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RELEASE BLITZ: Carry And Drag by Michelle Frost

A Debut book
PUBLICATION DATE: May 18th, 2018

Lift. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Qualifying to compete on a national level is all that’s on power lifter Dagen Rourke’s mind.
After an injury sidelined him the previous year, his only goal
has been to overcome the physical challenges and mental demons to get back in the game.
Falling into bed with the new artist at his brother’s tattoo shop was never part of his training schedule.
Now he has to find a balance between the time he wants to give Ollie and the
brutal training for what could be the most important competition of his life.

Run. Tattoo. Doze. Keep going.

Oliver Vos jumps at the chance to work at Vidar Rourke’s award-winning tattoo shop, Open Wounds.
Getting out from under a nasty mentor and making it on his own is all Ollie has dreamed of for years.
Unbeknownst to him, the room Vidar offers to rent him until he’s back on his feet would have
him sharing space with tempting gentle giant, Dagen.

Living together is an adjustment, and when the heat between them morphs into something
more will old insecurities and new tests drag them apart? Or will they find a way to carry the
weight of their burdens…together?

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Stories have always been Michelle Frost's escape. Even as a kid,
she can remember writing stories featuring her favorite cartoon characters.
Now, her characters are a little more grown up, as are the stories she likes to tell.
A self-proclaimed coffee addict and a bit of an introvert, she can most likely be
found at any given time, on any given day with her hands on a keyboard or her nose in a book.


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Cover Reveals: : The Donut Collaboration

Can your sweet tooth handle it?! 
13 authors. 
13 separate books. 
All celebrating National Donut Day!

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Sweet and delightfully decadent.
In celebration of national donut day and its yummy goodness, a bakers dozen of authors have come together to give you a sugary sweet, calorie-free treat!

13 Brand spanking, fun new stories by FG Adams, Amy Briggs, Teresa Crumpet, Tracie Douglas, Fifi Flowers, Felicia Fox, Regina Frame, Jessika Klide, Kristen Luciani, Kristen Hope Mazzola, Mayra Statham, Shantel Tessier & Winter Travers.

New Release: Promise Me by Reana Malori

Promise Me
Reana Malori
Contemporary Interracial Romance



Falling in love is easy.
Staying in love is the hard part.
One day is all they need, to remember why they fell in love.
From the outside looking in, Brandon and Monique Rivera were the perfect love
story. College sweethearts who'd fallen for each other at first sight, they'd been
inseparable from the first day they laid eyes on each other. They were the couple
everyone looked to as the gold-standard and they're love held strong, even in
the face of family conflicts and long-held beliefs.
After years of loving each other and building a family, the cracks are starting to
show in the once perfect relationship. The reality of life, raising two kids, and
long hours at work, was an ongoing challenge to their marriage. When the nights
are long, and the days filled with chaos, Brandon and Monique must stay
focused on each other, their lives, and their love.


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He’d fought tooth and nail over the years to convince her father that being with Monique was not some fetish or phase that he was going through. When he’d met her in college, she’d been a junior and he a senior. He’d known within the first ten minutes of meeting her on the quad, that she was the woman he would marry someday. Of that he was sure. Convincing her of that fact took much more time and effort. She was worth every second of every moment he’d gone after her. Flowers. Dinners. Playlists with all the best sappy love songs. Hell, he was willing to do anything just to get her to smile in his direction.
Shaking his head at the twists and turns their lives had taken, he smiled at the memory of some of the hoops he had to jump through to finally make her his. He spent more time and energy convincing her to give him a chance than he had on his classwork.
Laughing under his breath at how desperate he'd been at the time, he was glad he’d been able to woo her with his charm and wit within a few weeks. Otherwise, he would have failed out of school. Which wouldn't have helped him one bit, especially with her parents. When she'd finally decided to give him a chance, it had been the best day of his life.

Author Bio

Reana Malori writes Contemporary novels focusing on Multicultural / Interracial
Romance. She firmly believes that love in all its forms should be celebrated and
her stories reflect that belief. She hopes to weave stories that pull the reader into
her world and helps them to share in her universe, even if only for a short time.
An avid reader since the age of fourteen, she decided to pursue her passion in
2009 and released her first novella, To Love a Marine. Since then, Reana has
released more than 25 books of varying lengths, to include the Heaven on Earth
series, Second Chances, Finding Faith, Conall, and Spellbound.
When she is not writing, you can most often find her enjoying a good book as
she is, first and foremost, a romance reader. Reana currently resides in
Montclair, Virginia with her husband and two sons who keep her busy laughing,
having fun, and making sure she doesn’t take herself too seriously.
Author website and social media links
Amazon Buy Page:
Twitter: @ReanaMalori
Facebook Fan Page:


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Their Own Time by Jessica Wayne is LIVE!

Their Own Time by Jessica Wayne 

Publication Date: May 17, 2018 
Genres: Romantic Fantasy/Time Travel Romance

ON SALE FOR 99¢: Amazon

Three novelettes about finding love WHEN and WHERE you least expect it.
  Garrett and Carissa

When Carissa escapes her abusive boyfriend with their daughter, she never expects to be thrown into medieval Ireland. Even after she is rescued by Garrett McKinley, she is determined to survive on her own. But there’s something about the mysterious laird that is drawing her in just as she is determined to push him away.

  Wade and Chloe

After a terrible event left her pregnant and alone, Chloe had sworn to herself she would never trust a man again. When her son inherits both title and land from his biological father, Chloe pours all her energy into ensuring he turns out nothing like the man who sired him. But when a man shows up on the doorsteps of her castle insisting she is in danger and begging her to trust him, she is tempted to let him in.

  Leon and Ashleigh

Dr. Ashleigh Hutchinson has made a good life for herself and her daughter after her jerk of a boyfriend ran out on them. That life is turned upside down one night when a women shows up on her doorstep begging for her help and Ashleigh finds herself in the middle of a castle, in the company of a dying man and her best friend who’s been missing for six months.

About Jessica Wayne

Jessica Wayne was born and raised in southern California where she and her family trained horses. She grew up traveling to different competitions, as well as showing sheep and rabbits for 4-H and the FFA. After moving to Texas with her family, Jessica joined the Army National Guard where she served for seven years. From the moment her grandmother introduced her to Nora Roberts’ wonderful world of romance, Jessica knew she wanted to create her own stories and share them with the world. She has been writing full time for the past four years, and is a stay at home mom. She currently resides in Texas with her husband, their two children, and their dog.

Release Blitz: HEADMASTER by Jaimie Roberts


I’m allowed to crush, but blurring the lines is strictly forbidden.


1-Click for ONLY 99c or  #KU

At one time, I had truly believed that I’d experienced enough drama in my life. Clearly, I’d been wrong. It all began the night before I was due to start my final year of school—the night of my eighteenth birthday. Since I had been considered “missing” for three years, I had failed to finish off the last year of my education.

This was why I needed to let loose a little. I was turning eighteen and was finally legal to drink, so, why not? The next morning, I would be going to school with a bunch of ladies three years younger than I was. Even if it was for no other reason, I felt this entitled me to have a little fun. The night started off well enough: Girl meets boy. Girl gets dared to buy boy drink and kiss him within fifteen minutes of receiving said drink. It sounds like it would have been plain and simple, right? Wrong. I had no idea that his kiss would be the kiss to end all kisses. One taste of him, and I was lost for the first time in all my eighteen years.

 But I wasn’t meant to feel anything… Three years of living in Hell had taught me that. But, this man … just … awakened me. I went home that night feeling both alive and scared shitless at the same time. However, that wasn’t the worst of it. The very next day at assembly in school, we were all introduced to our new headmaster… None other than the very same man who had—just the night before—locked lips with me in the most hypnotic, take-your-breath-away kiss I had ever had. Yeah, I am seriously screwed. He’s a forbidden fruit that I long to taste again. No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to get that kiss out of my head. So badly, I want to escape him, his presence, his ... everything. It seems, however, that the universe has other ideas.


The Taboo book of 2018 that should definitely be on your TO BE READ SHELF!
Jaimie roberts banner May 2018

02712-jaimie2broberts Jaimie Roberts was born in London, but moved to Gibraltar in 2001. She is married with two sons, and in her spare time, she writes. In June 2013, Jaimie published her first book, Take a Breath, with the second released in November 2013. With the reviews, Jaimie took time out to read and learn how to become a better writer. She gets tremendous enjoyment out of writing, and even more so from the feedback she receives.


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New Release: No Limit by Susan Hayes

No Limit
by Susan Hayes
The Drift, Book 5

Genre - Sci-Fi Romance



Three hearts. Two worlds. No limits.
Tyran Varosa and Braxon Torr are on a mission. Find an inhabitable planet. Start
a new colony. Escape the archaic rules and traditions of the Vardarian
homeworld. They never expected to find their mate along the way, and they
never imagined she’d be a diminutive human female with pink hair and a
warrior’s spirit.
Phaedra Kari has been called a lot of things in her life: trouble, cyber-jockey,
lunatic, hacker, but never someone’s mate - not until an alien prince and his best
friend arrive at the Drift. She’s got plans of her own, and they don’t include
mating anyone, not even a pair of gorgeous aliens whose every touch tempts her
to say yes.
When corporate backstabbing progresses to real-life murder, these three will
need to come together to ensure the survival of their plans, their friends, and
each other.

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The crowd suddenly hushed and she stopped talking to focus on the scene unfolding
in front of her. The door to the newly arrived ship had opened, and a hot as hell male
walked through it. At first glance, he appeared almost human, with short, black hair and
a neatly trimmed beard. His skin was a shimmering silver, though, and he was taller
than most of the humans and Pheran present. Another male followed after the first, and
she had to bite her lip not to sigh in appreciation. The second male was a little taller and
broader than the first, and his skin had a golden sheen to it. His hair was long enough to
be tied back, but his beard was as closely cropped as his silver companions.
“They don’t look much like aliens.”
Zale grunted. “Maybe not to you.”
That was the moment both males unfurled their wings. Holy fraxx. They had wings! “I
take it back. Wings are definitely alien.”

Author Bio

Susan lives out on the Canadian west coast surrounded by open water, dear
family, and good friends. She’s jumped out of perfectly good airplanes on
purpose and accidentally swum with sharks on the Great Barrier Reef.
If the world ends, she plans to survive as the spunky, comedic sidekick to the
heroes of the new world, because she’s too damned short and out of shape to
make it on her own for long.
To contact her about her books or to arrange end of the world team-ups, you can
email her at or find her at
If you'd prefer to stalk her from afar, you can sign up for her newsletter

Paris, Adirft by Vanda is LIVE!

Paris, Adrift by Vanda 

Publication Date: May 9, 2018 
Genres: LGBT, Historical, Romance

She wanted a safe harbor for their love. But rough waters could destroy any hope of starting over… Paris-bound, 1955. Alice “Al” Huffman can’t wait to reach the City of Light. As soon as their ship arrives, Juliana’s singing career will get the spotlight it deserves and the two women will finally bring their relationship out of the shadows.

Or so Al thinks. Before the SS United States hits land, a stranger approaches Al with a Broadway contract for Juliana. But the offer comes with a threat that can’t be ignored. And unless Al can find a way out, Juliana’s comeback could come crashing down before it even begins… As she hides the awful truth from Juliana, Al searches for an answer before another obstacle destroys their last chance for happiness… Paris, Adrift, 1955 is Book 3 in a breathtaking LGBT historical romance series.

If you like pulse-pounding suspense, characters who tug at your heartstrings, and true-to-life portrayals of 1950s Paris, then you’ll love award-winning writer Vanda’s stunning series of novels. Buy Paris, Adrift and set sail on a harrowing journey of love today!

About Vanda

Vanda has been writing since she was fourteen. She spent twenty years as a Playwright before she began writing her Juliana Series about LGBT modern history in New York. She has completed three books in the series and is hard at work on the fourth. From 2014 to 2016, Vanda produced a show based on her novel, Juliana, at the Duplex Nightclub in which actors performed chapters from the book every month. The show included singing and dancing from the 1940s. There is talk about bringing this show back and expanding it. As a playwright, Vanda has received numerous honors, among them an Edward Albee Fellowship. Her play, Vile Affections, published by Original Works, was a finalist for a National Lambda Award. She is a professor of psychology at Metropolitan College of New York

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Release Blitz: Breath of Deceit by Selena Laurence

He's going all in to get his family out...
Breath of Deceit by USA Today Bestselling Author Selena Laurence IS NOW LIVE! 

Cian MacFarlane is the oldest son of Chicago's reigning crime family. Now the defacto boss of the organization after his father's retirement, Cian is feared by his enemies and revered by his brothers. But what if Cian isn't all he seems to be? What if his end game isn't to maintain his father's empire but to topple it? As the MacFarlanes broker a deal with the owner of the world's largest dark web site, Cian brokers a deal with the FBI. But when he meets Lila Rodriguez, a genius hacker working with the dark web, his feelings for her only make life more complex.
Determined to save his brothers, even if it means sacrificing himself, Cian lives moment to moment in a deadly underworld of cybercrime, drug deals, federal agents, and a vengeful parent who won't hesitate to remind his oldest son what it means to be a MacFarlane. Through it all, Cian fights for his brothers to make it out of Chicagoland crime. But will the pieces fall into place before his breath of deceit is discovered?
*Breath of Deceit is the first volume of The Dublin Devils Series and contains an HEA for certain characters, but readers are forewarned that the MacFarlane family story will continue in three additional novels.

About Selena
Selena is an award-winning and USA Today bestselling author who writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense as Selena Laurence, and paranormal/UF as Eden Laine. She loves mocha lattes, the mountains in Colorado where she lives, and her Goldendoodle. Her favorite city is London, her favorite color is purple, and her favorite shoes are Converse, but really anything that will get her feet from point A to point B works.

Find Selena Online!
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Release Blitz: Naughty Wishes by Sarah Castille

This is one birthday I'll never forget...

I thought my birthday would be the same as always, with little more than a scribbled card from my boys and a mumbled acknowledgement from my husband, Dan.

So when Dan slips a note under my pillow with an invitation for something new, I am a little shocked. And a lot interested.

While another man will never enter my heart, I am not opposed to having one join us in the bedroom. It's one of my biggest fantasies come to life - and like nothing we've ever tried before.

While another man will never enter my heart, I am not opposed to having one join us in the bedroom. It's one of my biggest fantasies come to life - and like nothing we've ever tried before.

But are we ready for fantasy to become reality? Not all wishes should come true.

It's only one night. What could possibly go wrong?

Naughty Shorts from New York Times bestselling author, Sarah Castille, are quick delicious bites of dirty and sweet romance that will give you all the feels. Set in a small town, and inspired by stories about everyday couples, these sexy second chance novellas contain a little naughty, a lot of heart, and a happily after.

Don't miss out on Naughty Desires - NOW LIVE!
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About the Author:

Sarah Castille is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Redemption Series, Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club series, Legal Heat series and the Ruin & Revenge series. A recovering lawyer with a fondness for dirty-talking alpha males, she now is a full-time writer, who lives on Vancouver Island. Sign up for her newsletter to hear about new releases:

Find her at:


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Blitz: Bite Me by Louise Cypress

Bite Me by Louise Cypress 

Publication Date: May 14, 2018 
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Paranormal Romance

Purchase: Amazon

Ward yourself, slayers, Promageddon is coming!

 Morgan Taylor-Jackson can’t wait for high school to end. In six months she leaves for UCLA and says goodbye to La Jolla, California and her parents’ messy divorce. But when Morgan is bitten by a four-year-old boy, she becomes infected with a mysterious condition. Fever, insomnia, and a new bustline are only the beginning; Morgan morphs from nerd to bombshell.

 As far as Van Xander is concerned, all vampires are evil, even the ones who reject human sacrifice and call themselves Puritans. When Helsing Incorporated sends Van to La Jolla to investigate the local coven, Morgan is his prime target. Pretending to be interested in her, Van asks Morgan out and puts her through a series of tests to determine her killer nature. Morgan is thrilled to be dating a hot guy like Van and falls for him hard.

As Van strings Morgan along, he grows increasingly guilty. Morgan is kind, compassionate, and a gooey romantic. Just as Van’s mind begins to change, evil forces threaten everything. When prom night arrives, there are only two ways out of the ballroom: death or immortality.

About Louise Cypress

Louise Cypress believes in friendship, true love, and the everlasting power of books. She has never met a vampire, but she has been to a Love Sucks concert on Valentine’s Day. Like Morgan, Louise can often be found curled up with a romance novel on Saturday night, diet soda in hand, secretly wishing bustles were back in fashion. Louise lives in San Diego, California, where the beach is crowded and summer is immortal.

Preorder Blitz: Still Life by Isobel Hart

Title: Still Life 
Author: Isobel Hart 
Genre: Sci-Fi/ Dystopian 
Release Date: May 28, 2018 C
over Designer: Patrick Knowles 

A woman must discover the meaning behind a new virus affecting men before there are too many infected for them to be stopped.
When Samantha Davis and her boyfriend are involved in an accident, on the same day a new virus is identified, his recovery appears to be a miracle. Until he turns on her. Determined to understand the changes in him, Sam joins with others to uncover more about the virus. But the knowledge they gather poses a threat. The infected men want to stop them. And soon. Resolving to meet the threat head-on, Sam prepares for the toughest fight of her life but finds herself caught between two worlds; still caring for the man she once loved, as her affections grow for another, while fearing for her life and the lives of all women. As the net closes in on her, she must decide whose life is more important.

Special Pre Order Price of 99¢



“Who the fuck are you? And what have you done with Edward?” Harry said. “Seriously, man, what’s the matter with you?” It was funny to hear someone say exactly what I’d been thinking, along with everyone else around the table. The rest of us were just too polite to say anything out loud.
“You’re not funny, Harry,” Edward said, an edge to his voice.
“Neither are you, man. I mean, I know you nearly died, but shit . . . really? Oh, Serena asked after you the other day. I passed on your number.” He necked what was left of his pint and stood to leave.
My cheeks heated with embarrassment as all eyes swivelled away from Harry towards me, a uniform look of horror on their faces. Only Edward appeared confused. “She’s the girl you shagged at Julian and Victoria’s wedding,” I supplied, before finishing my own drink, then standing and pulling on my jacket.

Born in London, Isobel Hart's childhood was spent in the Middle East before being sent to boarding school. Suffice to say, she read a lot of books. Now based in the UK, she writes about what she knows - real English women, with flaws. A romantic at heart, happily married for twenty years, her novels focus on relationships - good and bad - and the women at the heart of them. She is ever hopeful others will find their happy-ever-afters or Happy-For-Nows too. To date Isobel has published four contemporary romance novels What Goes Around Comes Around - Part 1 of Lily's Story Full Circle - Part 2 of Lily's Story Compromise Agreement Cold Comfort - Part 1 of Cold Comfort Still Life is Isobel's first foray into sci-fi / dystopian - but still with a hefty helping of romance.