ming? Hadn’t that been glorious, too?
Well, perhaps.
“What can you expect from an uneducated street meat?” she taunted. “I’m the smallest, skinniest, dumbest, lowest class human you're ever going to find. And yet, a few months ago I beat the tail spikes off you bullies. Drove you right off this planet.”
That’s telling him, girl. Dante spoke inside her head with more passion than usual, making Tompa feel cozy and less alone.
“How I shall enjoy eviscerating you, Tompa Lee.” Keevie paced back and forth, his tail thrashing from side to side, tearing up the grass-like ground cover.

Note from the author:
The books in The Trilogy of Tompa Lee are standalone novels that share an overall story arc. The books are:
The Trial of Tompa Lee
• The Tribulations of Tompa Lee
• The Triumph of Tompa Lee

Before I start writing, I have to think of something I haven’t seen before. Without a unique kernel, I can’t get anywhere.

In The Tribulations of Tompa Lee, there were two kernels: national parks and a James Bond-type secret agent who plays the oboe. (I play the oboe, too, but that’s strictly a coincidence, I assure you.)

I’d never read a book set in a national park on another world. What would aliens preserve in their version of Yellowstone? Hmm.

Shons care less about the beauties of nature than they do with preserving as many lethal predators as possible – and thus a huge park crammed with carnivores is the setting for Tribulations. Tompa must overcome not only aliens who want to kill her, but the fiercest beasts the planet has to offer.

Other books in the series:
The books in The Trilogy of Tompa Lee are standalone novels that share an overall story arc. Book one is The Trial of Tompa Lee, which is currently free:
- Amazon
- Barnes and Noble
- Kobo
- Smashwords
- iBooks

Book three in the trilogy is The Triumph of Tompa Lee:
- Amazon
- Barnes and Noble
- Kobo
- Smashwords
- iBooks

Edward HoornaertAbout the Author:
What kind of guy writes romance? A guy who married his high school sweetheart a week after graduation and still lives the HEA decades later. A guy who’s a certifiable Harlequin hero—he inspired Vicki Lewis Thompson’s Rita Award finalist Mr. Valentine, which is dedicated to him.

Ed started out writing contemporary romances for Silhouette Books, but these days he concentrates on science fiction romance. He’s been a teacher, principal, technical writer, salesman, janitor, and symphonic oboist. He and wife Judi live in Tucson, Arizona. They have three sons, a daughter, a mutt, and the galaxy’s most adorable grandson.

You can find and contact Edward Hoornaert here:
- Website
- Twitter
- Goodreads
- Google Plus
- Newsletter

There is a cover reveal wide giveaway for the cover reveal of The Tribulations of Tompa Lee. This giveaway is open worldwide. These are the prizes you can win:
- One winner will win the complete Trilogy of Tompa Lee by Edward Hoornaert in the e-book format of the winner's choice.
- Two additional winners both win an electronic copy of The Tribulations of Tompa Lee by Edward Hoornaert

For a chance to win enter the rafflecopter below:
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Cover Reveal: Living with Him by J.L. Ostle

Cover Reveal
Title: Living with Him
Author: J.L. Ostle
Cover Designer: Kennedy Kelly of K Creative Designs
Release Date: March 27, 2017

Add to Goodreads



I am your typical good girl, I work hard, I don't drink and I have never been with a guy.
I am invisible to those around me, and I like it that way until one bad night leads me to run away from my dark past and move in with the campus bad boy. Jackson McKenzie. Jackson oozes sex appeal and intrigue. Girls surround him wanting to be the next girl he charms into bed. He either is playing in his band or being the college Casanova. But he treats me differently from the other girls, he's kind to me, treating me like I'm fragile, being my everything. We need each other, in more ways than I ever could imagine. He teaches me how to be happy, smile and have fun but will it be me who teaches him how?

163015_1678030227066_1811501_n J.L. Ostle was born in Antrim, Northern Ireland, now living in Carlisle, England. J.L. Ostle is a full time mother looking after her cute, active little boy. When she she hasn't got her head stuck in a book or writing, she's watching movies, or doing activities with her friends and their children.      
Social Media Links:


Cover Reveal: The Lovers by Summer Storm

The Lovers by Summer Storm

The Enigmas, #2  
Publication Date: TBA 
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Paranormal

Weakened and nearly defeated, Quinlan Whalen is struggling to survive. Every time he uses magic, his strength drains a little more. But with his brother fighting for his own life, it’s up to Quinlan to uncover the secrets of that fateful and horrific night or his brother will suffer unending agony. Quinlan needs help before it’s too late for all of them. Spirit healer, Boann Blackwater is unknowingly plunged into Quinlan’s world when she finds him brutally injured. Immediately, Boann feels a connection for the wounded man. But this connection just may be the end of her. Healing the powerful Druid may cost Boann her life. Is this a price she’s willing to pay for a man she hardly knows?

Cahan Whalen is the drummer for the hard rock band, The Enigmas. He also happened to be a century old Lycan. Living with a curse that was set upon him in his youth, he waited for the day when fate would bring him the woman that would choose him and break the curse. Freeing him to kill the one man he had waited his whole life to kill, his half-brother Niall. Tempest Dempsey is the senior vice president for Whitehall Media’s record label. Her life outside of work is pretty quiet and she likes it that way. On the night she meets Cahan, the sexy drummer’s touch sparks a connection that will change her quiet life forever. When the president of the record label steps down, Tempest is curious about who his replacement is going to be. In walks Niall Fannin, an extremely sexy and intelligent man who will challenge and excite her. As Tempest is torn between these two fearsomely handsome men, fate will have both of them fighting to win her heart.

About Summer Storm

So some folks want to know a little more about me then I had in the previous bio, so I’m added and deleting info. This part hasn’t change about me. I am what I am, a tell it like it is, no holds barred female. No apologizes out of me. So don’t ask a question you don’t want a real answer too. With my first book under me belt I can’t say this is my first time at writing anymore. However, editing is still not my strong suit. Apparently I have coma issue. Being an Indie writer you can’t always afford all the editing, proofreading and all that other stuff. The story is still churning in my brain and making its way to paper. And yes still thanks to my wonderful daughter. So here is a little more about me. I’m married to my soul mate. He has supported me through all this and has become one hell of a salesman. We have a 4 legged child that lives with us here in South Carolina. We have one daughter who has been my rock, editor, beta reader and everything else you can think of. We also have a wonder son-in-law and a grandson. So if you are wondering, yes I’m getting up there in the age arena, but still in my teens in my heart. I have always been into fantasy stories. I started down that path way back when with writers like Terry Brooks, Robert Jordan, Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis. At some point life got in the way and I stopped reading for years. Then my daughter hooked me into wonderful authors like JR Ward, Larissa Ione, Kendall Grey and SL Jennings, just to mention a few. If you want to be seduced, I highly recommend reading their books. I’m not writing my books for the money, well it does help, but I’m doing to prove to myself I can. My hope is still that you, as readers, will fall in love with my band and follow their struggles, heartache and passion.

Release Blitz: What About Her by Emma Tharp

What About Her by Emma Tharp 

Publication Date: March 3, 2017 
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance

FREE in KindleUnlimited: Amazon

It’s been six months since Willow left Kate Bergman’s college dorm room to go for an evening run…and never came back. Everybody else who loved Willow is ready for closure, but something deep inside Kate says that her dearest childhood friend is somehow still alive. And that obstinate conviction is alienating all the people Kate loves most. Even River McEwan is upset with her, and that’s the deepest blow of all. River was Willow’s boyfriend, but the three of them—Kate, Willow, and River—have been friends since childhood. When a professor assigns Kate and River to be partners in a joint research project, Kate hopes it’s a chance to tear down the barrier between them, but instead faces an even bigger challenge. As she and River meet over the school project, their renewed friendship flares into something more. Soon River is enticing Kate to do things she’s never dreamed of. But while she can’t imagine giving up River, Kate doesn’t know whether she can—or even should—stop wondering whether Willow will ever come home….

About Emma Tharp

Emma was raised in upstate NY. Being an only child, she spent a great deal of time alone dreaming up characters that would keep her company on long family road trips. Putting her writing on the back burner, she went to college and became a chiropractor. After spending 14 years healing patients, Emma decided—with the help of her amazingly supportive husband—to use the creative side of her brain and let her characters come to the page. If she’s not writing, Emma can be found at the gym, one of her kids sporting events, Starbucks, or at a live music event. A perfect day for Emma would be spent at her lake house with her husband, two ginger-haired children, and Vizsla, reading a book and drinking a large cup of coffee (or wine) with music playing in the background.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

COVER REVEAL: Burning Hearts by KM Lowe

Release Day - 17th March 2017
Editor -Karen Sanders
Photographer - Max Ellis
Designer  - Kellie Dennis @ Book Cover By design
Model - James Williams

Being a fireman is a tough job. For Jase McGrady saving lives, helping people and supporting his colleagues are rewards in themselves. And then the unthinkable happened.

Jase had a life, a job he loved, a fiancĂ©e, a future. Until the one thing he believed he could always win against took the one thing he loved. And he couldn’t do a thing to save her. One fire and Jase’s life had gone up in smoke.

Jase has now managed to piece his life back together but it’s been hard. He’s adamant that he’ll never love again.

And then Grace Montgomery walks into the station.

Grace is soft, kind and gentle. She’s a capable firefighter but as the only female in the station, Jase just can’t help his protective streak making an appearance. Grace starts to break down his walls and opens up to him about her own history of abuse.

As the emotional storm rages, can Jase and Grace learn to weather it together or will their own personal demons pull them apart?

Can Jase forget his lost love and allow Grace into his heart, or is it forever burnt and ravaged from the past?

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This book is on a special pre-order price of £1.99/$2.99 until release day. 
It will go back to the full price shortly after release.

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