Friday, February 16, 2018

New Release: Russian Contract (Contract Series Book 2) by James Purkey

A devastating injury that will shake the Beck family to the core. 

A Russian Bratva leader that must be controlled at any cost. 

A friendship dissolving in front of their eyes. 

An FSB agent with a cross to bear. 

New Hitters added to The Company stable. 

Changes within The Company will be detrimental to all those involved. With deeper insights into the intricate workings of the organization, new leaders will emerge, as the Cypher is introduced to the noir community.

Deception and lies will quake the world of Bear and Peregrine ending in unexpected revelations that will bring them closer than they’ve ever been.


About the Author

James Purkey lives in East Tennessee on Cherokee Lake in a little place most have never heard of called Slate Hill.

There he lives with his wife, youngest son and their three cats. His oldest son and daughter-in-law have given him two beautiful granddaughters.

He is a Critical Care Paramedic and now serves as Deputy Director for the finest Emergency Medical Service in the state of Tennessee, Morristown-Hamblen EMS, a place he’s been for twenty-five years.

He enjoys many hobbies including: the guitar, scuba diving, martial arts, guns, reading and, of course, writing.

If you want to really find out about him, look him up on Facebook, LinkedIn and on Twitter as @med309.

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