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Release Blitz: The Write Appeal, Muse and Mayhem Book 1 by Jeannette Winters & Lena Lane

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The wait is over, The Write Appeal is AVAILABLE NOW!!
Two sisters, Two Love Stories, One Book!


Two Love Stories, One Book! Pepper and Prudence Pereira might be fraternal twins, but they have only one thing in common, their passion for writing; one intrigue the other romance. Attending a readers/writers convention in Las Vegas seemed like the perfect location for much-needed quality sister time. Their fun ends abruptly when drama begins and the police get involved. All the authors are informed that no one can leave Vegas until they are cleared.

Now caught up in a tangled web of lies and deception, Pru and Pepper know there is only one way out, find the truth themselves. In their search, their paths continue to cross with Gerard Hamel and Maxwell Whittaker. They insist they only want to help, yet both seem to have a hidden agenda. The stakes are high, and the sisters must decide. Will trusting these men land them behind bars, or will they find the only thing held captive is their hearts? Can love be found in the midst of a tragedy?


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The Write Bride, Book Two
Meet the Authors
Jeannette Winters is a romance author mixing heart, intrigue, and the steamy pleasure of a Billionaire romance.
Jeannette grew up in a large family, number ten out of eleven children, eight of them being older brothers. She quickly developed a great sense of humor, mostly from necessity. One of her greatest joys is sitting on the porch where they were all raised and hearing the stories from years gone by. Quietly laughing to herself, she notices how they embellish the stories more and more each year. Storytelling was passed down from her grandfather and mother. Jeannette caught the bug at a very young age. If she didn’t have her head in a book, then she was off somewhere with a notebook, jotting down stories of what she would write if one day she became an author. Although the notebook may have vanished, the stories are still vivid and waiting for the right time to be told. Despite having an amazing family, there have also been some sorrows in her life, including the loss of loved ones. Over the years, Jeannette has spent countless hours volunteering for different organizations and acting as a caregiver to those most dear to her. As a result, supporting the elderly became of utmost importance.

Connect with Jeannette
Lena has been writing since high school--though that first story will remain in the dark corners of her closet to protect everyone. After all, she writes romance, not horror. Just kidding! It's not really that bad, but her idea of romance and love has certainly changed through time, not to mention her writing skills.
lena lane media pic
Growing up in a traditional and strict family, Lena was protected--or maybe overprotected. Books became her escape, her only avenue to see the world beyond the walls of her shelter. It wasn't long before she realized that romance was the way to go. No matter how difficult the characters' circumstances were, by the time the book ended, everything was perfect. In romance, there is always a guaranteed happy ending. Reality was unwelcomed and Lena devoured books like people eat chips. As soon as one was done, she was on the hunt for another. When reality intruded in her life--like work (ugh!)-- and reading other people's work was impossible, she started daydreaming, creating her own stories. Now, she wants to share those daydreams and passion with the rest of the world. After getting her own happy ending, Lena lives in a small town in Massachusetts with her husband, two girls, two dogs, and three cats, and if her eldest daughter has anything to do about it, maybe a bird in the future... She really hopes not, though. Birds are really, really loud. Her stories have been described as cute and sweet with just enough humor to give the reader an occasional giggle. Happy reading!
Connect with Lena
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New Release: Red’s Wolf (A Paranormal Fairytale Retelling) by Mila Crawford & Aria Cole


I was on my way to my grandmother’s house when my car broke down and I found myself stranded in the middle of nowhere. It was late, dark, and I swore I hear something in the woods.
And then he came along, this towering beast of a man who claimed he wouldn’t let anything hurt me, that he’d protect me at all costs … because I was his.
Sexy. Deadly. All male. 
But the one thing on my mind was who would protect me from him?


Rose thought she was lost, but the truth was she was exactly where she was supposed to be.
With me.
She needed my help and I was happy to oblige. But I wasn’t being a Good Samaritan. She was my mate and I was going to claim her. The only obstacle I saw was her willingness to see that she was made to be mine, that giving herself fully to me was exactly how fate had written our story.
But I had all the time in the world.
When it came to Red nothing else mattered.



As soon as I scented her, I knew.
She was mine.
My mate.
I saw her, watched her from the shadows.
I remembered her scent from those rare occasions when I ventured into town, the aroma ingrained in every part of my being. But until now, until she’d come of age, I hadn’t known what she was to me.
My mate.
She was so beautiful. I heard her cursing, a fire in her that turned me on. It was obvious she was upset, and my wolf loved that, craved her emotions because I’d been lacking mine for so long.
Her red hair moved around her shoulders as the wind picked up. I let my gaze roam her curves, and just like that my cock grew hard, so stiff it fucking ached. I’d never felt this before, never had the desire.
Without a mate, I had no arousal.
Without my female, I had no need for another. I’d saved myself for her, waited until I’d found her. And if she’d never come … then I would have died without ever knowing a woman’s touch.
My mate.
She may not have been Little Red Riding hood, but I was the big, bad fucking wolf about to devour her.
I growled low, too low for her to hear.
She looked so beautiful, pacing back and forth, anger and annoyance rolling off of her in waves. A coyote howled nearby and I watched as she spun around, the scent of her fear strong. She lost her footing, trying to brace herself on the hood of her car, but failing.
She fell before I could get to her.
I tried to keep the wolf in check, but the bastard wanted out now. I never wanted to be the reason she was frightened. I wanted to always be the one to protect her.

Mila Crawford

Mila Crawford is a book lover and has been around them one way or another her whole life. She is a fan of happily ever afters, sassy heroines, over the top alphas, and most of all safe reads.

Aria Cole

Aria Cole is a thirty-something housewife who once felt bad for reading dirty books late at night, until she decided to write her own. Possessive alpha men and the sassy heroines who love them are common, along with a healthy dose of irresistible insta-love and happily ever afters so sweet your teeth may ache.

For a safe, off-the-charts HOT, and always HEA story that doesn't take a lifetime to read, get lost in an Aria Cole book!
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 "I could hardly put it down."
Author: Louisa Masters
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Stand-alone Novella

A high-society wedding planner, a hunky best man, and an enchanted elevator… who can resist An Irish Flirtation?

Jillian Baxter has worked hard to build her event planning business, and this wedding is proof that she’s made it. The problem? The bride redefines bridezilla. After months of work, Jillian now has three weeks to move a huge society wedding from New York to an Irish castle.

Luckily, Castle Tullamore Hotel is available. Although… it’s a bit odd. When Jillian arrives and meets the groom’s brother, Fin, it’s almost like magic steps in. She knows bridezilla would never stand for fraternization, but despite doing her best to keep her distance, Jillian finds herself unable to resist Fin… especially in that damn elevator!

New Release: The Truth Within (Pelican Bay #3) by Sloane Kennedy

I'm not a fighter. I never was. 
So how do I make the one man who might just be worth fighting for see that?

At twenty-five years old, Ford Cornell should have his whole life ahead of him but instead, the would-be artist is drowning in denial and just trying to get through each day. And the boy who once believed life was about following impossible dreams has finally come to accept that it's really only about surviving a living nightmare... one of his own making.

But the bruises are becoming harder to hide.

So is the truth...

I refuse to fall for a guy who won't accept the truth about who he is or what he wants. Not again...
They say bad things happen in threes.

For Sherriff Camden Wells, it's more like fours... or fives... or dozens.

After an ugly lie destroys his career and the man he'd planned to spend the rest of his life with cuts him to the core with the ultimate betrayal, forty-year-old Cam is counting on his new job as sheriff of the quiet town of Pelican Bay to be the fresh start he needs. What he isn't counting on is meeting a young man who makes him want to break all his own rules.

He wants me to accept something that will cause me to lose everything. I may not have much but it's something and something is better than nothing... right?

Ford's gotten used to his role as his older brother's punching bag and being his mother's never-ending disappointment. They may not be the Cleavers but family is family and Ford's seen up close and personal what happens when you don't have anyone in your corner... or when you go against family.

And there's just no way he's strong enough to survive that...

Nothing about us should make sense but maybe that's why it does...

Two men... one living a lie and one knocking down the walls of the closet he was forced to live in for so long. When one white-hot encounter leads to another and then another, Ford and Cam are forced to accept that their need for each other isn't going away anytime soon. But being together means one will need to go against everything he believes in.

So which man will bend and which will break? And what will the truth ultimately reveal?

**This book CAN be read as a standalone, but you may want to consider checking out books 1 and 2 in the series to fully enjoy all the secondary characters you'll meet in this story.

Book 1 - Locked in Silence
Book 2 - Sanctuary Found







Although Sloane Kennedy always dreamed of being a writer as a teenager,
she didn't take the plunge until March of 2015 when she released her first novel as
an independent author. Since then, she has released more than a dozen books
including the Amazon best-selling "Barretti Security" series, "Finding" series and "Protectors" series.
While she initially began writing M/F romance, she found her true passion writing gay romance
and all four of her most recent releases reached the #1 spot on Amazon's Gay Romance
bestseller list and Freeing Zane, her final book in the Barretti Security series, made it to Amazon's
overall bestseller list. Sloane was born in Germany and grew up in Virginia and Wisconsin.
Although she currently lives in Wisconsin, the place where she has always felt most at home is
Seattle and many of her books take place in the Emerald city. Although she is unmarried, a menagerie
of 2 dogs and 3 cats keeps her busy enough and 3 young nieces take care of the rest of her free time.
Sloane loves being able to share her passion for romance with readers and she is truly humbled
by all the support she's received from fans and fellow authors alike.

Join Sloane's FB Fan Group !!
To my new FB friends, feel free to check out my fan group,
Sloane's Secret Sinners.
We do lots of giveaways and it's the only place you can sign up
for a chance to get an ARC.

Sloane's Secret Sinners

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New Release: The Hysterics Box Set by Kristen Hope Mazzola

The Hysterics Box Set by Kristen Hope Mazzola is available NOW!

From Best Selling Romance Author, Kristen Hope Mazzola comes Five Standalone Rockstar Romances + Bonus Material all in one book.

The Hysterics Series is made up of heart-melting, swoon-worthy rock star standalone romances focusing on The Hysterics rock band! From the panty-dropping rock gods to the women that steal their hearts and the family that loves them - this series has it all, with tons of characters that will make your heart pound while making you wish you were back-stage with the band and keeping you turning those pages... So, grab your e-reader and get your heart racing while falling in love with this amazing group of incredible musicians and their entire family as they take you on one hell of a wild ride!

The compilation includes:

The Hysterics
Colt & Serena
Becoming Hysteric
Where Are They Now: A Glimpse into The Hysterics Future

Please note: This is meant for audiences that are 18+ for sexual situations, language, and adult content.

About the Author:

Bestselling author, Kristen Hope Mazzola, is a Florida native that has found herself loving a North Carolina life. She writes contemporary romance ranging from steamy romantic comedy, sexy erotica, angsty new adult, all the way to sports romance – with dirty bikers, hot military men, and swoon-worthy rockstars in between.

Author Links:


Heather Roberts 
Owner & Publishing Coach

New Release: Bad Candy Part One by Ava Alise

Bad Candy Part One by Ava Alise

(Bad Candy Part Two will release on Dec 5th)


Want to know the fastest way to screw up a sacred bond? 

Have sex with your sister’s best friend and find out. I sure did. 

I know, I know. It was a total dick move. Kelsa—my very vocal sister—never lets me forget that one golden rule. Hooking up with her best friend is a serious no-no. 

Too bad I didn’t listen. 

See, Renee Espada has always been "bad candy", a term Kelsa and I coined when we were kids. The ultimate temptation. That's exactly what she is. Sweet, innocent, and totally off limits.

Ever since we met, it’s been a battle on my self-control. Then I moved into the apartment she shares with Kelsa. As if I wasn’t struggling enough. I can't help but flirt with her -- it's just who I am -- but this feels like more than some flirtatious crush.

Every time I look down at those pouty lips I force myself not to imagine sucking on them.

A sweet taste.

I remind myself that we're just friends. I shouldn’t visualize grabbing a handful of her wavy hair as I bend that perfect little body over the counter.


And I definitely need to stop thinking about how entranced I'd be in those big doe-eyes as she looks up to me, lips wrapped around my…

Just one lick.

But what I never expected? Renee would make the first move. Sorry, sis. I tried.

Amazon (universal):  

“You focus on me, I'll worry about them.” He says.
“Shouldn't we go to my room.” I breathe.
“What fun is that?” He says. “Relax, Bella. We’ll hear them if they come down the hall. They can't see us from the door.” I look from him to the empty hall and back, still unsure.
“Plus, if I take you in that room and shut the door I can't promise I'll be able to control myself. At least out here, with being so vulnerable to being caught, I'll be more aware.”
“Control yourself?” I ask.
“I want you dirty, screaming and coming so hard you can barely move after. I can already tell I'm going to get lost in you, Bella, so it's best we stay out here.”
I'm so torn. I don't want him to stop, but I’d totally die if Kelsa or Drexel caught us.
“You're really nervous?” He says, still standing between my legs. I bite my lip and nod.
“Hell, Renee, am I going to have fun breaking you.” He says then steps away, turns the TV on and slaps the kitchen light switch to the off position.
“Now take off that dress.” He orders.

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